Monday, October 31, 2011

Kingston again...

After me being sick with a headache for two days, we decided last night to see if we could rent a car and leave bright and early in the morning to go to the Embassy.  If they won't come to you, you go to them, Right?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone, I would give just about give anything to have a bag full of Halloween candy right now, might help this incredible migraine that won't go away.  Probably not, probably would make it worse, but I would of been willing to try it out.  
It feels so good to be back at Button Bay just hanging out with William and Gladys.  But if you ask Mark about that statement, he would tell you "hanging out with William and Gladys?  What you talking about girl? You haven't left the room in almost the entire week we have been here"  The sad thing is he is right.  I just don't want to leave this room, (no exercise, or sunlight no anything)  Maybe that is why I have had a migraine since last night. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and just sat out on the veranda praying, praying to make sure that God knows that I haven't been praying out loud but to make sure he knows to listen to me, because I talk to him a zillion times a day in my head.  That even though I know I'm getting so depressed, that there is no way that I will let the devil in to my heart and head.  I prayed for strength and everything else that was bothering me, but I also Thanked him for giving me my son. All this will be worth it one day.  As far as the Embassy goes, nothing..... we have heard nothing.  Oh and Miss Denise and Anita are still her, on Tuesday it will be two weeks since there interview.  That is beyond crazy.
Stick with us friends, prayers are needed more  then ever.

Friday, October 28, 2011

So Tired

We are back at Button Bay, we are extremely happy to be back with Gladys and William.  Gladys sat me down and told me to unpack and try and enjoy myself until something happens with the adoption.  So I am trying to have some fun, other then stay in my room for 24 hours a day.  So maybe tomorrow will be the day.  Dontae decided to wake up at 2AM yesterday morning, and stay awake until after breakfast, which is around 8. Now last night woke up 4AM. I don't mean wake up and rock him back to sleep, I mean wake up and want to Play.
We keep calling and writing the Embassy and they still will not respond. I think we might go back to Kingston and go into the Embassy on the day they take walkins, because we don't know what else to do.
Miss Denise, Garfield and Matthew came for Anita's interview, and of course its a done deal, this was last Tuesday, there airfare was for the following Friday.  You see we have been told that you get your papers back either the same day or the next day.  So on last Friday they would all fly home as a new family, right?  Wrong!   Garfield and Matthew got on that flight, but Miss Denise and Anita are still here...... Have you ever heard of such a thing?  They just needed to be handed the paperwork, which of course went out in courier service the day of the interview.  Something is so wrong here.  Prayers all around please

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baptism postponded

I just hate having to write this, but I have no choice.  The flight that we were supposed to get on at noon tomorrow is not going to happen.  The Embassy messed up on our case and we do not have a interview date. I talked again to the Embassy last friday and got no where, so I asked to talk to the supervisor.  But I was told she would have to call me back, so I asked if it would be that same day, and she told me probably not. So bright and early this morning I call again, but they won't pick up there phone.  I got an email from Jet Blue that wants me to confirm our air for tomorrow, of which I can't do, but I wanted to change the flight.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I can't do that because the Embassy does not seem to care what in the world happens to us.  And I am serious!!!!!!!  So Gladys's daughter called a friend who gave her a email for me to write to.  Low and Behold I got a response within minutes.  He promised me that I would get a response one way or another from the Embassy today.  Well guess what? It did not happen, so there ya have it. So just a few minutes ago, I find out we can't change our flight again, so we loose it.  OMGosh, once again we have to buy new airfare.  I am so confused with all this adoption garbage here in Jamaica, almost makes me want to do something about it, so no one else has to go through this.
 Dontae's baptism will be announced.  Maybe my 50th birthday present will be us coming home. (Nov 4th)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well now that Pastor Iben said he could marry us the next weekend, what in the world are we going to wear?  I posted before that I already had my dress but that was for an outside wedding in our yard in the summer.  So I really didn't want to go out and buy another dress.  I had just had my 20th class reunion and I bought a beautiful dress for that, except it was black. (do you get married in black?)  So I called Pastor and asked him and he said "Sure you can"  WooHooooo!!!! we are good to go.  Mark had a beautiful black suit, so it was just getting the kids there clothes.  Brandon was going to be Marks best man, Cody was walking me down the isle, and all three girls were going to stand up with me.  We knew we didn't want a big wedding, since we both were already married before, and everyone came and supported us then bearing gifts, so we didn't want to go that route.  But we did invite relatives that wanted to come and church members. We were going to rent a room out at Sehmiamoo for dinner for the immediate family for after the ceremony.  Now on to shopping for the children's clothes.  We did good and found it all. The day of the wedding me and the girls went in and got all our hair done the same with the 3 barrel curling iron.  I can tell you that Alesia who dressed like a boy was not happy.  But what a knock out, not to mention a cute  figure.  Something that you didn't notice with the stage she was going through. So with our hair all done the same, it was just amazing.  I had always wanted to have three girls, and now I was getting something that I always wanted.  And Cody always wanted a brother. I can't tell you how the both of us were so incredibly happy to have this family.  And we were both going to work very hard to make this blended family some how be positive. Now off to the church.

