Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holiday Inn, Montego Bay

Well, I think it was a hit! The kid's seemed to enjoy all the amenities, even though some were a little disappointing. The arcade was shut down for refurbishing, so they couldn't play video games. The basket ball and tennis courts required sneakers, which none of us had brought since, for crying out loud, you're in Jamaica at a beach resort. The fitness center required that an adult sign you in and be present the whole time. The "kid's club" was for two year olds. And you had to have an adult with you to do the paddle boats, kayaks, and hobie cats. Now, a lot of this makes sense, since it wasn't like the kid's could run around as if it were Disneyland. However, we were hoping they could do a little more than have us hold their hand every time they wanted to do something. The older boy's seemed to enjoy watching T.V. in the room the most, which they've become all too accustomed to , what with having nearly every video game ever invented. But I must say that the luxury of having a never ending supply of free food and beverage was well worth the price of admission for everyone. I don't think they could get enough hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and soda pop. Not to mention the buffet in the dining room. Wow! We all thought we were in "never never" land were you can eat and drink all you want and then go back for more. There's a hamburger bar that also serves hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and fish and chips. There's also a jerk chicken and pork bar, that also serves popcorn and ice cream. And the food is GOOD too. The jerk pork was killer! And I had some smoked Marlin at breakfast and a seafood gumbo for dinner that would, as Kim would say, "knock your socks off !". Kim and I took turns kayaking with Anita and we all swam in the big pool, played in the ocean, made fun of the drunk people, and ate like piggies. The kid's even got a thrill out of riding the elevator. All the workers there are really friendly and helpful, and even though the front desk had no record of our reservations and it took us over an hour to straighten that out, we had a very good time. Felix behaved pretty well and I didn't know a skinny little squirt like him could put down two burgers in one sitting. With fries! And somebody ate like 5 ice cream cones in a row. That might have been Marlon. He was in awe of all the free food. And he has one MONDO appetite! That man can put it away! And you wouldn't know it by looking at him. He just works hard and likes to eat. I think he and Donnaree really had fun.
 So, all in all, it was a fun time. Jenni bought a cute little white skirt and I bought a pair of sunglasses. Kim wasn't feeling well before we went, felt good while we were there, and then felt crummy again this morning before we came home. I hope she's not getting the flu, or worse yet, the Dengue fever, which comes with flu-like symptoms and which has been going around lately. But don't panic just yet! We'll keep you all appraised of the situation as it unfolds. White folks, Jamaica, and feeling funky seem to go hand in hand every few weeks. No problem, 'mon.
 We got home safely and God is watching over us. Love to all. BFN.