Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well I took Felix to the Dr. and I was a little worried on what the good Ole Dr. might say, but he said "it looks great, its nice and pink and its healing quite good."  So, why the heck was I nervous? LOL  He gave us a prescription for oral antibiotics, so that will help.  Finally got a battery for Felix's remote control car, and he hasn't quit driving it, actually he drove it so much the batteries were hot.  LOL  It was so cute when he was getting ready to go up to bed, he got a towel and wrapped the hummer up in it, and put it away, saying "goodnight"  So then this morning, the first think out of his mouth was "I want to drive my car"  so Mr. Mark tells him how early it is, so that he would have to play with it away from the house.  A couple minutes later he comes in the house with a sad look on his face, hands it to Mr. Mark and said " I guess I didn't look at it good enough when I went to bed, cause the batteries are dead, so I must of left it on"  Now that is progress in the making!!!!!!  Because usually he would come in yelling that someone came in the house in the middle of the night and broke it. There is no way he would of omitted to anything, for fear of getting in trouble.  But he is learning that the truth is always the way to go.  That was a moment of knowing that we are making a difference in these kids life.  God is an Awesome God!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Things are great around here

God is so good, he is working on the kids daily.  Anita is a beautiful young lady with a spirit to help others and to give to others.  For 12 years old she blows my mind.  She cooks so fantastic, cleans the same, and takes care of her things with such pride.  Felix is trying too.  His manors have a long way to go, but he is trying.  His and Anita's attitudes are better, which makes it a joy to be around them.  So all is well at our home.  I am feeling much better, and thank you for all your prayers.
We are going to take Felix into the Dr. tomorrow, he has a sore on his leg that is just not healing right.  I am afraid that staff might of set in.  It is so hard to keep this child clean, lolol, he can keep himself busy for hours just playing in the dirt.  Boy how I love that!!!! It is so refreshing to see a child use his imagination, instead of a video game, or a TV.
Oh Santa brought Felix a remote control hummer, and a sterling silver necklace and earrings to Anita.  They both were very happy.  Except for the fact that Santa forgot the stupid batteries, and with everything being closed, the poor kid still has not got the chance to play with it.
We are waiting to have our family Christmas when Jenni gets back, hopefully she will be bringing back some presents with her.  And then we will have our Christmas. Jenni's mom Beth will be here to celebrate with us too.  How fun is this going to be......

Saturday, December 25, 2010



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jenni is going away for Christmas

The last few days have actually gone very well.  God always fills us up when we need it.  Anita has really been working on her attitude and her actions.  Man she is just one awesome young girl when she wants to be.
 Felix got an email from Santa today, man, you should of seen his face when his name was said out loud, Felix started waving at him.  Then Santa opened up his book and there was Felix picture,  so Santa told Felix how old he was and what grade he was in. Then he told Felix that he needs to be working on his temper.  Felix is shaking his head at the computer screen.  And then DUN DUN DUN...... Santa tells Felix he is on the naughty list.  Felix looks at me and then shakes his head again.  But Santa told him he could change all that.  So Felix waved goodbye.  Felix then looked at Anita and said very loud "See Anita, I told you there was a Santa"  So I said, if you don't believe in Santa then you won't get a letter from Santa.  About a hour later, Anita came up to me, and said "was that Santa really?"  You see Anita has been running around the house saying we were all crazy, that there is no Santa.  Well I think, we may have changed her mind.  Is Santa coming to this house?  You are darn tootin......:-)
So Mark Anita and Felix took Miss Jenni to the airport today.  And low and behold, Anita hugged Jenni goodbye with squeezes and everything.  We are all really going to miss her. The bummer for Jenni though was her plane was delayed, which made her miss her flight to Seattle.  So now she has to sit in Miami airport for like 12 hours.  Poor thing.  But you know Jenni, she will sit there and text her fingers raw.  LOL.  So when the family got home, Felix runs in the house grabs me down so he can whisper i n my ear. "Mr, Mark brought you a Santa" "shh don't tell him I told you"  So Mark comes in the house and Felix heads up stairs, and blurts out, "I told Miss Kim Mr. Mark"  lol don't ever tell that kid a secret.  So Mark went out to the car and wrapped in a towel, he had a carved wooden Rasta Santa.  OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!!! It is so awesome,  so he said this is for me and him for our Christmas present.  How excited I am to have my Rasta Santa.
Tonight for dinner we had BLT's.....  that probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you, but to us it was amazing, I don't think we have had lettuce  yet in six months, except for when we were out of town at a burger king.  The lettuce here is to expensive and you get nothing.  But yesterday I found a HUGE head for 200.00 J  so I jumped on it. Tomorrow a SALAD!!!!!!!!  YES!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dontae is Home

Oh my goodness, it took my mom to tell me that I hadn't wrote on here that Dontae was home.  I didn't even notice.  Sorry everyone.
I think I told you all , that Dontae was going to be in the hospital two more days, well they called and said he was being released.  We were not prepared so it took us a bit to go get him, but all is good and he is home.  He just has to keep taking the amoxicilian.  They gave us some cream for the blister type things that he was getting, and they ae finally clearing up.  The only thing that is still weird is the bumps he gets.  They say they are mosquito bites, but no one else it getting anything that even looks like his bumps.  Ok, so we were getting ready to bring him home so we cleaned him up and put lotion on him, so he would be clean and smelling good for his arival home.  By nights end he had bumps everywhere, his face was covered.  So now it made me think that maybe he is alergic to the baby lotion. (not Johnsons)  Well he was released on wednesday and today is sunday, and he still has the bumps, and we have put no more lotion on him. So we are waiting it out to see.  We bought some Johnsons, and when we start using lotion again, we will see what happens.  If it isn't lotion then it is something else, and no one seems to know what it is.  Other then all that, all his tests came back normal.  I don't get it.  On the day we picked him up I made apple cake and a card and took it to the nurses.  I told them, that if it wasn't for their good care, I would never of been able to leave him.  And then we donated all Dontae's clothes that he has grown out of already.
Night before last Felix and Anita stayed the night with Lizzy, they had a great time.  Felix was actully mad at us for coming to get him, thats how much fun he was having, and Anita came home with her hair braided really cool.  But this morning, life was back to normal with kids that don't really care about anyone other then themselves.  So they are both in their rooms.  Felix is writing a paper 25 times, saying he won't ever swear at anyone again.  For six years old this child certainly has a huge vocabulary.  (and not a good one)  Probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life is to trying to retrain what these children have been taught.  And I almost don't want to do it anymore.  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, to deal with their attitudes, their mouths, their body language, and their plain old difiance.  The three of us need all your prayers for God to give us strength, and wisdom to know how to deal with these problimatic children.  On top of it, its Christmas break and Jenni is leaving.  God please get Mark and I through the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So Proud!!!!!!