Friday, October 21, 2011

No news is good news? WHATEVER!!!!!!!

I woke up at 2:30AM with a migraine.  At 6:00 Its still going strong.  I go back to sleep to see if it will go away and I can say at 8:30 its going no where.  I knew that I had to call the Embassy right away before she started her day or else I would never get her. So I ask her if she has any news, and what does she say?  She says NO...  I told her that our airfare is for Tuesday. She says I don't know what to tell you other then the judicatory is not looking at our case until next week.   So I ask her when do we make our flight home then?  She tells me, she can not answer that.  I tell her that we can not be in this country without a return flight home.  I am not even sure we can change it AGAIN...  We might have to re buy air all over again.  I told her we donated everything we own away and are living with barely anything since we were told to make our flight on  or around the 25th.  I asked her there has to be someone to talk to that can help us just a bit and she told me her supervisor, so I asked to talk to her, and of course she has to call me back, and she can not tell me when..... Oh did I tell you that she told me this is usually a 60 day process?????
 so of course I am crying my headache is now far worse.    

You know I always thought that if you were in another country and you were in trouble or needed help that all you had to do was get on US Embassy soil.  Well that is a bunch of BULL!!!!!!!!  We have never felt taken care of or felt safe.  What on earth is this world coming too?  I can now say that I am just about completely spent. I really don't know what to do, where to go, out to feel, what emotions to have.  60 days?  we might as well put Dontae in a home and fly home so Mark can go to work,  we can not stay here that long.  And I am not staying here by myself.  Dontae's baptism is all planned, because we were given false hope.  How can they live with there self. US Embassy, My ass!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So Bright and early this morning I call Homeland Security, I asked her name, because I always felt funny not know it.  She informed me that they can not give out there name ever because they can't show personal treatment.  WHAT!!!!!!  (seems like I say what a lot lately) She informed me that most of last week the judicatory lady was out of the office.  WHAT!!!  (she was out the entire week prior) and this is a short week since Monday was a holiday here, so we still don't have a date, she thought she could get back to me the end of this week.  So I said to her "we aren't going to make our flight then are we?" She asked me the date again, and told me that she was going to go over to my file write that date on the front.  That wasn't the best news to wake up to in the morning time.  So then I called the medical Dr. to talk about Dontae's appointment.  In talking to the lady she told me to just bring in the wrong form, since we are flying out on the 25th they will do it for me.  So we get there, fill out the paperwork she calls the Embassy to get our case number, and the no name lady tells her not to do the medical yet since her appointment is not made as of yet. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!  We were so close to get the second to last hurdle out of the way.  I swear I am going to scream bloody murder.  I haven't even told my girls whats going on, because they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for us coming home.  And like I said before "it ain't over till the fat lady sings"  I am going to have a positive attitude until the bitter end.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ok so we got back to Whitehouse where we were staying before we took a little side trip off to Negril, spent the rest of the day into the evening going through are stuff we have left to give away.  