Thursday, November 25, 2010


You know that there is always so much to be thankful for.  A couple of days ago the three of us were sitting down doing our finances and realized we only have enough money to last us through January.  We were starting to go through all our options on how to make this work.  If Jenni needed to come home at Christmas and then stay to fund raise, not to come back (clearly not an option)  To move into a smaller place where rent is cheaper.  And low and behold Jenni was told that a $100.00 was coming her way.  My mom's sorority group has about $150.00 for us, and Mark, Jenni and I are talking with some people about helping with their mission's group. So we were all upset and not knowing what to do, when all this happened.  Within hours of each other.  So so Thankful.  When you trust in God and give it to him always, he will provide.  Are we out of the woods?  No, but God sure told us loud and clear that we are on the right path again.  We are going to make this work.  We came here to take care of these kids, and we are not leaving till our job is done.  All Dontaes adoption paperwork is turned in. All we need now is a home study done on our home in Bellingham.  (If anyone knows someone that is licensed to do that, please let me know asap) (and if they could donate that to us)  We are so thankful for Dr. Levin in Miami, he is going to do Dontae's surgery on his palate, and he specializes in hand surgery.  All probono!!!!  PTL and so, so Thankful! Marks folks came to our rescue right away. Felix needs a new uniform, and my friend has offered to buy him one.  We needed a baby monitor, and the same friend is bringing that to us.  My family is sending us, some things for Dontae, (a johnny jump up here is $100.00 and a four hour drive away) My girlfriend is Christmas shopping as we speak for us. So thankful!!!!!!!!! Thankful that we found a place to live here, thankful we all have a comfortable bed to sleep in, thankful everyone has a full tummy when they go to bed. Thankful that I have children at home that loves us so much.  Even thankful that we will have no turkey today but stuffed chicken.   Thankful for my darling husband, who is my everything, thankful to "Sarcastic Girl" Miss Jenni, LOL  who is turning into a fantastic friend who makes us laugh. (Sarcastic girl is nothing bad Beth, you did a good job, lol)  Thankful that we get to be with Anita, during her adoption.  And so darn thankful for the many many friends we have met here in Jamaica.  I could go on and on, but I am sure all of you have the same ones.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving day, enjoy your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Christmas so coming so darn fast.  I can't believe that we have been here almost 5 months already.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and low and behold we found a small artificial tree for $2200.00J.  Surprised the heck out of us, so we bought it and some lights and three christmas stockings.  This weekend the kids are going to make ornaments, construction paper chains to hang around the house, and Anita also wants to make snowflakes.  We will take pictures so you all can see what we have done.
SSooooooo, my next question is presents???????  We not only need to buy presents for these three children, but also the rest of the kids.  And lets not forget the family we were living with, we have become such good friends with them.  You can send stuff here, we were always told that you couldn't, but you can.  It cost a little bit, so if everyone went together, it would probably be the way to go.  Please comment on here if you are willing to help with gifts, or you can email me as well.  We are starting there christmas list, so when its complete we will post it on here.  Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kids

Here's some pictures of the kids and our new "digs".
 Felix says he's very happy and Anita has done a lot in changing her attitude about life. She is very excited about being adopted by Ms. Denise in N. Carolina. We spoke to Shakhei the other day and he is now living with his brother, Romatelli, something he's wanted for years. Ritz is really looking forward to being adopted by John in the States. John has wanted to adopt Ritz since Ritz was a little boy. Sabrina and Travoy are very happy living with her father. We talk to them a couple times  a week. They all seem to be very happy now and looking forward to brighter futures.