Last night was the kids Christmas program that was supposed to start at 6:00.  We got there at 5:30, and they didn't start it until 7:30,  they wanted time for more parents to come, so they waited.  I don't have to tell you how bad my tail bone was hurting now do I?
So when it started, it was well worth the wait.  Watching all the school kids sing and dance, and the MC rocked.  He is the minister of another church up in Petersville.  So now we want to go see his church.  This entire program was a fundraiser as well, so their school can get the library finished.  So after each group went, the MC (forgot his name) he would not let the kids go sit back down until each child was givin $300.00J to give to the school.  What a smart smart man.... LOLOL  He was funny, he sang, he was the perfect fit for this kind of fundraiser.  So during half time, they had some awards to give out, and one of the first ones went to Felix for most improved in his grade.  Yippeeee.....  then Anita got the same exact award for her grade.....That was the perfect time as Jenni said, to wish she had on a shirt the read "Yea thats my kid".... lolol  I can't tell you how proud we are of the kids.  Earlier in the evening, before it all started.  Felix was running around where he wasn't supposed too, and we told him many times to sit down and behave.  Finally a gentleman talked to Felix in a very low and firm voice, and Fellix sat his butt right down. well he did and then he flipped Mr. Mark off.  Holy toledo, I was not expecting that, and Mr. Mark was in total shock, for we have not ever witnessed that kind of behavior from him as of yet.  After about what seemed like an hour but in reality it was like 5 seconds, I got up to take him outside and swat his cute little behind.  But God told me loud and clear to do it right there.  I swear I have never heard him tell me something so loud and clear in my life.  LOL  So I swatted him.  Got down to his level and explained why I did what I did and that it was not OK to do what he did.  He immediately looked around to see who saw him get swat.  But after that and an apology to Mr. Mark, the kid was stinkin perfect.  The MC just loved Felix, cause Felix calls a spade a spade out loud, which worked great with the Mc's jokes.  So they would bump knuckles.  So even though the night started out kinda crummy, with attitude and the show not starting till 7:30 and ending at 10:30.  Felix was fantastic and Anita sang with her group and did an amazing job.  I think she likes to be on stage.  So all and all we were all so proud to represent these children. (minus the middle finger part)  Jamaicans do know how to put on a show.  We loved it!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dontae/ And other stuff

Well not much to update with.  We thought the culture results would be in today, but for some reason (Jamaica time) they were not.  They told us today that he needs to finish \his antibiotics which are for a couple more days. But they told us yesterday that he was done today.  Soooooooo, I am really not sure.  Those blister type bumps on his legs, they told me the Dr. called something in for them, but today they told me that the antibiotic will clear them up. So am I a little confused?  Oh, Yes! but just praying all the time that there is nothing serious going on here.  On a good note, Today was the best he has been, since he went in.  When we walked in, he gave us the biggest smile we have ever seen, and when I picked him up, he hugged and hugged me.  It was so great to see him almost back to himself.

Got a wonderful letter today from a husband and wife that we have never met.  But know's Kingdom Builders Ministry. They have been reading our blog for a few months now, and just said some wonderful things to us.  Its words like that, that keep a person going.  So Thank you friends!

Anita is doing the best we have ever seen her.  It is so amazing to see the young lady that we all knew was inside of her.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor, and can make us laugh at a drop of a hat.  That we didn't know about either.  Felix is just adorable as you all know from his pictures.  But something that happened to him while at MFH is being the youngest, we believe he just got over looked on many things. When we were there, we noticed, and corrected him, but we obviously didn't see it enough.  So we have been teaching him how to use a fork and a knife properly.  But the cute little show off that he is, makes a joke out of everything.  But when he doesn't realize we are watching, he is beginning to use his utensils quite good. Tonight we were working on lifting his fork to his mouth, and not his head to the plate.  Now this one is hard for him.  But we know he can do it.  We are working on having both of the kids ask to be excused from the table.  Now Felix rocks on this one,  Anita gets up puts her dishes in the sink and then sometimes asks.  So we have her come back to the table and start again.  We know she knows when to do it, but I just don't think she wants us to know that we ARE teaching her something.  LOL

Jenni is going home for a couple of weeks, lucky dog!  I will tell you though, we are going to MISS her terribly.  But when she gets back, we will meet up with all the kids and have our family Christmas.  Now that is going to be one fun day.  Maybe we can make it a slumber party, that way it would be two days...  Oh great idea I just had.....  :-)
Even though we have a Christmas tree, doesn't feel much like the holidays when its so beautiful here. Do you know, that I still to this day have not had on a pair of pants?  Jenni on the other hand has turned into a Jamaican, she wears pants when its like 70 degrees out.  LOL There isn't many Christmas lights on houses here, and I can't find wrapping paper to save my life.  All I can find is single sheets of it.  So I think we will use news paper, that is if someone will give us some.  LOL
If anyone is thinking about putting a mission trip together, we have a few ideas of things that could be done here, and some wonderful people so in need.  Or if you just want to sponsor a family or a child, we can help with that as well.  So many children here can't go to school because of the cost of uniforms books taxi lunches etc. So very little money to you and I, will go so far here.  We are working to become a non profit, so when your ready to sponsor someone, it will be a tax deductible.

Thank you to everyone who jumped in and donated to us.  We now have enough money to get us half way through February. Thank you for believing in us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Day

What a great day.  We drove to Nigril and picked up Sherakie.  As he got into the car, he was very quiet.  But within minutes he was talking up a storm. I have never seen him so HAPPY!  He is always seeing family members, which is exactly what we witnessed him crying about at MFH.  So its kinda bittersweet.  We are so happy to see him and sad when we dropped him off.  But then we were off to Montego Bay to see the rest of the kids and have a picnic at the park.  Mark, Sabrinas dad and Travoy meet us at the park.  Duran showed up too. (Sabrina and Travoys brother)  We sat and ate lunch and talked and talked and talked, and hugged and I smothered them all with kisses.  Now only if Ritz and Dontae were here, life would be good.  So after our day was over, we all said our goodbyes and told the children that we would have our Christmas party in January.  Now off to Ritz's house.  Yippee!!! I was on cloud 9 when I saw his face walking down the driveway.  And he almost died when we handed him lunch.  So now back on the road back to Nigril.  Sherakie then drives us by his new school.  Kinda weird though, we are driving and driving into which seems like deep into know where, and all of a sudden there is this great school up on a mountain.  He loves his new school, which is wonderful.  So now off to his house.  His brother and him look so much a like.  So as we are driving back to our home, and talking about the wonderful day we had with all the kids, and really miss the fact that we are not all together.  But know every single one of them is where God intended them to be. Anita's adoption is in Phase Two, and Ritz adoption is just about in Phase two.  And Dontae is at the end of Phase two.  So everything is moving along so nice.  The sad part of the day was that we did not get home in time to go see our son.  Makes me feel sick to think that Dontae might think we abandoned him.  So this morning the kids and Jenni will do home church, and Mark and I will get our butts up to the hospital to see him.  Plus we supply the diapers and his clothes, and so he must be getting very low.  Oh did I tell you that after we left the park, Jenni and Duran texted until midnight......... We left at 4:00pm.   LOLOLOLOLOL   Oh man is she going to kill me when she reads this.  I love you Miss Jenni!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still not home

Well Dontaes fever is much better, and the rash is soooo much better to.  Still can only get a couple smiles from him, so we know he is not feeling good.  The nurse could not tell me the results of the blood work, only the Dr. We didn't know that, so we still don't know anything.  Mark and I are going back in the morning and sitting there until he shows up.  But the culture tests won't be in until Saturday.  Which means Dontae will not be home until Monday, if the tests show nothing.  It feels strange around the house with out him here.  I can hardly wait until he is healthy enough to come home.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dontae's fever is much better, and his rash is better as well.  But he is still lethargic.  His blood work should be back tonight, so we will hear about that in the morning. The other two tests will take a few more days.  So I am not sure what to tell you, not sure whats wrong with him, and when he would be coming home. So please keep the prayers coming.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Baby

