Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting back to "normal"?

Markie here.
 Well, we finally got "current" back today. That means the electricity was restored. About 3:00 this afternoon it came back on and I could turn the generator off. Thank God because it was tough going back and forth between running the frig or freezer or washing machine for the last 4 days . The generator won't run them all at once, so you had to charge up the freezer, then charge up the frig, then you could use the washer for a while. We all sat and watched a movie together this evening while Anita braided Kim's hair. it looks really good.
 There's supposed to be another batch of rain coming next week, but it looks now as though it may be taking another direction. Let's hope so. The house is pretty much back to normal now and the kid's will be back to school Monday. What a week!
 I'll post some pics of Kim's hair tomorrow. Bye.


Shasta said...

That's some crazy water! So glad that you guys are back to normal, and doing ok ;)

Calie said...

Glad everyone is safe! :)
Miss you guys!