Monday, April 23, 2012

30th. Birthday Cake

Pin ItOur amazing friend is turning 30 and his wife is having a surprise party for him with beer tasting to boot.  So this is the cake me and Mark made for our friend.  It is four layers chocolate and white alternating.  Has a cream cheese butter pecan mousse filling.  The ice is made from gelatin, which next time I will spike. LOLOL  I will also make my own beer bottles, this time I couldn't find the liquid latex to use.  Check it out.

so much fun. Blessings

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's been to long!

Pin ItIt is crazy how time moves at such a fast speed. So much has gone on since I have written. Most of the reason why I haven't wrote was due to fatigue.   Since I have been home from Jamaica I have gotten the same thing two times.  Really it just never went away.  But today I just had to get the energy and take the time. I don't want my readers to feel like I just fell off the face of the earth.
Lets see, we had Dontae's two year pictures taken, which I will post on another day.  Only because they are on a disc that is clear across the room from me. LOL Also our little guy had surgery on his right foot.  At one of our many Dr. appointments they took a xray of both feet and hands. His right foot had a bone that I think was supposed to be one of his toes that didn't grow, and another bone that was growing sideways.  That was making his foot spread, so shoes were not going to work for him, and he was starting to trip a little here and there. So two weeks ago we took our little guy down to Seattle to Childrens Hospital.

Here he is with his dad, playing a game on his IPhone waiting for the nurse to call his name.

thirsty boy after surgery

and very out of it

and such a good patient

coming home with a full leg cast.  Can't walk for three weeks, then the cast will come off.  And hopefully that will be that.  Poor little guy had to be on oxicodne. He seemed to be doing pretty darn good until his little body had about four doses of the medicine and he turned HYPER.  It was crazy, he even jumped out of his crib, and crawled into my room to get me.  So we took him off of that, except for at bed time.  Only one dose it was fine.  It was just the craziest thing.  
Two weeks into all this, and Dontae is doing simply amazing.