 Dontae has spent the first 7 months of his life in the hospital, because he needed some surgeries, and his mama abandoned him.  He has been with us for little over a month now and he is back in the hospital once again  :-( 
Dontae has been teething like crazy, drooling so much you can't keep his clothes or bibs dry.   So when his fever started, we figured that it was from teething.  So the morning of the 4th day of a temp, which was a Friday, I called the Dr. to see if he should be seen.  The nurse told me no and to add another medicine to his tylenol.  So Saturday night was the worst night ever, all the nights were bad, but Saturday was especially bad. He woke up every couple of hours like he was in pain.  Sunday the rash started, and I thought it was Roseola.  You see, if I were in the States, Dontae would have been at the Dr. already.  But here I was just not sure.  I was talking to my friend on Facebook and he told me to get the child to the hospital.  So, when Dontae woke up and the rash was so much worse, all I could hear was Kevin, my friend, letting me have it for not already having Dontae at the hospital. (he was doing it in a loving way)  So off we went to the hospital in Black River.  Dontae was pretty lethargic at this point so he was fairly cooperative in the waiting room for so long.
 O.K. This is Mark now. Kim wanted me to write this part because she just couldn't. When we finally got into the exam room (only had to wait four and a half hours!) the doctor said she would have to get a urine sample, blood sample, and spinal fluid. When Kim heard "spinal fluid" she said; "meningitis!??", and the doctor said she had to be able to rule that out. So, we take the little guy into another room and Kim needs to go out because she can't watch. Kim went through this years ago when Cody was 1 1/2. He had spinal meningitis and she thought she might lose him. He's now 24 (Thank you, God).
 At any rate, the doctor first sticks a big needle in his little tummy, trying to find his bladder for a urine sample, and comes up with nothing. She said he probably doesn't have enough urine to do that and she'll use a catheter later. Next is another big needle in his femoral vein for blood. Dontea is crying like crazy and looking SO panicked while all this is going on. Then comes the spinal tap. OMG! I had to help hold him in a fetal position while the doctor sticks yet another needle in his backbone. Poor little guy! However, the fluid looked to me to be clear as water, which is a good sign I believe. One more needle in his arm for an I.V. and we're done with the pointy stuff. He is WIPED OUT by this time and Kim comes back in the room and he falls fast asleep on her shoulder. Two minutes later we have to wake him up for the catheter! He didn't like that at all either, but now we have all the fluids we need, so he can finally relax. 
 Within an hour or so we walk him over to the pediatric wing and he get's a crib. We didn't want to see him have to stay in a hospital again, but we had no choice. They have to be able to observe him until they get the results back from Mandeville. Hopefully only a day or two.
 Let me take a second to paint a picture of the hospital at Black River for you.  Let me first say that all the staff , doctors, and nurses we encountered were very competent, professional, and helpful. The facilities, however, can make you cringe. It's a fairly good sized complex, probably pre-WWII construction, with some modern conveniences and some not-so-modern inconveniences. The waiting room was kinda' dirty, the seats used to be blue plastic, but were mostly different shades of dirt now. The windows are louvered with no screens, so the mosquitoes come in to visit around dusk. I guess that's why the lizards like hanging out on the walls! They maneuver around the graffiti and dirt and posters in search of the various critters flying around the old fluorescent lights. The T.V. on the wall has a picture as fuzzy as the legs of the lady sitting across from me. I wonder why they have a steel cage around it? Who's gonna steal a broken T.V.? I think the cribs in the pediatric wing came over on slave ships and the windows might as well have been painted gray, they were so dirty. They brought a young boy in from surgery on a stretcher from the civil war. But, they had a fairly new incubator, and clean sheets. I'm not worried, just amused. 
Kim Here.....So at this time Dontae is starving, its 9:00PM and his dinner was right when the poor guy was being tortured.  So we asked for some formula, because the bad mother that I am, brought his 4:00 bottle but not his 8:00 bottle.  Well guess what?????? they don't use bottles, they use a cup and a syringe.  OK!!! I don't think I have to tell you, that we got about 3 teaspoons down him.  So I held him till he fell asleep.  We laid him down in his crib right next to a two year old girl that screams three times in a row about ever 10 seconds.  And I can't spend the night???????????  never in my life have I left a child at a hospital without me being there.  But I did it... I walked out.  And Prayed and Prayed and Prayed.  And we are asking all of you to pray with us.  Thank you 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Situation

We came to Jamaica to run a children’s home for a year.  Shortly after our arrival, the Child Development Agency of Jamaica came to us in regards to the situation at the home. They deemed it unsafe for the children, because of progressing 15 years of neglect by the owners, and moved to close the home and revoke its license.  The children have been placed mostly with family or in temporary homes while adoptions are being processed, leaving two in our care.  One is under our guardianship and the other awaiting her adoption to be processed.
 Because of the children’s home closing, we were forced to move and rent a house with our own money.  Rent to be paid, food, electricity, water etc. for 5 people and one baby with out any help from the Jamaican gov’t.  Jim and Penie are keeping our room and board from their facility totaling $2400.00.
We are now in critical need of financial support.  We have enough money to last us through December.  If we need to come home to stay, that leaves three children with nothing.  If you can spare anything during this Christmas season and recession it would be very much needed.  Every single penny helps.
Since we are no longer with KBM, we do not fall under a non profit organization status.  We are simply three missionaries trying to do what God wants us to do.  So what this means to you is, your donation will not be tax deductable.
If you have not been keeping up with our blog, the address is . On there we have a donate button that goes through paypal.  If you do not have a paypal account, it is very simple to get one.  Otherwise please make your check payable to Mark, Kim Lau or Jenni Bushaw, and send it c/o
Matty and Calie Klopp
2407 Bluebonnet trail
Bellingham, Washington
Please consider giving a monthly amount to our ministry, even if it’s a small amount.   Small amounts add up.
Three kids’ lives, well being, and futures hang in the balance of this.  Please help us help them, they only have us.

Mark 10:14-15
            “When Jesus saw this, He was indignant. He said to them “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth; anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

It is the season for giving, but being here in Jamaica there is always a need.  Daily we could (and sometimes do) give or help, and now during the holiday season it feels like there is more of a need.  I was at the grocery store a couple of days ago and ran into Bobbett.  Some of you will remember that name, since this is the woman that her house burned down last year and our youth group came and built her a brand new home.  Well she had told me a few weeks earlier that her roof was leaking and the water was damaging the floor.  But today, she asked us if we could purchase her the things to fix her roof and floor.  I did not hesitate one bit.  Yes,just  flew out of my mouth.     I know that this is what God would want us to do and our troubles just don't seem to be so big.  We know God will take care of us.  Mark and I have met this young woman Sheema a few times since being here in Jamaica.  She has two children, a daughter who is 9, and a son that is 10 months.  This woman was in an accident and now she has what she calls fits.  So she can't work.  Her daughter lives with her Aunt.  She has asked me two times now to  please adopt her son.  You see, she has to beg for money every single day with her son in toe, just to go buy diapers, formula and food.  She loves her boy, but she loves him so much she is willing to give him up to have a better life.  Her and I have become friends, so when I see her, I give her a little bit of money to help. She has asked me if she and her son could come and spend Christmas with us.  Of course we wanted to say yes, yes and yes again. But that would also mean feeding them and giving them presents.  So I told her I needed to talk to Mr. Mark, We went yesterday up to see Donnaree and Marlon and Marlana.  We were so happy to see them, and so sad that we missed them so much. They work so hard to make ends meat.  And they still gave us a bag of cucumbers. $2000.00 US is all they would need to add on a room.   Their house right now is about 15 x 15 with two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.  There is not one place to sit as a family.  Two thousand is so doable when your working making a living.  But it is really hard when you are volunteering.  There is just so much more good we could be doing for people here.  All the children that were at MFH are expecting Christmas presents from us. But without getting our money back there is only enough money to take us through January and that does not have Christmas shopping included.  But it is heavy on all of our hearts to give, even if we don't have enough for ourselves, and thats what we are doing.  My girls went out and bought Dontae some clothes in a bigger size to send back with Jenni, but Dontae is almost out of the clothes he is in, and Jenni won't be back till January.
The woman that is adopting Anita came to visit and stay a couple of nights.  We were in need of a baby monitor, and she answered our prayer.  Felix was in desperate need for a new uniform and Miss Denise bought him a new one.  So thank you to Miss Denise for her thoughtfulness and friendship and encouraging words, lets not forget her husband as well (Garfield)
 The kids from MFH and us want to get together and maybe go to the beach and spend the entire day together, maybe even spend the night.  But to make this happen  we need to rent a van, pack a lunch buy the gas etc.  It is tough to live here with not much to give.  Tis the Season right?
So everyday we pray for God to keep on leading us where he wants us to go.  Its amazing and awesome when you live your life to Christ and trust in him with your entire being.  Everything is ALWAYS takin care of.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