But keeping enough for us to get through the next week before we come home. Just about done with it all, Linda Botkin (Jesus for Jamaica) is coming over to pick up 2 bins full, three suitcases completely full, 1 highchair, and Dontae's toys.  We are donating it all to JFJ. Then we come back through on our way home we will drop of the pack and play and the rest of our things we are donating. It feels good to be giving again. Then the phone rang, it was USCIS Homeland security. Apparently the email I got telling me to pay 13.00 and make my interview appointment (which is set for thursday) I was not supposed to get that email because that one is for non-immigrant visa's.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! She told me not to pay the money they want cause I will loose it since its wrong. Which also means I can't take Dontae to his appointment in the morning for his medical evaluation because I don't have the proper email to print off to take with me. She told me to call her back this afternoon and she will give me an update.  Well I have called two times and just got her answering machine.  I certainly hope she calls me back TODAY!!!!!!!  So since we had the car rented already and our room in Kingston, we decided to come here on faith only, praying that its going to happen this week. The cheapest room we can find here at Shirleys Retreat has raised her prices, so we decided to stay somewhere different so we can have something to do at least.  So here I sit, writing to you while Mark and Dontae are getting cooled off in the pool.  Kingston is always sooooooooooooooooo hot with no breeze, you almost cant stand it.  So I have planned Dontaes baptism, I have ordered him some fall and winter clothes online, so he has something to where when we get home, the girls are getting his room done and painted, the carpets are being shampooed.  So we best be on that flight.
BTW the winner of the present from Jamaica is Kathy Robson....... and the first person to write on here  was Calie Klopp and she gets a little something.  Thank you guys Love to you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Love Story part five

Boy did me and my kids have some fun with Mark and his kids.  Mark had done a haunted forest for Alesia;s classroom the year before, so we decided to do another one and open it to the public. Months of preperation and work, but we were ALL together working as a team so it was so darn fun.  Cody dressed up as a zombie, Brandon too except he had a chain saw.   LOLOL Alesia was the spider princess, Matty was a lady with the crystal ball and Calie Oh my goodness I can't remember.... Sorry Calie.... LOLOL  she was something in black I do remember that, seems to be she had to have her face covered.  LOL. Marks parents sold tickets and the first year Alesia;s mom and aunt came and were witches, not to mention my family and cousins.  The last year we had 1000 people go through our forest.  The last year was stinking hilarious,  there was this women and her children and when she got to the part where Brandon comes out with the chainsaw,  she screamed so loud that she peed her pants and through her keys into the woods and lost them.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  Now thats when you know it must be good, so we went out with a bang, not to mention we donated the money to the The mission.
So now its November of 2000, and we are getting married the coming summer, so I had bought my dress, and already bought things for the wedding, when one night sitting at Marks house we looked at each other and said "wouldn't of it had been better if we were married already going into the holidays?"  We did not live together, but wanted to spend every minute together especially during the holidays.  So we called Pastor Iben and asked him if we could get married on November 19th.  the same day as our first date.  He said "yes"  so now we are getting married in ONE week.  LOLOL  is that funny????  but a great story to tell the grandkids.  LOL

