Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the Season

It is the season for giving, but being here in Jamaica there is always a need.  Daily we could (and sometimes do) give or help, and now during the holiday season it feels like there is more of a need.  I was at the grocery store a couple of days ago and ran into Bobbett.  Some of you will remember that name, since this is the woman that her house burned down last year and our youth group came and built her a brand new home.  Well she had told me a few weeks earlier that her roof was leaking and the water was damaging the floor.  But today, she asked us if we could purchase her the things to fix her roof and floor.  I did not hesitate one bit.  Yes,just  flew out of my mouth.     I know that this is what God would want us to do and our troubles just don't seem to be so big.  We know God will take care of us.  Mark and I have met this young woman Sheema a few times since being here in Jamaica.  She has two children, a daughter who is 9, and a son that is 10 months.  This woman was in an accident and now she has what she calls fits.  So she can't work.  Her daughter lives with her Aunt.  She has asked me two times now to  please adopt her son.  You see, she has to beg for money every single day with her son in toe, just to go buy diapers, formula and food.  She loves her boy, but she loves him so much she is willing to give him up to have a better life.  Her and I have become friends, so when I see her, I give her a little bit of money to help. She has asked me if she and her son could come and spend Christmas with us.  Of course we wanted to say yes, yes and yes again. But that would also mean feeding them and giving them presents.  So I told her I needed to talk to Mr. Mark, We went yesterday up to see Donnaree and Marlon and Marlana.  We were so happy to see them, and so sad that we missed them so much. They work so hard to make ends meat.  And they still gave us a bag of cucumbers. $2000.00 US is all they would need to add on a room.   Their house right now is about 15 x 15 with two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen.  There is not one place to sit as a family.  Two thousand is so doable when your working making a living.  But it is really hard when you are volunteering.  There is just so much more good we could be doing for people here.  All the children that were at MFH are expecting Christmas presents from us. But without getting our money back there is only enough money to take us through January and that does not have Christmas shopping included.  But it is heavy on all of our hearts to give, even if we don't have enough for ourselves, and thats what we are doing.  My girls went out and bought Dontae some clothes in a bigger size to send back with Jenni, but Dontae is almost out of the clothes he is in, and Jenni won't be back till January.
The woman that is adopting Anita came to visit and stay a couple of nights.  We were in need of a baby monitor, and she answered our prayer.  Felix was in desperate need for a new uniform and Miss Denise bought him a new one.  So thank you to Miss Denise for her thoughtfulness and friendship and encouraging words, lets not forget her husband as well (Garfield)
 The kids from MFH and us want to get together and maybe go to the beach and spend the entire day together, maybe even spend the night.  But to make this happen  we need to rent a van, pack a lunch buy the gas etc.  It is tough to live here with not much to give.  Tis the Season right?
So everyday we pray for God to keep on leading us where he wants us to go.  Its amazing and awesome when you live your life to Christ and trust in him with your entire being.  Everything is ALWAYS takin care of.


Miss Linda said...

Oh my....My heart goes out to you both as I know the need in Jamaica are great and facts are...we can't help all of the people. Funds are low everywhere because of the recession. In the 25 years of ministry in Jamaica I have never seen it this bad. We can only pray for help from people who will catch the vision. Keep the faith because God works through people such as you. He will provide at just the right time. God will show you exactly who you should help and then give you the means.
Love you guys.

mark and kim said...

Miss Linda, do you know of what great support you are to us with your words and wisdom. Thank you for your faithful friendship.