You know that there is always so much to be thankful for.  A couple of days ago the three of us were sitting down doing our finances and realized we only have enough money to last us through January.  We were starting to go through all our options on how to make this work.  If Jenni needed to come home at Christmas and then stay to fund raise, not to come back (clearly not an option)  To move into a smaller place where rent is cheaper.  And low and behold Jenni was told that a $100.00 was coming her way.  My mom's sorority group has about $150.00 for us, and Mark, Jenni and I are talking with some people about helping with their mission's group. So we were all upset and not knowing what to do, when all this happened.  Within hours of each other.  So so Thankful.  When you trust in God and give it to him always, he will provide.  Are we out of the woods?  No, but God sure told us loud and clear that we are on the right path again.  We are going to make this work.  We came here to take care of these kids, and we are not leaving till our job is done.  All Dontaes adoption paperwork is turned in. All we need now is a home study done on our home in Bellingham.  (If anyone knows someone that is licensed to do that, please let me know asap) (and if they could donate that to us)  We are so thankful for Dr. Levin in Miami, he is going to do Dontae's surgery on his palate, and he specializes in hand surgery.  All probono!!!!  PTL and so, so Thankful! Marks folks came to our rescue right away. Felix needs a new uniform, and my friend has offered to buy him one.  We needed a baby monitor, and the same friend is bringing that to us.  My family is sending us, some things for Dontae, (a johnny jump up here is $100.00 and a four hour drive away) My girlfriend is Christmas shopping as we speak for us. So thankful!!!!!!!!! Thankful that we found a place to live here, thankful we all have a comfortable bed to sleep in, thankful everyone has a full tummy when they go to bed. Thankful that I have children at home that loves us so much.  Even thankful that we will have no turkey today but stuffed chicken.   Thankful for my darling husband, who is my everything, thankful to "Sarcastic Girl" Miss Jenni, LOL  who is turning into a fantastic friend who makes us laugh. (Sarcastic girl is nothing bad Beth, you did a good job, lol)  Thankful that we get to be with Anita, during her adoption.  And so darn thankful for the many many friends we have met here in Jamaica.  I could go on and on, but I am sure all of you have the same ones.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving day, enjoy your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Christmas so coming so darn fast.  I can't believe that we have been here almost 5 months already.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and low and behold we found a small artificial tree for $2200.00J.  Surprised the heck out of us, so we bought it and some lights and three christmas stockings.  This weekend the kids are going to make ornaments, construction paper chains to hang around the house, and Anita also wants to make snowflakes.  We will take pictures so you all can see what we have done.
SSooooooo, my next question is presents???????  We not only need to buy presents for these three children, but also the rest of the kids.  And lets not forget the family we were living with, we have become such good friends with them.  You can send stuff here, we were always told that you couldn't, but you can.  It cost a little bit, so if everyone went together, it would probably be the way to go.  Please comment on here if you are willing to help with gifts, or you can email me as well.  We are starting there christmas list, so when its complete we will post it on here.  Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kids

Here's some pictures of the kids and our new "digs".
 Felix says he's very happy and Anita has done a lot in changing her attitude about life. She is very excited about being adopted by Ms. Denise in N. Carolina. We spoke to Shakhei the other day and he is now living with his brother, Romatelli, something he's wanted for years. Ritz is really looking forward to being adopted by John in the States. John has wanted to adopt Ritz since Ritz was a little boy. Sabrina and Travoy are very happy living with her father. We talk to them a couple times  a week. They all seem to be very happy now and looking forward to brighter futures.

 Just a little update. God Bless, Mark.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The weekend

Friday afternoon we had visitors, Troy and Rose.  Rose used to live at MFH a year or so ago, Troy is her husband, they are 18 and expecting their first baby in January.  The two of them moved into MFH to watch it.  It was fun watching her with Dontae.
Saturday morning Jenni, Anita Dr. Linda and I went to Mandeville for a craft fair.  What a fun thing to do.  Some beautiful things people were selling.  It was kinda weird because there were so many white people.  LOL and we are not used to seeing white people very often.  They love to call us Whitey's, with a smile on their face.  Even the littlest kids.  Cracks me up.
Saturday afternoon we had another visitor, Lizzy, another young woman that used to live there as well.  Had a great visit.
And Sunday Taneal, Felixs mom came to visit.  She is so beautiful and watching Felix with his mom is precious.  We have the most darling picture of the two of them.
Today we went to God of Prophecy church, very very nice.  We really enjoyed it, so I know we will be back.
So all in all, this weekend was Awesome.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


At this point, we will refrain from commenting in detail on the letter the Kochs sent out.  We will appologize to any of our friends, family and supporters who received such a disgrace.  Everyone that knows us, knows who we are and what we stand for,  and it is always THE TRUTH!!!!  So it might not of been today the the truth prevails, but it will happen.  God has a plan, and it is always in his time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"You can fool all of the people some of the time. Or you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
Abraham Lincoln

Today is the day the truth will prevail!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Power!

It seems like we have been without power more then with since we moved in, but not for weather related issues, so no worry.  They are working on putting in new cement power poles, so it looks like no power all day tomorrow as well.  But that is ok because we are going to Sav La Mar, to take all Dontae's paperwork into the adoption agencey.  My girls had to mail us our birth certificates and marriage certificate as well, all three of us had to get passport size pictures to take, all of us had to have a physical and Dontae needed to have blood work done.  (poor little guy) The good news is we pick up the blood work in the morning and then we are off.  This is the second step of the adoption procedure.  So we are getting closer and closer.  This little guy is doing so well, he is on the same schedule that all my kids were on. 8.12,4 and 8 and he has been since the first day we got him. But boy is he drooling everywhere, we can't keep a bib dry for nothing.  :-)
Felix is doing very well, his spelling is very good, we are so proud of him.  He is so much fun, except maybe when we give him a sweety. ( Jamaicans call candy sweeties) then he is  a little nuts, like my son Cody use to be when he had surgar.  Boy Felix is bringing back memories.  He eats just like Cody too, I think Mr. Mark will have to get two jobs when we get home.  LOL.
Anita, well she is just wonderful.  She is happy and smiling most of the time these days.  She can do her hair like nobodys business.  She just did Miss Jenni's hair, which of course looks fantastic. She has been making sure that Felix's uniform is all ironed daily, so we are paying her weekly to do it.  She feels good about herself for doing it, and because she does it out of the goodness of her heart is why we decided to pay her for it. $200.00 a week J.   Which is like two bucks.  She is also excited  to be adopted, and maybe go to Disney world for Christmas, plus have an older sister and a younger brother.  Can't beat that.
Jenni is just the best ever, a pure joy to have around.  Couldn't of asked for a more perfect person to have with us.  She has many good idea's, she helps with everything, and sometimes does it all.  She LOVES peanut butter, oh man does she love peanut butter.  Lets not forget, a girl after my own heart..... chocolate....
Mr. Mark, he is loving his new family, and is excited for all our other kids to meet them.  He does really miss taking care of the pool at the other house, he really did take pride in that.  He is itching to start some volunteer work to keep us all busy. Although since we moved right on the water, he has snorkeled a few times, which is just loves. 
And me  (Kim)  we have made some wonderful friends here, and there are more to meet.  Our new home is way to good to be true, and the view is to die for.  All of us are very very happy.  I really love that we actually have a breeze now, since on the water.  I love our boys, and I just Love Anita.  For sure when she is adopted we will be visiting her.  We are so fortunate to be able to use our neighbors car, since they have two.  To take a taxi everywhere would add up.  It looks like Mark and I will not be home for Christmas, unless some miracles happen.  But Jenni will be, someone has to bring stuff back here right?  Anywhoo, weather has been beautiful, kids have been good, God is Great!!!!!  And he walks with us everyday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Day