 Just a little update. God Bless, Mark.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The weekend

Friday afternoon we had visitors, Troy and Rose.  Rose used to live at MFH a year or so ago, Troy is her husband, they are 18 and expecting their first baby in January.  The two of them moved into MFH to watch it.  It was fun watching her with Dontae.
Saturday morning Jenni, Anita Dr. Linda and I went to Mandeville for a craft fair.  What a fun thing to do.  Some beautiful things people were selling.  It was kinda weird because there were so many white people.  LOL and we are not used to seeing white people very often.  They love to call us Whitey's, with a smile on their face.  Even the littlest kids.  Cracks me up.
Saturday afternoon we had another visitor, Lizzy, another young woman that used to live there as well.  Had a great visit.
And Sunday Taneal, Felixs mom came to visit.  She is so beautiful and watching Felix with his mom is precious.  We have the most darling picture of the two of them.
Today we went to God of Prophecy church, very very nice.  We really enjoyed it, so I know we will be back.
So all in all, this weekend was Awesome.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


At this point, we will refrain from commenting in detail on the letter the Kochs sent out.  We will appologize to any of our friends, family and supporters who received such a disgrace.  Everyone that knows us, knows who we are and what we stand for,  and it is always THE TRUTH!!!!  So it might not of been today the the truth prevails, but it will happen.  God has a plan, and it is always in his time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


"You can fool all of the people some of the time. Or you can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
Abraham Lincoln

Today is the day the truth will prevail!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Power!

It seems like we have been without power more then with since we moved in, but not for weather related issues, so no worry.  They are working on putting in new cement power poles, so it looks like no power all day tomorrow as well.  But that is ok because we are going to Sav La Mar, to take all Dontae's paperwork into the adoption agencey.  My girls had to mail us our birth certificates and marriage certificate as well, all three of us had to get passport size pictures to take, all of us had to have a physical and Dontae needed to have blood work done.  (poor little guy) The good news is we pick up the blood work in the morning and then we are off.  This is the second step of the adoption procedure.  So we are getting closer and closer.  This little guy is doing so well, he is on the same schedule that all my kids were on. 8.12,4 and 8 and he has been since the first day we got him. But boy is he drooling everywhere, we can't keep a bib dry for nothing.  :-)
Felix is doing very well, his spelling is very good, we are so proud of him.  He is so much fun, except maybe when we give him a sweety. ( Jamaicans call candy sweeties) then he is  a little nuts, like my son Cody use to be when he had surgar.  Boy Felix is bringing back memories.  He eats just like Cody too, I think Mr. Mark will have to get two jobs when we get home.  LOL.
Anita, well she is just wonderful.  She is happy and smiling most of the time these days.  She can do her hair like nobodys business.  She just did Miss Jenni's hair, which of course looks fantastic. She has been making sure that Felix's uniform is all ironed daily, so we are paying her weekly to do it.  She feels good about herself for doing it, and because she does it out of the goodness of her heart is why we decided to pay her for it. $200.00 a week J.   Which is like two bucks.  She is also excited  to be adopted, and maybe go to Disney world for Christmas, plus have an older sister and a younger brother.  Can't beat that.
Jenni is just the best ever, a pure joy to have around.  Couldn't of asked for a more perfect person to have with us.  She has many good idea's, she helps with everything, and sometimes does it all.  She LOVES peanut butter, oh man does she love peanut butter.  Lets not forget, a girl after my own heart..... chocolate....
Mr. Mark, he is loving his new family, and is excited for all our other kids to meet them.  He does really miss taking care of the pool at the other house, he really did take pride in that.  He is itching to start some volunteer work to keep us all busy. Although since we moved right on the water, he has snorkeled a few times, which is just loves. 
And me  (Kim)  we have made some wonderful friends here, and there are more to meet.  Our new home is way to good to be true, and the view is to die for.  All of us are very very happy.  I really love that we actually have a breeze now, since on the water.  I love our boys, and I just Love Anita.  For sure when she is adopted we will be visiting her.  We are so fortunate to be able to use our neighbors car, since they have two.  To take a taxi everywhere would add up.  It looks like Mark and I will not be home for Christmas, unless some miracles happen.  But Jenni will be, someone has to bring stuff back here right?  Anywhoo, weather has been beautiful, kids have been good, God is Great!!!!!  And he walks with us everyday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Day

