Monday, December 5, 2016

Check this out

Well since I wrote last, I have learned a couple things. Plus still trying to figure some things out. Not an easy task I tell ya.
Markie and I went out to do a couple things one evening. Mostly buy his mom and dad new lights and ornaments because we have put their old ones somewhere, and we don't know where. We just have to go through our storage. Any way off the subject.
So our first time out, all I can think of is what in the world can I eat? what if I don't eat at the right time? what if I start to get sick in the store? Thinking about all this really makes ya nervous. We didn't have time to go to a sit down restaurant, which would of been easier. And then I remembered Wendy's chili. Protein, yes! So we go to Wendy's. Cost .40 more cents to get one tablespoon of cheese on my chili. WTW! Oh well I had to do it, I needed more protein. I ate maybe 1/4 cup, and a two crackers. But I felt good and took the rest home.
Another night, Mark and I were watching a movie that was super intense, so I wasn't really paying much attention to my body while I was eating my snack of saltines and peanut butter. BIG, HUGE, MISTAKE. I started not feeling good, but thought if I just keep my mind on the movie I won't feel so sick.  NOPE, that didn't work one bit. Mark looked over at me and asked if I was sleeping, I could hardly get out of my mouth that I was sick. So he paused the movie, while I continued to get sicker and sicker. You see with such a little pouch left for a tummy, I really need to be careful on what goes in my mouth at all times, and especially how much and how fast. 
This dumping was the worst yet, Markie had to get me a bag to breath in because I started hyperventilating.  Thank God he did that. Now I could open my eyes, so I asked Markie if he would just tuck me in, I HAD to go to bed.
The next morning was just fine, but boy was I scared to eat anything. I am telling you all this because I am going to show you some pictures of the operation. One you will see him fixing my hernia, also stapling my stomach and then you will see the part of my stomach they removed.


So, as you can see my tummy is small. Finding the right foods at just the right time is tough. At this point of all this, I could no way go out somewhere all day. I would be scared. I know as time goes on and I learn more, I will feel more confident in myself. But not right yet. Its three weeks today, that I had my surgery, so for women or men that had to go back to work, I think it could be a little hard. But heck everyone is different.
I hope I didn't gross you out too much.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two week check up by phone

14 days have gone by since my surgery, seems so strange that I have already had it.
Yesterday and this morning, have not been the best days. The thought of one more premier chocolate protein shake makes me just gag. Greek yogurt, just not digging it right now. Broth, or soup UGH!! Every single thing I think of I am making myself sick. However I have to eat, food fuels the body, and I can only take in so much that it needs to be protein. So this was Monday yesterday, and I broke the rules. And I am NOT a rule breaker, lolol But I couldn't take it anymore. So I scrambled up two eggs with cheese, I sat down and slowly took baby bites, chewing it up really well, waiting in between bites to make sure it wasn't going to come back up or make me deadly sick.
 HOLY BUCKETS do you know how freaking good those were? WOW, its crazy just two weeks without reg. food and you forget how yummy it is. I was able to get down about 1 egg, and all went well. Dontae finished them for me.
Later in the day the Nutritionist called me for my two week check up. It was so so great to talk to her. I had already been graduated to purred food, and was supposed to stay there until Thursday. See the rebel I am.....
Anyway I told her that I was actually hungry (I have not been hungry yet) She said that means I am ready to move to soft foods. SCREAM, YELL, DANCE IF I COULD. I calmly said "what".           She had no idea that I was going crazy on the inside. But she said I am ahead of the game, my body is doing really well. Whew!!!!!!!! I got away with the scrambled eggs. Actually that was a stupid thing for me to do, because I could of got really sick, and that kind of sick is off the charts terrible. So Thank you God for allowing me pure bliss with those eggs.
Need to be taking certain vitamins daily, I will need to do this the rest of my life. But I can now have hamburger, cheese, ritz crackers, saltine crackers, tuna, salmon, any fish potato's veggies. Need to be very careful with pasta. Sometimes one bite of pasta will swell up in tummy to like 3 bites, and then by the time I would feel that, I would already be into whats called "dumping" I already told you about that lovely thing. So lets just say today was a much better day as far as food goes. To give you an example of how much I can actually eat. At lunch I ate 1 heaping tablespoon of tuna on saltines. That took about a good 1/2 hour. lol If you are wondering why I didn't put it on bread since that is a soft food, is because when you chew bread up mixed with saliva and food, it sits in your tummy like a ball, until your enzymes work to break it up. The only thing is my tummy isn't much of a tummy, so the enzymes can't work fast enough to break it down before it wants to digest. And then the "dumping" would set it. So crackers it was.
So food selection is going so much better, She told me the first month is the hardest. Glad to hear that.
She told me to remember, I still just had surgery two weeks ago, my body is going to be tired, and I need to listen to it. I sure did appreciate everything she told me on the phone, I needed to hear all of it. Just perfect timing. Eviva, is an amazing place.