Well lets go back to last night first.  We still don't have an oven that works so I made chocolate chip cookies and then Jenni and I took the dough over to the neighbors house to make them.  So while we were waiting for them to bake we turned on the movie "The secret lives of Bees"  What a fantastic movie.  We had about five minutes to go and the power goes out.  So lol we are at the neighbors house but the  neighbors were out of town, so there sits Jenni and I crackin up, saying "hm I wonder where the candles are?"  So, we found a candle and decided that we would walk home, just then the phone rang and it was Mr. Mark telling us that he would meet us at the gate with a flashlight, but really it was a stinkin spot light.   LOLOL  So we came home and the three of us sat by candle light and talked.  Now today was a beautiful day, we still had no power, so we had cereal for breakfast, and decided to have fried chicken for dinner, so we were hoping that the power would come on.  Anita and I were so happy that we did all our laundry yesterday, since today would not of happened.  And putting the laundry out on the line is just so  relaxing and enjoyable not to mention smells so darn good.  Anita and I made dinner.  Remember I said we were going to have fried chicken?  Well its not the same as the fried chicken we fry at home, they deep fry it, and not in a fry daddy.  So Anita taught me me how to do it.  Our entire dinner was crazy bad for us, and we didn't even have one vegetable.  But man it was good.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy, we had fried dumplings, and festival.  Grease, grease and more grease.  By having three different Jamaican things, I learned a lot.  Oh then chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  Then after dinner, Anita gave Dontae a bath and dressed him.  Boy this young lady knows how to do everything.  Right now as a matter of fact, her and Mark are discussing the center of the earth. She is so much fun.   What a beautiful day!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day after Day

You know it seems odd to us, that the people who leave a comment on our blog, can't even leave their real name, they hide by something else.  At least everyone who reads this blog knows exactly who is writing it.  If we also felt we wanted just OUR words on the blog, we wouldn't have allowed comments.
So day after day, letters go out to The Koch's sponsors, putting us down, even a letter to our pastor, which was in its entirety "false".  We have chosen to try and stay  the better person here.   So once again....if you really want the truth call CDA.  The truth is known by the Koch's, we are just sorry that they will not step up and tell all of their sponsors the truth as well.  It will ALL come out when the time is just right.  And then it will come out again on judgement day.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A sincere apology

Mark, Jenni and I sincerely apologize if anyone thinks we have posted anything but the truth on our blog.
So we want to leave you with a quote from CDA
"We are so sorry that we at CDA did not do our job and close My Fathers house down  years ago"
So please we encourage you to call them yourselves.  We feel this would be the only way to lay this matter to rest.  Thank you

Bad day-Good day

After we got the kids off to school we needed to head to town to get blood work done on Dontae for the adoption.  He needs HIV, sickle cell, hepatitis B.  So we get their and the girl said to me, "oh I have never stuck someone so small before"  So I said "well then today is your lucky day"  lol  Well it wasn't so lucky for Dontae.  For a few minutes I think he really did not like me.  And all that for three drops of blood.  So we have to come back on Thursday and let the Dr. do it.
So that was the crummy part of the day,  but then we got company later on and we just had a great time visiting.  He even bought us all dinner from Ruby's.   WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!  Thank you
Today????? well lets see what the day brings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

more stuff

We were at the neighbors using the internet when Jim and Penie drove up wanting to talk to us.  But we have been advised not to talk to them.  We still were going to, but then changed our mind.  So Mark called them.  They talked some, and still will not pay us our money.  Next step is our attorney.  And he has been notified.  We are the second family in less then two years, that they have done this to.  So something needs to be done.  Please be aware of what is being said.  The children are safe, happy and in very good care.  The Kochs are not supposed to come on our property or go near the children however they went to their school today.  We told them how important it was to talk to CDA, and they still went to where some of the kids are.  So like I said, please be aware of what is being said.  Please pray and have God help you see the truth.  He is the one that showed us.

Friday, October 29, 2010


This blog is to all our family, our church family and ALL our friends.  My Fathers House is now closed. " It was a necessary change" says Child Development Agency.
Mark, Jenni and I came to My Fathers House to take care of the children here for one year.  Jim and Penie Kroch even asked us to be their partner with Kingdom Builders Ministry.  We wanted to stay our year before making such a commitment. But in our time here, it was brought to our attention that they can not be in the States living when they have children in Jamaica.  So that put with many complaints over the years to CDA, they came to us saying they were shutting the place down and taking away their license.  
On a good note..... the children are mostly with their own family members.  Praise the Lord!  In my opinion, a place where they should of been all the time.  They are so happy to be living with their family.  That makes us happy too.  We are foster parents to Anita, while her adoption goes through.  YEAAAAAA!!!!!  And we also will be taking Felix home with us.  YEAAAA again.  Ritz is also being adopted by his sponsor since he was two, and who has always wanted him.  Praise God!!!!!  So all good with the children.
Now to us, not so good...... but will be good because God never closes a door without opening another right?
We had to move, and now we have to pay rent, buy our food pay electricity, pay for water etc.  You might be asking yourself "why don't we come home?"  God must of had an entirely different mission for us, other then what we thought.  So we are staying here in Jamaica until the adoptions go through.  We will visit the children often and talk to them often to make sure things are great for them.  We will be doing other volunteer work too.  It will be just a little different then what we thought, and that is fine with us.
What is not good with us, is that Jim and Penie will not give us our money back, which is over two thousand dollars.  They say "you were working for us, you didn't call us, so you will not get your money back." We also can not go near their property.  We are being blamed for something CDA did..  And people are coming out of the woodworks to tell us that when they get here, which should be tomorrow, to watch our backs.  So please pray for them, pray that they can be sivil.   Mark and I were pre paid for 8 months, and Jenni for 6 months.  Which was for room and board.  So God willing, we will be here doing his work.  If you are sending money to KBM for either Mark Jenni or I, please stop.  And please send it directly to here on our blog.  Or to my girls.  Thank you so much for helping us, you all know how appreciated you are.  We love you!
Blessings to everyone

Friday, October 22, 2010

A God thing...

Sorry everyone for not writing for a few days.  But  it has been hectic around here, and by the time I get to bed I am tired.  So back to "A God thing"  Mr. Mark and I came here to Jamaica to take care of the kids at My Fathers house.  But in the process of doing this, we came to love Dontae.  As I said before,  Dontae has a cleft pallet and lip, not to mention a very rare condition sometimes called lobster claw syndrome.  His mother abandoned him when he was born.  And God called Mark and I to see if we could adopt him.  If he would of stayed here he would of been institutionalized for his entire life.  He probably would not of been able to get his pallet done.  And without doing that, he would not of talked properly.  So they did his lip.  Now here is where all of you could come in handy.  We are looking for a Dr. to provide Dontae with the surgery for his pallet, that way we can get him a medical visa, fly him home and he could be good as new.  Please if you know of any Dr. that would like to offer his services, please email me ASAP.  With everything I have read, the best time to do the pallet is when they turn eight months old. Dontae is 7 1/2 months now.  Christmas time would be an awesome time. But I know that is pushin it.
Well what do you think? Dontae is precious and smart and cuter then a bugs ear.

