Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad day-Good day

After we got the kids off to school we needed to head to town to get blood work done on Dontae for the adoption.  He needs HIV, sickle cell, hepatitis B.  So we get their and the girl said to me, "oh I have never stuck someone so small before"  So I said "well then today is your lucky day"  lol  Well it wasn't so lucky for Dontae.  For a few minutes I think he really did not like me.  And all that for three drops of blood.  So we have to come back on Thursday and let the Dr. do it.
So that was the crummy part of the day,  but then we got company later on and we just had a great time visiting.  He even bought us all dinner from Ruby's.   WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!  Thank you
Today????? well lets see what the day brings.