BTW  Dontae's baptism is Oct. 30th at the 9:15AM service and then we are going out to breakfast if anyone wants to join us.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Mark, Dontae and I decided that if everything goes through this might be our last weekend to go and have some fun, so we decided to come back to where we brought the girls for a long weekend fun and relaxing trip.  Monday is a holiday here "Hero's weekend" so the Embassy will not be open, so whats there to loose right? So we pack up everything we own once again, LOL and come to Negril.  We get into the room and I try to see if we get internet, which of course we do, LOL and low and behold there is an email from the Embassy.  I just about hyperventilated.  LOL not really, but it sounds good!  Any hoo you will never believe what it tells me. It gives me a phone number to call to make my interview appointment for Dontae.  WHHAAATTTT???????? The call got me 8 mins and cost me 13 bucks, 8 mins is all they will give you.  I was very scared since Monday is a holiday and all, but they made the appointment for Oct 20th. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  Ok thats done, and now I need to make a Dr. appointment for Dontae's medical for before next Thursday.  WHATTTTTTTTTT? There is only five places that do these appointments, and three of them are all out of the same office, and one is in Montego Bay.  So I just picked one by his name.  I talked to the lady she said she could get us in on that Wednesday. But, she said it takes 10 working days to get the paperwork back.  So there is no way it can all happen, she said that the Embassy will keep Dontae's passport until they get the medical. So now my heart is beating fast. And I decided to call the Montego Bay office to see if by some strange reason they could see us tomorrow.  Still wouldn't be ten days but certainly better then next wed. No luck, no appointments till Tuesday, the lady that does it is out of the office.  Ok so now, I have one more office to call, and am praying hard. She says yes she can get us in on Wednesday.  Now for the big question I need to ask her.  "Is there anyway we can pay to expedite the papers?"  She said "No, but we will give them to you when you leave" WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!
Oh did I thank her over and over.  By this time Mark and Dontae are down at the beach, so I quickly get my bathing suit on go and get us two pina coladas since its all inclusive here and go down to the beach.  They are already in the water, so I walk out with both drinks and I tell them the news.  With a high five and a cheers, there we stand in the middle of the water looking like the happiest people in the world. A lady came to talk to us, and had to take our picture so she could email us on our happy moment. It was just great being here at this time, Dontae was a Rock Star with everyone and I mean everyone, because sooooooo many people remembered him from the last time we were here, women and men both.  They were all so excited for us I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was and is.  So because we are so excited we decided to offer a free gift from here Jamaica. I am sorry I can only offer it to people that live in my hometown, but what you need to do is just leave a comment telling us what you liked most about this blog over the last year and a half,and we will decide the winner and let you know on Monday, deadline is this Sunday at midnight our time, so its 10:00pm your time. Hey I might just throw in a couple of other little things, we will just have to see. Lets just say that it will be very cool.  :-)  I wish I could bring home everyone something that has been along with us on this journey.  Couldn't be more happier then we are right now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Day

Its kinda funny, three days ago Mark said to me "do you realize that Dontae has not been sick one single time since his operation?"  The next day Dontae got sick with a pretty bad cold.  That night we were up ALL night with just a couple hours of sleep.  We were able to take a nap yesterday when he went down, then came last night and the same thing.  We didn't get him to sleep to about 10:00.  From 9 to 10 he had to lay on me to feel better. He woke up again about midnight and then again at 5.  Mark and I are watching ER on DVD from the very first episode, we are now on season 3 and I am not sure what came over us last night but the first time since we have been here in Jamaica, we stayed up until 2AM.  Who does that when you have a baby, and especially a sick baby?   LOLOL Then Dontae wakes up at 5 until 6 and the only way he would go back to sleep is in bed with us. So I had turn and put my head down at there feet so I could try and sleep, but he was up up up at 7:15. Thank Goodness for the best coffee in the world.  hm hm good. Its crazy, how a sick little guy can still be so happy all the time.
We are praying for some sort of an answer today.  The judicatory came back to the office yesterday, so that gives her time to give us an appointment date right?  LOL  Well we will see about that. We are paid at the hotel until tomorrow.  We are trying to decide are next move.  Do we stay here?  Do we move to Kingston? Have a good day,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The waiting game