Now feeding him is another story, when you have a cleft pallet, when he is drinking his bottle, it can just go up his nasal passages.  It is like trying to drink out of a straw that has a hole in it.  One hour to take 2 oz.  So been on the internet to ask what to do.  The doctors say to get a certain nipple for a cleft pallet.  But I am in Jamaica so not possible.  So this website told us how to make a regular nipple work.  You can't beat that...Please enjoy the pictures of Dontae!!! We have prayed long and hard about starting another family at our age and we feel meeting Dontae was a God thing!!!!!!  And that God chose us to be his parents.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful Day

First and foremost Ritz got second place.  Is that cool or what?  the only reason he didn't win was because his school didn't offer more after school activities.  The boy that won was in more clubs.  The great thing is that Ritz was proud of himself and knows he did awesome.
This morning Mark Jenni and I had the opportunity to go watch Dr. Linda dive.  We left at 9:00AM went out into the sea on her boat.  It was very cool, and we saw a turtle.  Got home before lunch and then went swimming with some of the kids.  Little Marlaina is going to be swimming all by herself very very soon.  Then Miss Donnaree made jerk chicken and Ritz and Sabrina made festival.  (festival is like churios but with less sugar)  but they made a couple of more sugary ones for us.  OH MY!!!!!!!!!  Dinner was awesome... This woman can cook!!!!!!!  So my mom sent me a great story on email, so I am going to use that for devotion tonight, then we are all going to watch a movie about a dog.  So Excited!!!!  Oh, did I tell you.... Jenni and Sabrina are in the kitchen as we speak, making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Oh what a beautiful day!!!!!  Tomorrow after church, I think we all should go to the beach.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lets see Ritz got nominated from CDA (child development agency) to get interviewed, if he is chosen, they will take him to Columbia all expenses paid to be a child representative for them.   Now is that cool?   We are all excited for him.  So yesterday they drove him to Montego bay.  So time will tell.  Please pray for Ritz, this would be a wonderful wonderful experience for him.
Yesterday the kids came home from school and they won second place for their school's gardening.  Can you believe it?  I can!!!!!  So tomorrow they get to go on field trip, kinda far away on a big AC bus.  :-)  And they get to go out and eat.  Oh let me not forget to say, actually the most important part, is they will get an award.  I am soooooooooo happy for all the children here.
Little Marlaina has decided that she prays ALL the time, and if your eyes are not closed, she will stop until you close them.  LOL  it is the cutest thing ever.
Last night for instance.....  We were just finishing up with devotion, and all the boys had to go to bed at eight, because they failed to spread their bad and pick up their room before school, oh and take their laundry down.  So we were talking about that, and good ole Travoy kept saying, "come on, your taken up our time here"  little did he know that NOW they all are going to bed.  So I told them, and they didn't say anything,  so we were soooooooooo happy.  Ok so now its time to pray, and little Marlaina starts her prayer and right at the end she says "and thank you God for putting Travoy and Ritz to bed early"  I don't think I have to tell you, that every singe person cracked up and the boys jumped up and were just laughing.  It was fun and funny all at the same time.  And I have to say, they went to bed pretty darn good.  So proud I am......
Everyone in their life needs to do some sort of mission work, it is something you will cherish for ever.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  God is Good

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home safe and sound

We made it.......It was very long but we made it.  The only thing is we need to go there next week and pick up our passports.  Ugh!  I say Ugh, but when we have to go places, its the only time we get to see the island.  So I shouldn't complain.  When we got home we had our family time of Hi's Low's (Thanks Scott, we adopted that one) then devotion.  But I have to tell you, The kids High are that we have come home safe and sound, and their low's are they missed us.  Now does that pull your heart strings or what?  We all ran in the door and gave everyone big hugs and kisses, chased Anita a bit, but both Mr. Mark and I got her good this morning, because she was not expecting it. LOL  :-)   Its funny, every kid is a little different here.
Sabrina, we can all hug on her day and night, and give her great big kisses.  Travoy her brother, we can hug, but I have to kiss his forehead, he doesn't so much like when Mr. Mark hugs him, so he has to sneak.  And Jenni, well she could do what ever she wanted to, since Travoy walks around the house calling her his wife.  LOL  
Anita, well she is tuff, but  we are breaking her down,  she just seems to get happier and happier every day. Sherakie,  a hug works great for him.  Ritz,,, he would let me hug him to death  I think.  So I do....... lol  Marlaina well she always comes running,  what a doll baby and Marquez yeppers hugs and kisses.  Felix, almost forgot him,  we can hug and kiss him most of the time, except when he feels that he would get harassed by the boys.
Went and had a quick visit with Dontae, who is still in the hospital,  that boy is looking good after his surgery and he has dimples!!!!!!!  Went by the church that the tornado knocked down,  the church was about 210 years old.  And there was another tornado in Hanover.  (not sure if thats the name)  but I hear there was damage done there as well.  And tonight well they are warning us of flash flooding.  So who knows what the morning will bring.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well we came to Kingston on Tuesday, passed a shooting, but finally got here.  Oh man what a drive with out AC.  We were planning on staying over one night, but with the run around you get here, we haven't left yet.  We are here to get our passports extended, since our stay in Jamaica  runs out on October 10th. (Sunday)  We are also in the process of getting a work permit.  But the letter from Kingdom Builders Ministry was a copy, they wouldn't except it.  So we thought are only alternative was to fly back to the States for 48 hours.  We all checked airfare, and the cheapest place to go was New York.  Oh my goodness and we only have a pair of shorts and a tank top.  (remember we just were planning on being in Kingston for one day)  But Jim told us to go back to immigration and tell them that if we leave there will be no one to take care of the kids.  Well it worked, they gave us a visitor extension till January.  Oh how God works......  So its 7:30 AM Friday morning, and we are checking out......  We finally get to go see the kids, we miss them so much our hearts ache.  But first off to the grocery store.  Penie told us to go there, they have bulk sizes of things.  Then on the long road home.  But then we will be safe and sound with all the children, and be where we are supposed to be.  Are you wondering if this was a small vacation??????  NO, NO and NO again.  LOL  The stress level from this entire trip took a tole on all of us.  I had to go get a $100.00 massage on my back, just so I could move.  So feeling better now, except for being hungry.  Anyway we feel like its going to be a good day, except for the drive w/o AC.....  WooHoo!!!!!! almost time to sit down with the kids..... Can't wait.  Please pray for a safe journey home.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The devil is in the detours.

Markie here.
 Well yesterday was interesting to say the least. We had to go to Montego Bay to drop off pictures for the kid's passports. The big challenge was that the recent weather had caused much flooding and we were detoured up and over the hill via this narrow, bumpy, winding, endless road through beautiful, but remote country. We finally got to Mo. Bay and took care of business. However, on the trip back home, the detour had another detour, which took us on a strange dirt road for about half an hour, and then another road and finally deposited us about 20 mile on the far side of Whitehouse. So, we had to then back track along the highway for another 45 minutes to eventually get home. It was so nice to get home safely and see all the kid's.
 Now let's talk about today. We had to leave this morning at 6:00 for a 5 hour drive to Kingston. Fortunately, we had Marlon riding with us as far as Mandeville, and he knows this place like the back of his hand. He had us take a detour which I would never have known of, and got us past all the bad stuff. We got to Mandeville and dropped him off and he told us which road to follow from there. We got to Kingston, no problem, and found the immigration office where we needed to be. We knew we weren't going to be able to finish today and drive the 5 hours back home, so we are spending the night here. We will be finishing our visa extension paperwork and our work permit stuff and try to head home early enough that we don't get caught driving home in the dark. Driving after dark is nasty since you can't see the potholes till it's too late. You may also come around a curve only to find a truck stalled or a person walking. Scary stuff!
 Anyway, it's all good, and we'll blog when we get home. Bye.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting back to "normal"?

Markie here.
 Well, we finally got "current" back today. That means the electricity was restored. About 3:00 this afternoon it came back on and I could turn the generator off. Thank God because it was tough going back and forth between running the frig or freezer or washing machine for the last 4 days . The generator won't run them all at once, so you had to charge up the freezer, then charge up the frig, then you could use the washer for a while. We all sat and watched a movie together this evening while Anita braided Kim's hair. it looks really good.
 There's supposed to be another batch of rain coming next week, but it looks now as though it may be taking another direction. Let's hope so. The house is pretty much back to normal now and the kid's will be back to school Monday. What a week!
 I'll post some pics of Kim's hair tomorrow. Bye.

Nobody was prepared.