Friday, November 25, 2016


 So getting ready for Thanksgiving I go to get dressed. I was going to dress below casual cause I was afraid clothes would rub on my incisions. So I put on my one pair of whatever they are called on,
(not sweats, but not yoga pants) And holy buckets couldn't wear those, so I put on a size smaller pair that I bought for this time but forgot to wash them and they were way to long,  Whooo Yawww
 they fit, just to long. Now what? Well I had bought one more pair of cute black jeans one size smaller, I thought I would just try them on even though I wasn't going to wear them. Never thought in a million years that they would fit yet. Holy cow, I almost threw up. They fit!!! So did I wear them? Heck ya!  Could anyone tell, other then my Markie NO, but you know what? that didn't matter one bit, because I knew.  You see I could diet on my own and get down this much weight, but that was without exercising. You read all my blogs so I don't need to tell you why again, so consequently it would come right back, and also just a little more. Never ending. 
But this time in those pants, I know for a pure fact that I will grow out of those pants just like every stinking other time in my life, only because they were to big, not because I gained the weight back. 
I just Thank God 100 times a day that I was able to make this work, so Markie and I will be around for Dontae for a long long many more years, because I will be healthy.                             
And today it just so happened that on Turkey day my ALL liquid diet was now pureed. So my dinner consisted of 1 tablespoon mashed potatoes, and sugar free jello with a little whipped cream. Oh and a tiny bit of squash. I couldn't tell you how darn excited I was.  The kicker was when I put that first bite of mashed potatoes in my mouth, I just about freaking jumped to the roof. The taste LOL was so incredible. I could taste every single little taste in that potato. 
Actually it was kinda strange, but oh was it good. So for lunch today, I experienced the same thing, 
All in  All  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My First Checkup after Surgery

Today was my 9 day checkup after surgery. Eviva is such a wonderful place. They just moved into a new place, right under Scotty Browns. Right now they are only open on Wednesdays, because all of their staff drive from Edmonds. But that will be changing. But its been working for me, to be able to have most of my appointments here and only a few in Edmonds. Any hoo great great place, great people and extremely educational.
Ok I kinda went off what I was talking about. With today being my Dr. appointment 9 days after surgery. So you remember the two weeks before surgery I needed to be on a low carb diet right? And I lost 6 lbs. So today I step on the  scale and I lost 13 lbs in 9 days, added to my 6 that's 19 lbs.
What the What!!!!!!!!
Please don't think, (well anyone can do that if they had surgery) Because I will tell you right now, it is a complete life changer. Nothing will ever be like before again. Yes it is nice to never be hungry, No its terrible if you don't get enough protein in your body and now your feeling sick. It sucks actually when you are so thirsty that all you want to do is throw back a bottle of water. Well good luck with that pal, its going to come up faster then it went down, or you drink your drink too fast not letting it settle in properly, then you become extremely sick. Will have to add protein powder to my foods for the rest of my life probably. Prolly never will be able to have bread or rolls again. There is so much more, that I learn daily of how to change my  life.
But the reason why I did this was because of my son Dontae. God picked me to be his Mama, that means something to me. I need to be here for him. Here is who God gave me.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It is also my 16th Anniversary today

So  yesterday being a hard day for a couple of reasons, It seems every time I get to a good place in my day when drinking water is going very good, the gas is going good, the coughing thingy is going well to. Today and everyday is a NEW day a new Beginning!

What I mean by that is, today HEART BURN, heart burn, did I say heart BURN? Holy buckets!
I don't get heart burn very often, so to me I thought I was going drop dead. LOL It hurt when I just breathed, it hurt when I smiled and it really hurt when I had to drink. Not to mention the wanting to sleep every minute  of every day. And that I am chalking up to pain killers. So after about three
 Gas X, a couple of Omeprazole and tums and as of right this second I am good. Thank you God, cause boy did that hurt.
I am now eating and have been for a couple of days, but only liquids like chicken broth,tomato soup, greek yogurt, sugar free chocolate pudding, sugar free jello. But I have to use a baby spoon. If I was to use a reg. teaspoon that would probably make it come right back up. It takes quite some time to get a half a cup of soup down.
With Gods help I will get there, and I couldn't be more excited.
Ok now comes another embarrassing picture, But I don't have a good enough mirror to see myself so  Markie has to take a picture. The first one is one you have seen already, the second is 5 days later.
I am bruising more now, but part of my stomach has already gone down a bit.

I know the second picture actually looks bigger when you glance at it, but thats because Markie was closer then the first one. But Look at the first picture at the belly button, do you see the wave of fat that goes across under my belly button? Now look at second picture, that wave is not so pronounced.
It might seem like nothing to you, but for someone who needed this for years is over joyed.