Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sick of getting sick

 I wish I could get this eating thing figured out. It is really starting to upset me. I have not figured out why or when it happens. Last night once again I had to leave Markie and Dontae at the dinner table while I got in my recliner till this sickness passed. Now this morning, I had one piece of toast and a protein shake (only half) and here I sit. So this morning, I can't go to church.
What I do know is I can't eat to fast, I can't take to big of bites, and I have to chew really well, all that's a no no, and I will feel sick quite quickly.
 When I say I feel sick, what I mean is my tummy hurts, I feel like I have a big rock stuck  right between my boobs, that is lodged, so much gas that I have to burp and burp and nauseous. And then usually ends with a headache. So during this time, I can't do anything. 
I hate it. I go into the Dr. on Wednesday and I am going to talk it through with them, so hopefully together we can figure out what I am doing wrong. 
At first I struggled with even writing the blog, but I thought, this is the whole purpose of writing it. To educate people on the gastric sleeve surgery. And with me, this is part of it. Today after this episode goes bye bye maybe I will feel like making some cards. Ha, I doubt it, then its lunch time. LOL Oh well, I will conquer this, you just wait.

Monday, January 2, 2017


I have been cleared to do exercise, so today starts the day. My fitness instructor turned me onto this "TRX"
It uses your own body weight. I am actually able to do squats, even with my bad knee. All with the way you hold your body, it allows for all your weight not to be put on my knees. BTW since loosing 30 lbs. my knee is doing so much better. That was one of my goals with this sleeve operation. To put off surgery. So hopefully when more weight is off I can put off surgery for a long time, years maybe.
2017 is a good time for all of us to get healthy.  Come on friends, we can do this!!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Eve of Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, and I have had the flu. You know from my last post that I was stopped up like mad. Well I did what the Dr. ordered and I did finally go. Thank you God.
 But then I got the sore throat, bad bad cough, freezing then hot, you know the drill. So getting everything ready for fun at Calie and Nate's home after church, I did to much and I was not able to go to church. Actually I really just wanted to stay home. But I knew there would be a sad little Boo. Church is almost over, I need to glaze the ham, but taking a shower and getting ready wore me out again. So here I sit.
I cleaned up ok,  and I don't know how to do a selfie for the life of me.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and whatever you do, don't get sick.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

One month since surgery

I would and should be just so so happy that one month has gone by. They say that is the hardest of them all. However, I am having a hard time being so excited because for the last two weeks I, um, cough, cough, cough, lol have been completely constipated.  To the point that I am not able to get all my liquids down in a day, also food. I see food and I gag. Not to mention the freaking pain in my gut.
But yesterday I met with all my different specialists for my one month check. And, its very common at this time because two weeks ago is when I started eating food, instead of something soft and pureed. Ok that makes since, but still doesn't solve my problem lol.
First off, I was weighed. 216 lbs. I started at 244lbs. so down 28lbs. I told Mark, that I have 2 lbs. of $hit stuck in me, so I'm saying 30 lbs. LOLOL Hey, I have to make fun of this miserable moment. LOL
I then did the bod pod. Which tells us the percentage of fat verses muscle that is being lost. I am almost 50/50. They told me, that this is pretty much the norm at this time, because I am in the process of figuring out what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat. Also I get to introduce exercising.
They want me for the next two months to really concentrate on finding the foods that work for me but have high protein.
Next was exercise. I had purchased the TRX about a month ago to prepare for when I could start to exercise. Especially because Nate, my trainer had me try it and it didn't hurt my knee.
Here it is. This girl is using it outside, but we are attaching it to a stud on our wall. This works for me on so many levels. With a messed up neck and back, knee and very over weight, This TRX helps with holding some of my body weight. So Nate showed me the exercises he wants me to start. I have to say, this feels pretty good.
Next appointment was with the nutritionist. She told me what I could do for my constipation since Milk of magnisa was NOT lol working. And she gave me some recipes of different foods baked up into muffin tins and then frozen. Easy to pull out for a lunch.  I am all over this, because lunch has been a hard one for me.
Next off to psych. We learned that going through  a major thing like this in your life can start problems with relationships if you both are not aware what to look for and to understand why different things are happening. Also, she taught us about how others will start to treat me once it becomes more obvious whats happening with me. And how important it is to  my psychy to say the right thing back to people. I know this probably doesn't make any sense to you the reader, but for me it was a very good session.
This company Eviva is just awesome. This aftercare that they do for their patients is second to none.
Next appointment for me will be in a month here in Bellingham. And I think I am not going to weigh myself until then. 
Oh, did I tell you????? I have had an entire week with regular coffee. Whoooo HOOOOOO. LOL

Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's been awhile

Everything has been going pretty good. I am learning all about food in a brand new way. 
With me, its not been that I am an over eater, never really had been.  When I am skinny and exercising, I can pretty much eat what ever I want. But since getting hurt and being sedentary for the first two years ruined that for me. When my heart and soul is not into exercising, (because I couldn't after getting hurt)  Is where the wheels fell off for me. Loved my ice cream, especially at night. It takes a lot to gain 100lbs. 
So I have been asked by a couple people. "If you had to change your eating habits so drastically before and after this surgery, why didn't you just continue on your own? You are already down 1/4 of the weight.
My answer to these questions is......
It is so much more then to just keep going. When you are this much over weight, you can't exercise because of your injuries and then later your injuries and your weight.  There is no way, and I mean no way possible for me or anyone to be able to loose 100 lbs. without exercise. Not to mention my
left knee. I hurt it in gymnastics when I was in middle school. But now, OMG is it bad. Right before surgery, on a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was a 12. I was ready for surgery right then, cause I couldn't take it a second longer. However part of the reason for this surgery is because I was hoping to push surgery off for a few more years if I got some weight off. Well let me tell you this, I am not sure how much I have lost right now ( I will weigh at Dr. office on Monday) but as of day 17 and down 23 lbs. my knee is already better. Is the pain gone? No! but it sure is tolerable.  So I am already seeing a perk from having this done.
As I said in the very beginning of my blog posts, everyone thinks differently, this surgery was in no way shape or form "The easy way out" Its been work, the education I am getting is incredible.
For me, this has been the best decision of my life, and for the future of my life.
I think sometimes before we ask questions of people that we really know nothing about, that we should educate ourselves a little more. See, even this has been educational for me.
My cousin Lynn has told me two or three times now, "I can see the spark back in your eyes" 
You know what, I hadn't realized I lost it. But I sure get it, I can finally see a light at the end of my tunnel.