I've spoken to many people and it confirms what the Jamaican news has been saying all along. Nobody was prepared for this much rain and this type of water hasn't been seen around here for over 20 years. The guy at the gas station has spoken to many people who lost property or had no clue it would get this bad this quick. The water was only up a couple inches when we went to bed Monday night, and rose to 16" on this property overnight, and had receded to only 4-5 inches by morning. Still cleaning up some of the mess. The shop will be a big challenge to clean, but many hands make light work. The laundry will take a few days to catch up on. .

More pics from the storm.

Tropical Storm Nicole

Sorry it took us so long to write on here, but we have had no power for days.  It all started with rain, kinda felt like home with the rain, except for the humidity.  Then it rained for 24 hours, still felt like home.  LOL...  But even with it raining that much, things looked great around here.  The power went out, lost the internet and the field behind us was pretty darn full of water, but everything else AAAAA+++++++  We put wood on the doors on the main level and sand bags, just to be on the safe side.  Put wood on the boys window, because the rain kept drowning them.  To bed we went.  When we woke up..... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  A foot and a half of standing water.  This storm took all of Jamaica by surprise, not to mention us too.  What a mess  lots of dirt, lots of water, a floating mattress, all the sports equipment turned upside down and everywhere,  Linens were filthy dirty, even garbage from somewhere.  But with all that, Nothing was ruined..... God certainly watched out for all of everything here.  Nothing was damaged, just massive work on our parts.  The kids were AWESOME!!!!!!!!  They all helped so much, we couldn't of asked for more.  So still today we have no power,  yes a generator...  there is supposed to be two more storms right on the tale end of Nicole, so we will see.  We are going to post some pictures of the mess that was here.  Prayers always please..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holiday Inn, Montego Bay

Well, I think it was a hit! The kid's seemed to enjoy all the amenities, even though some were a little disappointing. The arcade was shut down for refurbishing, so they couldn't play video games. The basket ball and tennis courts required sneakers, which none of us had brought since, for crying out loud, you're in Jamaica at a beach resort. The fitness center required that an adult sign you in and be present the whole time. The "kid's club" was for two year olds. And you had to have an adult with you to do the paddle boats, kayaks, and hobie cats. Now, a lot of this makes sense, since it wasn't like the kid's could run around as if it were Disneyland. However, we were hoping they could do a little more than have us hold their hand every time they wanted to do something. The older boy's seemed to enjoy watching T.V. in the room the most, which they've become all too accustomed to , what with having nearly every video game ever invented. But I must say that the luxury of having a never ending supply of free food and beverage was well worth the price of admission for everyone. I don't think they could get enough hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and soda pop. Not to mention the buffet in the dining room. Wow! We all thought we were in "never never" land were you can eat and drink all you want and then go back for more. There's a hamburger bar that also serves hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and fish and chips. There's also a jerk chicken and pork bar, that also serves popcorn and ice cream. And the food is GOOD too. The jerk pork was killer! And I had some smoked Marlin at breakfast and a seafood gumbo for dinner that would, as Kim would say, "knock your socks off !". Kim and I took turns kayaking with Anita and we all swam in the big pool, played in the ocean, made fun of the drunk people, and ate like piggies. The kid's even got a thrill out of riding the elevator. All the workers there are really friendly and helpful, and even though the front desk had no record of our reservations and it took us over an hour to straighten that out, we had a very good time. Felix behaved pretty well and I didn't know a skinny little squirt like him could put down two burgers in one sitting. With fries! And somebody ate like 5 ice cream cones in a row. That might have been Marlon. He was in awe of all the free food. And he has one MONDO appetite! That man can put it away! And you wouldn't know it by looking at him. He just works hard and likes to eat. I think he and Donnaree really had fun.
 So, all in all, it was a fun time. Jenni bought a cute little white skirt and I bought a pair of sunglasses. Kim wasn't feeling well before we went, felt good while we were there, and then felt crummy again this morning before we came home. I hope she's not getting the flu, or worse yet, the Dengue fever, which comes with flu-like symptoms and which has been going around lately. But don't panic just yet! We'll keep you all appraised of the situation as it unfolds. White folks, Jamaica, and feeling funky seem to go hand in hand every few weeks. No problem, 'mon.
 We got home safely and God is watching over us. Love to all. BFN.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Scream

Hey peeps,  LOL  I do not scream!!!!!!!  My loving Husby wants to be funny......  I will say that I make many hand movements, but I don't scream.......  Oh and   I am much better now that he has driven so much.  LOL
Tomorrow is our big day to The Hotel.  The kids are so excited they can't handle it.  We will let you know how it goes when we get back.  Dantae was still in MoBay two days ago, so if he is there tomorrow, we will go visit him and let you know how he is doing as well.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teach a man to fish.

Markie-Mark here.
 Yesterday I commented on Facebook how some people target us here for begging from because we're white, and thus, must be rich. We are able, however, to sometimes help out in a more profound fashion. Recently, a man named Robert, has been stopping by the gate asking if I can help him find some work so that he can send his kid's to school. I asked him what he did for a living and he said he was a mason. Well, it just so happens that we are having some block work done here by a young man, named Troy, who owes Jim some time, and he doesn't know enough to do it by himself. So, I asked Jim this morning if we could bless Robert and his children by giving him some work for a week or so, and Jim agreed to let us pay him $1000 Jamaican a day for his services. That works out to about $13.00 U.S., but is only a little less than the going rate. This will also bless Troy with some valuable experience in masonry which he can use in the future.
 It made me feel good when I could tell Robert that we had some work for him and made me grateful that there are still many people here who are willing to sweat for their money, rather than simply asking for a handout. Robert was ve ryI know God had a hand in this transaction.
 I've been working on getting all the window panels made up in case of a hurricane. Thankfully, the lord has been watching over us this season, and so far we have nothing to worry about. Hurricane season ends soon and I pray we will continue to be blessed with good weather.
 We will be driving to Montego Bay again this weekend to stay at the Holiday Inn (all inclusive resort) with the kid's and Marlean and Donnarea's family. I'm looking forward to that. And next week we have to go to Kingston, a 5 hour drive, to check into our work permits. We also have a meeting coming up in St. James soon, which will involve about a 2 1/2 hour drive each way. As I have said before, driving in Jamaica is a real "trip". Westmoreland, the Parish Whitehouse is in, has the worst roads on the island. So, you have to dodge potholes, some of which can swallow a small army tank. You must also watch out for cab drivers who love to pass you at any moment ,whether you're on a curve or not, and can't seem to drive slower than 80 kmh. And watch out for pedestrians walking along the road, look out for goats tied along the road, and be careful of vendors holding out fruit or fish or crabs to sell you as you drive by at 40 kmh. Oh, and the Jamaican's have this funny habit of stopping wherever they want, whenever they want, with little or no warning. You may come around a corner, with sugar cane 12' tall on both sides, and there's a dump truck sitting there because the driver needs to buy more credits for his cell phone. Or a cab driver might be backing up in the middle of the road because a fare flagged him down. Or you may come around a bend and come right up on some dude on a 1950 Schwinn with a car tire over one shoulder and his grandma on the handlebars. You never know.
 Kim loves to drive with me because she gets to practice her screaming and it builds up her arm muscles by grabbing various parts of the car, or my anatomy, in order to keep from hitting her head on the headliner or flying through the windshield. The screaming part is my favorite because you can imagine how relaxing this sort of traveling is for the driver. especially since you're on the left side of the road, the right side of the cab, and shifting with your left hand.  Her soothing voice comes through quite clearly when she thinks her life is over, and the warm feeling of her hand smashing my arm reminds me of how much she values my ninja-like driving skills.  I told her the other day that I'm surprised I don't have a terminal headache the way my eyes are darting around from pothole ,to rear view mirror, to side mirror, to pedestrian in a constant  mental game of assessing the probability quotient for each obstacle's potential to inflict pain or damage or both.  What's a sure giveaway that you're not from around here is when you signal a turn with your windshield wiper handle and turn your blinker on when it starts raining. That took some getting used to.
 Anyway, life here is pretty cool and we're having the time of our lives, which when you think about it is a really stupid saying. Isn't every minute the time of your life? Otherwise you're dead, right?............
 I'm tired.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Birthday