Well lets go back to last night first.  We still don't have an oven that works so I made chocolate chip cookies and then Jenni and I took the dough over to the neighbors house to make them.  So while we were waiting for them to bake we turned on the movie "The secret lives of Bees"  What a fantastic movie.  We had about five minutes to go and the power goes out.  So lol we are at the neighbors house but the  neighbors were out of town, so there sits Jenni and I crackin up, saying "hm I wonder where the candles are?"  So, we found a candle and decided that we would walk home, just then the phone rang and it was Mr. Mark telling us that he would meet us at the gate with a flashlight, but really it was a stinkin spot light.   LOLOL  So we came home and the three of us sat by candle light and talked.  Now today was a beautiful day, we still had no power, so we had cereal for breakfast, and decided to have fried chicken for dinner, so we were hoping that the power would come on.  Anita and I were so happy that we did all our laundry yesterday, since today would not of happened.  And putting the laundry out on the line is just so  relaxing and enjoyable not to mention smells so darn good.  Anita and I made dinner.  Remember I said we were going to have fried chicken?  Well its not the same as the fried chicken we fry at home, they deep fry it, and not in a fry daddy.  So Anita taught me me how to do it.  Our entire dinner was crazy bad for us, and we didn't even have one vegetable.  But man it was good.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy, we had fried dumplings, and festival.  Grease, grease and more grease.  By having three different Jamaican things, I learned a lot.  Oh then chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  Then after dinner, Anita gave Dontae a bath and dressed him.  Boy this young lady knows how to do everything.  Right now as a matter of fact, her and Mark are discussing the center of the earth. She is so much fun.   What a beautiful day!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day after Day

You know it seems odd to us, that the people who leave a comment on our blog, can't even leave their real name, they hide by something else.  At least everyone who reads this blog knows exactly who is writing it.  If we also felt we wanted just OUR words on the blog, we wouldn't have allowed comments.
So day after day, letters go out to The Koch's sponsors, putting us down, even a letter to our pastor, which was in its entirety "false".  We have chosen to try and stay  the better person here.   So once again....if you really want the truth call CDA.  The truth is known by the Koch's, we are just sorry that they will not step up and tell all of their sponsors the truth as well.  It will ALL come out when the time is just right.  And then it will come out again on judgement day.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A sincere apology

Mark, Jenni and I sincerely apologize if anyone thinks we have posted anything but the truth on our blog.
So we want to leave you with a quote from CDA
"We are so sorry that we at CDA did not do our job and close My Fathers house down  years ago"
So please we encourage you to call them yourselves.  We feel this would be the only way to lay this matter to rest.  Thank you

Bad day-Good day

After we got the kids off to school we needed to head to town to get blood work done on Dontae for the adoption.  He needs HIV, sickle cell, hepatitis B.  So we get their and the girl said to me, "oh I have never stuck someone so small before"  So I said "well then today is your lucky day"  lol  Well it wasn't so lucky for Dontae.  For a few minutes I think he really did not like me.  And all that for three drops of blood.  So we have to come back on Thursday and let the Dr. do it.
So that was the crummy part of the day,  but then we got company later on and we just had a great time visiting.  He even bought us all dinner from Ruby's.   WHAT A TREAT!!!!!!  Thank you
Today????? well lets see what the day brings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

more stuff

We were at the neighbors using the internet when Jim and Penie drove up wanting to talk to us.  But we have been advised not to talk to them.  We still were going to, but then changed our mind.  So Mark called them.  They talked some, and still will not pay us our money.  Next step is our attorney.  And he has been notified.  We are the second family in less then two years, that they have done this to.  So something needs to be done.  Please be aware of what is being said.  The children are safe, happy and in very good care.  The Kochs are not supposed to come on our property or go near the children however they went to their school today.  We told them how important it was to talk to CDA, and they still went to where some of the kids are.  So like I said, please be aware of what is being said.  Please pray and have God help you see the truth.  He is the one that showed us.