Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holiday Inn, Montego Bay

Well, I think it was a hit! The kid's seemed to enjoy all the amenities, even though some were a little disappointing. The arcade was shut down for refurbishing, so they couldn't play video games. The basket ball and tennis courts required sneakers, which none of us had brought since, for crying out loud, you're in Jamaica at a beach resort. The fitness center required that an adult sign you in and be present the whole time. The "kid's club" was for two year olds. And you had to have an adult with you to do the paddle boats, kayaks, and hobie cats. Now, a lot of this makes sense, since it wasn't like the kid's could run around as if it were Disneyland. However, we were hoping they could do a little more than have us hold their hand every time they wanted to do something. The older boy's seemed to enjoy watching T.V. in the room the most, which they've become all too accustomed to , what with having nearly every video game ever invented. But I must say that the luxury of having a never ending supply of free food and beverage was well worth the price of admission for everyone. I don't think they could get enough hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and soda pop. Not to mention the buffet in the dining room. Wow! We all thought we were in "never never" land were you can eat and drink all you want and then go back for more. There's a hamburger bar that also serves hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and fish and chips. There's also a jerk chicken and pork bar, that also serves popcorn and ice cream. And the food is GOOD too. The jerk pork was killer! And I had some smoked Marlin at breakfast and a seafood gumbo for dinner that would, as Kim would say, "knock your socks off !". Kim and I took turns kayaking with Anita and we all swam in the big pool, played in the ocean, made fun of the drunk people, and ate like piggies. The kid's even got a thrill out of riding the elevator. All the workers there are really friendly and helpful, and even though the front desk had no record of our reservations and it took us over an hour to straighten that out, we had a very good time. Felix behaved pretty well and I didn't know a skinny little squirt like him could put down two burgers in one sitting. With fries! And somebody ate like 5 ice cream cones in a row. That might have been Marlon. He was in awe of all the free food. And he has one MONDO appetite! That man can put it away! And you wouldn't know it by looking at him. He just works hard and likes to eat. I think he and Donnaree really had fun.
 So, all in all, it was a fun time. Jenni bought a cute little white skirt and I bought a pair of sunglasses. Kim wasn't feeling well before we went, felt good while we were there, and then felt crummy again this morning before we came home. I hope she's not getting the flu, or worse yet, the Dengue fever, which comes with flu-like symptoms and which has been going around lately. But don't panic just yet! We'll keep you all appraised of the situation as it unfolds. White folks, Jamaica, and feeling funky seem to go hand in hand every few weeks. No problem, 'mon.
 We got home safely and God is watching over us. Love to all. BFN.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Scream

Hey peeps,  LOL  I do not scream!!!!!!!  My loving Husby wants to be funny......  I will say that I make many hand movements, but I don't scream.......  Oh and   I am much better now that he has driven so much.  LOL
Tomorrow is our big day to The Hotel.  The kids are so excited they can't handle it.  We will let you know how it goes when we get back.  Dantae was still in MoBay two days ago, so if he is there tomorrow, we will go visit him and let you know how he is doing as well.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teach a man to fish.