Today was Marquez's birthday.  He turned double digits.  The big 10......  His mom made him a white cake with blue frosting. And then he opened his presents,  tank top, cologne, and a remote control car.  woooohoooooo.  But you will never believe what they had to do with the car, charge it up.  What the heck?  You give a kid a present and then they can't play with it.  He was a pretty good sport though.  The cool thing was him and Felix got to stay up later then the big boys, they liked that.
Mark and I had a Foster Parent meeting today in Sav.....  It was very good, and somehow Ms. Heaven nominated me to be on the first fundraiser committee,  so I will be making the tickets to sell.  We are going to have all churches invited to to participate in gospel and Christmas music. Going to sell tickets and food.  Should
be fun... HMMMMMmm  maybe Mr. Mark will sing.  I hope so!!!!!!
Anita, she is one of my fav's here, but the poor thing sometimes just does not know how to communicate.  She only knows Loud, Louder and Loudest.  Ahh I should'nt say that, she has been doing quite well actually.  But last night and today was not a good day for her.  But I think later when I talked to her quietly, we got somewhere.  And I hugged her for about 30 seconds.  YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!! oh and kissed her cheek.  Now, she didn't hug me back, but thats ok, usually she runs, turns her body, she just won't even let me get near her, but today I hugged her.  Thank you God!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marlean, Donnaree, Marquez and Marlaina

Are they a handsome family or what??????  She is a fantastic mother and wife.  And he works like a horse.  They are turning into just great friends of ours.

Great Day

Great day today.  Look how nice everyone looks!!!!!The kids had a good time today, in fact I think they had a ball.  They have been saving their star money, and some of the kids have been doing extra work for pay.  So today was our shopping day in Savannah La Mar.  Back row left to right. Travoy, Sherakie, Ritz, Anita.  Yellow shirt is my dear Felix.  Front row left to right.  Here is the best family in the world that is working with us here.  Donnaree, Marlaina, Marquez and Marlean.  You will see a close up of their family down below.  And Sabrina on the far right.  Travoy and Sabrina are brother and sister.  So to town we went.  We broke up in two groups.  I think everyone came home with something.  Then Mr. Mark and I decided to treat everyone to KFC for lunch.  Had to make great ending to a wonderful shopping day.  And tomorrow is Ritz's 14th. birthday.  WooHoo!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Oh Oh.....

Got up at 4:00AM,  left at 5:00AM, got to the seminar at 8:45AM.  But it was worth it.  We learned a lot, we got to meet many people from different Orphanages and network with them.  Great lunch was included.  We thought this was a seminar to like right after lunch, we had no idea it was ALL day.  Don't get me wrong, we loved it, we just didn't know it would be dark when we were to head home.  And we were given strict orders not to drive in the night.  So here we are, can't drive home and not a clue where to stay.  The only thing that we saw that we knew was a Holiday Inn, so we drove back to it.  But lets just say, its not like the Holiday Inn where we live, its all inclusive, and we all know what that means.  Oh Oh Oh  crap!!!!!!!!  But I told the man our story and he gave us a deal.  So we went and had dinner and went to bed.  Got up had breakfast and on our way out God told me to go ask them if we could bring the kids from the orphanage here to enjoy this wonderful place that we never got to enjoy LOL.  Oh Oh Oh...... they made me a deal I couldn't refuse.  So  Thank you Trinity Lutheran church for saving your change, because the kids are going to have the time of their lives. We left and went to the hospital to Dontae after his surgery, Oh Oh OH!!!!!  He is beautiful, they did a darn good job on his lip.  He smiled when he saw me, and heard my voice.  I just wanted to cry he looked so good.  So all in all the last two days were good.  Oh Oh Oh... we told the kids tonight about where we are going next Saturday,  I think the entire neighborhood heard them jumping around.  Thank you Trinity,  what a gift!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well today was our first PTA meeting, and they had a guest speaker on accident insurance.  Some of the ladies were not understanding why they wouldn't get their money back if their child wasn't in a accident.  So I raised my hand and said "Insurance is just that...Insurance and a piece of mind that if your child gets hurt you will have the money to take care of him"  They seemed to respond to what I said, so that made me happy.  Then we talked about how to raise money to finish the library, they have computers for the library but it needs to be finished.  I asked how much they need to finish, they said they will get the numbers to us soon.  So we talked about having a fun day for kids and parents to bring in money.  I talked about a cake walk.  So I was told to bring that to the next meeting.  I know how the cake walk was with my kids when I did it.  So why wouldn't it work here???  Then I piled 5 or 6 ladies in the van and drove down the mountain dropping them off one by one. It was very fun.
Today I gave Miss Dawn a new recipe and she made it, was very happy with it she was, and I was soooooo happy.  They were corn fritters out of the Jamaican cookbook. Awesome I say.
Dantae had his surgery on his cleft lip, so if God willing, we are going to see him tomorrow.  He had the surgery yesterday and they said he started eating today.  We need to get up and leave very early in the morning, we have conference tomorrow in St. Ann which is hours away.  It is for Child Development Agency.  So we are pretty excited to go and learn more.  Thank you again everyone that helped to get us here.  Blessings

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy day

Today has been a rainy day on and off, but not to the point of flooding.  So I actually put on a red tee shirt,  ok big mistake, I was sweating bullets.  Couldn't wear it very long before I put on a tank top.  Some how I miss calculated flour and sugar and bread and butter, so I went to town to pick up these things.  Then I worked on documenting receipts.  Miss Dawn is back ( our cook) which is very nice.  She stayed home last week because of her back.  And Miss Millicent (laundry) is back too, she was on vacation last week.  So now Donnaree and I are back to just cooking breakfast, instead of every meal and doing laundry.
I called the hospital to see if Dontae had been taken to Montego Bay for his surgery, and they said yes.  So I called the hospital in Montego Bay, and they transfered me so many times, that they finally hung up.  So I will try tomorrow.  I have been doing some research on cleft lip and cleft pallet.  They say they like to do the pallet at around 8 months, and Dontae is 6 months.  So I am hoping they did the lip today.  Poor little guy is having surgery and he has no one with him.  That is pulling my heart strings like crazy.
Tonight after family meeting, Sabrina offered to do devotion.  I couldn't of been more proud.  I gave her a star for that one.  She did very good too, and everyone listened so carefully.  These kids are more amazing everyday.  There lieing is getting better, they see that we prefer the truth, and punishment is either not happening or much less.  And they are starting to see this.  Felix is working really hard at trying to quit sucking his thumb, I think he is going to have it all done very soon.  We are working with him to pour his own juice.  So every breakfast he comes and gets me, so I can watch him pour his juice.  I love that he remembers to not do it on his own.  (this use to be a problem)  I love tucking Felix into bed, and saying his prayers with him, and the way this little guy prays melts my heart.  I have been kissing every kid on there head at bedtime, even getting Anita sometimes  LOL  and anyway tonight, I got a hug from Ritz and Sabrina, then they walked over to Mr. Mark and gave him one too.   Wow!!!!  I sure am glad God picked Mark and I to be with these kids.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kids being sick

Today we have Anita sick, and Ritz as well, so now begins the cycle of everyone getting sick. Started with little Marlania, then Felix a little, then Jenni and I. Plus we have to watch for the Dengue fever here in Jamaica.  Two cases in Westmorland so far, Kingston has many cases. Total of 104 cases in Jamaica with 7 being the real serious type.  So we need to watch everyone more closely just in case the wrong mosquito bit them.  Other then that the children are doing so good in school so far, and when we have family devotions at night, we ask Hi's and Low's of their day, and almost all the time most of the kids give a high about school.  So you can't beat that.  They come home and do a great job with homework.
We Love these kids, love, love, love them.  It is going to be so terrible to say goodbye.