Before I start this blog I need to write down that on Sept. 11th.  Grandma Lau's birthday, Dontae's 6th tooth came in, and on Oct 5th. his 7th tooth came in. 
The last time we were at the Embassy, the lady told us that we needed an addendum to our home study, since our home study was over 6 months old. So I emailed Agape Adoptions, well she wrote me back and said that she can not alter the home study and exactly what do I need.  So I called the Embassy back, come to find out the judicatory is out until Tuesday. That this little bump won't effect her answer to us but that we need to get it in. She told me that the adoption agency just needs to re validate there signature and date. So I called and emailed Agape back and told them what she told me.  Funny enough, they have never heard of such a thing.  What a surprise!!!  I swear thats how things have been going this entire time. They think its as weird as I do.  But they are going to do it.  And of course it costs, because they are doing work for this case. So for them to do it and then FED X it here.  125.00 later. So I go to paypal to pay, and pay pal decides my account has been chosen at random to be updated.  I need my routing number from my checking account plus other information before they will let me use my own account.  I call my bank to get the number and I missed them 5 mins. after they close.  So this all has to wait till Monday.  Can't anything go smooth here in Jamaica.  Nope!!!!! Judicatory will be back Tuesday, we are so praying that we will get our date for the interview Tuesday or Wednesday.  With having these dates to go home and then they get cancelled is starting to weigh on me.  If Oct. 25th is not the day for us to come home, I think you might here me at home screaming bloody murder, and then crying.
We got invited to dinner at Linda Botkins house night before last.  She has two interns with her right now, so that was so fun to eat actual food and visit with these women. Mark took Dontae in to get his last pictures taken for his visa yesterday.  But today, we will probably do nothing, kinda like what we have been doing.
 My girls and I talked night before last, and a wonderful couple from our church who trust and love my girls, took it upon themselves to help them get a condo. They were given such a wonderful gift, a beautiful three story town house for an amazing amount of rent.  I am so so proud of my girls.  I told Calie, "see how things work out for you girls when you are such good trustworthy reliable young ladies?"  She said "yes I just can't beleive it"  But I sure can.  I couldn't be more proud of my daughters. They will be moving out on Nov 1st. just a few days after I am home. sniff sniff sniff sniff.  The saving grace to all this is I haven't been living with them for so long now, that this just might not hurt so much.  At least thats what I keep telling myself.  :-) 

Linda Bodtkin asked about our Love story, so I suppose I should do chapter 5 soon.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We haven't been on in awhile because my computer crashed, and Marks crashed months ago, but Bunny fixed mine, and is going to fix Marks tonight.  Now we just need to get the internet to be working here instead of hooking up to the hotels for a couple minutes here and there.
As of two days ago, we found out that the judicatory is out of office until next Tuesday.  Thats over a week that our case is just sitting there doing nothing.  Also found out that our home study is over 6 months old, so I had to write Agape Adoptions and ask them to write an addendum to it and then Fed X it to the Embassy.  According to the lady we were talking to, the plan is to try and get us home for me to make Woman of Faith on the 28th. So she told us to book our flight for right around that date.  I asked her what about the 25th?  She said "sounds good"  But bottom line is, she has no control over any of this, so please stay praying for us. 19 days and we could be home.  Hey girls, you best get to painting on Dontae's stuff.   LOLOL

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Fathers House Orphanage

I was informed yesterday, that the directors Jim and Penie Koch had their Jamaican citizenship taken away from them.  I wonder if it was from abuse and neglect on the children of the home.  I hope now, that all the supporters of Kingdom Builders Ministry will take all this serious.  This NOT something to fool around with, just because you love Jim and Penie.  Yes I understand all the good works they have done, I personally witnessed some of it. But the bottom line is they abuse and neglect children and they should be punished.  God is in control here, so it looks to me like he is doing it his way, nice and slow.  I think that hurts more then quick and fast.  I am praying for you two, that you will come to the realization of your actions and repent before its to late. And let someone come in to My Fathers House and turn it into an amazing orphanage like it once was.  Whitehouse Westmoreland is in dire need of one.  Please consider this.  If you love children like you say you do, then help them.