Markie-Mark here.
 Yesterday I commented on Facebook how some people target us here for begging from because we're white, and thus, must be rich. We are able, however, to sometimes help out in a more profound fashion. Recently, a man named Robert, has been stopping by the gate asking if I can help him find some work so that he can send his kid's to school. I asked him what he did for a living and he said he was a mason. Well, it just so happens that we are having some block work done here by a young man, named Troy, who owes Jim some time, and he doesn't know enough to do it by himself. So, I asked Jim this morning if we could bless Robert and his children by giving him some work for a week or so, and Jim agreed to let us pay him $1000 Jamaican a day for his services. That works out to about $13.00 U.S., but is only a little less than the going rate. This will also bless Troy with some valuable experience in masonry which he can use in the future.
 It made me feel good when I could tell Robert that we had some work for him and made me grateful that there are still many people here who are willing to sweat for their money, rather than simply asking for a handout. Robert was ve ryI know God had a hand in this transaction.
 I've been working on getting all the window panels made up in case of a hurricane. Thankfully, the lord has been watching over us this season, and so far we have nothing to worry about. Hurricane season ends soon and I pray we will continue to be blessed with good weather.
 We will be driving to Montego Bay again this weekend to stay at the Holiday Inn (all inclusive resort) with the kid's and Marlean and Donnarea's family. I'm looking forward to that. And next week we have to go to Kingston, a 5 hour drive, to check into our work permits. We also have a meeting coming up in St. James soon, which will involve about a 2 1/2 hour drive each way. As I have said before, driving in Jamaica is a real "trip". Westmoreland, the Parish Whitehouse is in, has the worst roads on the island. So, you have to dodge potholes, some of which can swallow a small army tank. You must also watch out for cab drivers who love to pass you at any moment ,whether you're on a curve or not, and can't seem to drive slower than 80 kmh. And watch out for pedestrians walking along the road, look out for goats tied along the road, and be careful of vendors holding out fruit or fish or crabs to sell you as you drive by at 40 kmh. Oh, and the Jamaican's have this funny habit of stopping wherever they want, whenever they want, with little or no warning. You may come around a corner, with sugar cane 12' tall on both sides, and there's a dump truck sitting there because the driver needs to buy more credits for his cell phone. Or a cab driver might be backing up in the middle of the road because a fare flagged him down. Or you may come around a bend and come right up on some dude on a 1950 Schwinn with a car tire over one shoulder and his grandma on the handlebars. You never know.
 Kim loves to drive with me because she gets to practice her screaming and it builds up her arm muscles by grabbing various parts of the car, or my anatomy, in order to keep from hitting her head on the headliner or flying through the windshield. The screaming part is my favorite because you can imagine how relaxing this sort of traveling is for the driver. especially since you're on the left side of the road, the right side of the cab, and shifting with your left hand.  Her soothing voice comes through quite clearly when she thinks her life is over, and the warm feeling of her hand smashing my arm reminds me of how much she values my ninja-like driving skills.  I told her the other day that I'm surprised I don't have a terminal headache the way my eyes are darting around from pothole ,to rear view mirror, to side mirror, to pedestrian in a constant  mental game of assessing the probability quotient for each obstacle's potential to inflict pain or damage or both.  What's a sure giveaway that you're not from around here is when you signal a turn with your windshield wiper handle and turn your blinker on when it starts raining. That took some getting used to.
 Anyway, life here is pretty cool and we're having the time of our lives, which when you think about it is a really stupid saying. Isn't every minute the time of your life? Otherwise you're dead, right?............
 I'm tired.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Birthday

Today was Marquez's birthday.  He turned double digits.  The big 10......  His mom made him a white cake with blue frosting. And then he opened his presents,  tank top, cologne, and a remote control car.  woooohoooooo.  But you will never believe what they had to do with the car, charge it up.  What the heck?  You give a kid a present and then they can't play with it.  He was a pretty good sport though.  The cool thing was him and Felix got to stay up later then the big boys, they liked that.
Mark and I had a Foster Parent meeting today in Sav.....  It was very good, and somehow Ms. Heaven nominated me to be on the first fundraiser committee,  so I will be making the tickets to sell.  We are going to have all churches invited to to participate in gospel and Christmas music. Going to sell tickets and food.  Should
be fun... HMMMMMmm  maybe Mr. Mark will sing.  I hope so!!!!!!
Anita, she is one of my fav's here, but the poor thing sometimes just does not know how to communicate.  She only knows Loud, Louder and Loudest.  Ahh I should'nt say that, she has been doing quite well actually.  But last night and today was not a good day for her.  But I think later when I talked to her quietly, we got somewhere.  And I hugged her for about 30 seconds.  YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!! oh and kissed her cheek.  Now, she didn't hug me back, but thats ok, usually she runs, turns her body, she just won't even let me get near her, but today I hugged her.  Thank you God!!!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marlean, Donnaree, Marquez and Marlaina

Are they a handsome family or what??????  She is a fantastic mother and wife.  And he works like a horse.  They are turning into just great friends of ours.

Great Day

Great day today.  Look how nice everyone looks!!!!!The kids had a good time today, in fact I think they had a ball.  They have been saving their star money, and some of the kids have been doing extra work for pay.  So today was our shopping day in Savannah La Mar.  Back row left to right. Travoy, Sherakie, Ritz, Anita.  Yellow shirt is my dear Felix.  Front row left to right.  Here is the best family in the world that is working with us here.  Donnaree, Marlaina, Marquez and Marlean.  You will see a close up of their family down below.  And Sabrina on the far right.  Travoy and Sabrina are brother and sister.  So to town we went.  We broke up in two groups.  I think everyone came home with something.  Then Mr. Mark and I decided to treat everyone to KFC for lunch.  Had to make great ending to a wonderful shopping day.  And tomorrow is Ritz's 14th. birthday.  WooHoo!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Oh Oh.....

