Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home safe and sound

We made it.......It was very long but we made it.  The only thing is we need to go there next week and pick up our passports.  Ugh!  I say Ugh, but when we have to go places, its the only time we get to see the island.  So I shouldn't complain.  When we got home we had our family time of Hi's Low's (Thanks Scott, we adopted that one) then devotion.  But I have to tell you, The kids High are that we have come home safe and sound, and their low's are they missed us.  Now does that pull your heart strings or what?  We all ran in the door and gave everyone big hugs and kisses, chased Anita a bit, but both Mr. Mark and I got her good this morning, because she was not expecting it. LOL  :-)   Its funny, every kid is a little different here.
Sabrina, we can all hug on her day and night, and give her great big kisses.  Travoy her brother, we can hug, but I have to kiss his forehead, he doesn't so much like when Mr. Mark hugs him, so he has to sneak.  And Jenni, well she could do what ever she wanted to, since Travoy walks around the house calling her his wife.  LOL  
Anita, well she is tuff, but  we are breaking her down,  she just seems to get happier and happier every day. Sherakie,  a hug works great for him.  Ritz,,, he would let me hug him to death  I think.  So I do....... lol  Marlaina well she always comes running,  what a doll baby and Marquez yeppers hugs and kisses.  Felix, almost forgot him,  we can hug and kiss him most of the time, except when he feels that he would get harassed by the boys.
Went and had a quick visit with Dontae, who is still in the hospital,  that boy is looking good after his surgery and he has dimples!!!!!!!  Went by the church that the tornado knocked down,  the church was about 210 years old.  And there was another tornado in Hanover.  (not sure if thats the name)  but I hear there was damage done there as well.  And tonight well they are warning us of flash flooding.  So who knows what the morning will bring.


Shasta said...

So glad you made it back safe and sound! We thought of you long and often this weekend, and you were sorley missed by all ;) Hugs to you guys! XO

Anonymous said...

Wow! what an experience you are having. Hope you didn't have the flash flooding. Too bad about the 210 yr old church. Glad you got to see Dontay, give him a hug for me.