Got up at 4:00AM,  left at 5:00AM, got to the seminar at 8:45AM.  But it was worth it.  We learned a lot, we got to meet many people from different Orphanages and network with them.  Great lunch was included.  We thought this was a seminar to like right after lunch, we had no idea it was ALL day.  Don't get me wrong, we loved it, we just didn't know it would be dark when we were to head home.  And we were given strict orders not to drive in the night.  So here we are, can't drive home and not a clue where to stay.  The only thing that we saw that we knew was a Holiday Inn, so we drove back to it.  But lets just say, its not like the Holiday Inn where we live, its all inclusive, and we all know what that means.  Oh Oh Oh  crap!!!!!!!!  But I told the man our story and he gave us a deal.  So we went and had dinner and went to bed.  Got up had breakfast and on our way out God told me to go ask them if we could bring the kids from the orphanage here to enjoy this wonderful place that we never got to enjoy LOL.  Oh Oh Oh...... they made me a deal I couldn't refuse.  So  Thank you Trinity Lutheran church for saving your change, because the kids are going to have the time of their lives. We left and went to the hospital to Dontae after his surgery, Oh Oh OH!!!!!  He is beautiful, they did a darn good job on his lip.  He smiled when he saw me, and heard my voice.  I just wanted to cry he looked so good.  So all in all the last two days were good.  Oh Oh Oh... we told the kids tonight about where we are going next Saturday,  I think the entire neighborhood heard them jumping around.  Thank you Trinity,  what a gift!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well today was our first PTA meeting, and they had a guest speaker on accident insurance.  Some of the ladies were not understanding why they wouldn't get their money back if their child wasn't in a accident.  So I raised my hand and said "Insurance is just that...Insurance and a piece of mind that if your child gets hurt you will have the money to take care of him"  They seemed to respond to what I said, so that made me happy.  Then we talked about how to raise money to finish the library, they have computers for the library but it needs to be finished.  I asked how much they need to finish, they said they will get the numbers to us soon.  So we talked about having a fun day for kids and parents to bring in money.  I talked about a cake walk.  So I was told to bring that to the next meeting.  I know how the cake walk was with my kids when I did it.  So why wouldn't it work here???  Then I piled 5 or 6 ladies in the van and drove down the mountain dropping them off one by one. It was very fun.
Today I gave Miss Dawn a new recipe and she made it, was very happy with it she was, and I was soooooo happy.  They were corn fritters out of the Jamaican cookbook. Awesome I say.
Dantae had his surgery on his cleft lip, so if God willing, we are going to see him tomorrow.  He had the surgery yesterday and they said he started eating today.  We need to get up and leave very early in the morning, we have conference tomorrow in St. Ann which is hours away.  It is for Child Development Agency.  So we are pretty excited to go and learn more.  Thank you again everyone that helped to get us here.  Blessings

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy day

Today has been a rainy day on and off, but not to the point of flooding.  So I actually put on a red tee shirt,  ok big mistake, I was sweating bullets.  Couldn't wear it very long before I put on a tank top.  Some how I miss calculated flour and sugar and bread and butter, so I went to town to pick up these things.  Then I worked on documenting receipts.  Miss Dawn is back ( our cook) which is very nice.  She stayed home last week because of her back.  And Miss Millicent (laundry) is back too, she was on vacation last week.  So now Donnaree and I are back to just cooking breakfast, instead of every meal and doing laundry.
I called the hospital to see if Dontae had been taken to Montego Bay for his surgery, and they said yes.  So I called the hospital in Montego Bay, and they transfered me so many times, that they finally hung up.  So I will try tomorrow.  I have been doing some research on cleft lip and cleft pallet.  They say they like to do the pallet at around 8 months, and Dontae is 6 months.  So I am hoping they did the lip today.  Poor little guy is having surgery and he has no one with him.  That is pulling my heart strings like crazy.
Tonight after family meeting, Sabrina offered to do devotion.  I couldn't of been more proud.  I gave her a star for that one.  She did very good too, and everyone listened so carefully.  These kids are more amazing everyday.  There lieing is getting better, they see that we prefer the truth, and punishment is either not happening or much less.  And they are starting to see this.  Felix is working really hard at trying to quit sucking his thumb, I think he is going to have it all done very soon.  We are working with him to pour his own juice.  So every breakfast he comes and gets me, so I can watch him pour his juice.  I love that he remembers to not do it on his own.  (this use to be a problem)  I love tucking Felix into bed, and saying his prayers with him, and the way this little guy prays melts my heart.  I have been kissing every kid on there head at bedtime, even getting Anita sometimes  LOL  and anyway tonight, I got a hug from Ritz and Sabrina, then they walked over to Mr. Mark and gave him one too.   Wow!!!!  I sure am glad God picked Mark and I to be with these kids.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kids being sick

Today we have Anita sick, and Ritz as well, so now begins the cycle of everyone getting sick. Started with little Marlania, then Felix a little, then Jenni and I. Plus we have to watch for the Dengue fever here in Jamaica.  Two cases in Westmorland so far, Kingston has many cases. Total of 104 cases in Jamaica with 7 being the real serious type.  So we need to watch everyone more closely just in case the wrong mosquito bit them.  Other then that the children are doing so good in school so far, and when we have family devotions at night, we ask Hi's and Low's of their day, and almost all the time most of the kids give a high about school.  So you can't beat that.  They come home and do a great job with homework.
We Love these kids, love, love, love them.  It is going to be so terrible to say goodbye.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dontae Robinson

He was born on March 3, 2010,  He is supposed to be getting his surgery on Monday in Montego Bay.  Last time his cleft pallet was scheduled, he had a temperature, so it didn't happen.  So this Monday is the day.  Mr. Mark and I went to see him today, since we were in Sav.  Oh my goodness when I called his name he looked up and smiled so darn big.  His eyes are just beautiful, cute little ears and a darling nose. So I washed up and put on a gown and sat on a rocking chair.  Mr. Mark washed up put on a gown and he held Dontae too.    So when we had to say goodbye it was kinda bittersweet.  We are still in the process of trying to get him in this house.
Remember Orville from last night?  I am beginning to think there might be something wrong with him.  Or it could be the lifestye he has at home with a mother that dances for men,  The officer is comming to get him in the morning to take him to Montego bay, so he might be back and he might stay in Mo Bay.
Please pray with us asking God to give us the answer.  Blessings

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

little boy abandoned

\Today during our staff meeting, two cops showed up with a little boy 6 years old.  Apparently this little boy still in his pajamas and no shoes has been dropped off in town Saturday night.  His mother is a dancer and just left him Saturday night.  So this nice cop brought him to My Fathers House to just spend the night before taking him to Montego bay. The cop at first said he would pick him up in the morning, but after talking for awhile, sounds like they would like to place him here. Orville is his name.  He really doesn't talk much at all, except the word yes.  Little guy has some mannors, right after dinner he picked up his plate and took it right into the kitchen, so someone somewhere is doing a good job. Since the moment I met him I would wink at him, so he has been trying to wink bavk but both of his eyes wink together.  LOLOL So please say in your prayers, that if placing Orville in our care would be Gods will.
Tomorrow when in Sav, we will be going to see Dante and see if he has his surgery.  Pray for that little guy as well. Be with us all as we go through these next few days.


Ever feel like your not appreciated?  Ever feel your not heard?  Ever feel made to feel stupid? Ever get upset after your put down? Ever? Ever? Ever?
What about Trust?, are you a trustworthy person?  Or just sometime?  Would you still work for your boss if he is un trustworthy?  Would you stay in a relationship with someone if they were not trustworthy?  Are you trustworthy?
Zechariah 8: 16-18
These are the things you are to do:  "Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgement on your courts; do not plot evil against each other, and do not love to swear falsely.  I hate all this," delclares the pe.
Hope this helps anyone who is struggling.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Here they are

Starting from left to right front row
Sabrina age 12
Anita  age 12
Marlana age 3
Sitting boy Sherakie age 14, Felix age 6
back row left to right
Marquez age 8
Travoy age 15
Ritz age 14

Don't they all look so good on their first day of school?  Marquez and Marlana are not part of My Fathers House, they are here for the year with their parents Donnaree and Marlin. Now you all will know who we are talking about.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Always something to do

So day before yesterday most of us worked very hard to get the house ready to be sprayed the next day.  We have had a problem with ticks.  So we decided that after Marquez's Dr. appointment on Thursday we would then go to the beach with all the kids for the day.  The house was being sprayed and all the furniture too, so it was best that none of us were there.  So we packed a lunch and all jumped in the bus, well not all, Mr. Mark and Marlin stayed behind to help.  So we drove to Black River to the hospital for Marquez Dr. appointment which ended up being cancelled due to an emergency.  One Dr. to 50 patients.  So after being there for almost an hour trying to reschedule we finally left and drove to a beach.  The beach was great except I wish we would of brought snorkeling gear it would of been perfect for all the kids because it was so shallow.  But we still made the best of it.  Part way through I bought the kids a pop so that was a nice treat. Jenni hadn't been feeling good most of the day, poor thing, kinda just dragging along.  So about 3:30 we decided to head home.  Nice drive it was, but I started noticing that all my joints were starting to hurt, but I thought it was from all the driving.  So we got home and the pool looked so inviting.  The house was all done, dinner just needed to be heated up, and we were not going to mop floors till the morning, so GREAT time to hop in the pool.  Amazing I say, it was so nice. About twenty minutes into it, I was not feeling very good, so I quickly got out and went up to my room to change, by the time I was done changing I had a fever of 101.  I could not believe it, and when Mark came up it was at almost 104 with tylenol. So lets just say I was one sick girl.  My fever did break in the middle of the night so I stayed in bed and stayed in bed all of today.  Jenni was worse today so she stayed in bed all day too.  I only seen her two times and that is when she came up to get some meds, and when I went in her room to see if she needed some orange juice.  So I hear Jenni came out and ate dinner, then went to back to bed, but she was up to eat, always a good sign.  I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.  :-)
On a sad note Joy lost her last puppy.  We thought for sure that this one last puppy would make it.  My mother in law thought we should name the last puppy "Lucky"  my mom thought  "Miracle"  and Mr. Mark wanted "Loner"  LOL ( not funny Mark)  LOL.  So all that and not one little puppy, very sad.  Joy was as good of a mother as she new how, but not very nurturing.  Was that the reason why no puppies made it?  I don't think so, but I think her puppy having days are over. 
Well I think we are all set for school on Monday, we picked up Sherakie's pants from being hemmed today, and I think that was the last of it.  We got creme for Sabrina's hair last week, and Oh my does she look fantastic.  Creme here is a relaxer.  She looks all grown up, but so cute all at the same time.  We told her that this first time we will buy it, but if relaxing her hair is something she wants to do, then she will have to save up and buy it herself.   Travoy bought his own creme and he looks so darn handsome as well.  So I do say, one handsome group of kids already to start their big day.  I know we have been so bad, and haven't posted one picture, we will do that and name every person, so you will know who we are talking about.  Love to all...
Oh did I tell you that Midnight, their cat that has been gone for about a year is back, and we think she is pregnant.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Keep those prayers coming please.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

11:00 PM Wednesday night

I was sound asleep and didn't here Mr. Mark get up, but God was telling him to go down stairs and check on the puppies.  When he did, he noticed that Joy was laying on the nice cold floor and the puppies were on their nice soft bed.  But one puppy was very cold, so Mr. Mark called Joy over and he put the puppy up next to Joy. Joy started licking her and stimulating her, and then she starting drinking her mama's milk.  But then Mr. Mark noticed the puppy stop breathing, and tried to revive her, but sad to say one more puppy died.  So now there are two.  All I can say is if you here God calling you to do something, do it!  I am so happy Markie listened and went down stairs.  I can't imagine the baby dieing and just laying there all night. I just feel so bad for Joy, that she had to give birth to 15 pups and only 2 are alive.  :-(
Ok now on to something fun.... Tonight was the Sundae party the children earned....  We had chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, oreo's, skittles, nuts, whipped cream and cherries. So we got everything together, and called off each child, starting with the least amount of stars working on up.  Felix was first, remember he is 6, but he still earned 3 stars.  Then is jumped up to 6 then 7 then 9, 13 and finally 16 stars.  Have you ever?????  (a Star is earned by doing something over and above what they do normally, they also will earn a star from every 10 check marks,  and you earn a check mark, just by doing your chores or doing something nice for someone, making your bed, picking up the dog poop when its not your chore)  So 13 stars from Ritz and 16 from Anita, blows my mind.  But I will tell you the house is loooooooooookin goooooooooood!!!!!!!  So now we are all talking about next month,  like are we going to do the same thing???? or something different???  We will talk about it tomorrow at the beach.  Long day today, but a fun day tomorrow.