Saturday, May 13, 2017

One day shy of 6 months

Just noticed that last I wrote was exactly two months ago today. I should of wrote on here sooner but all my appointments got messed up, and didn't really happen. But my 6 month check up is on the 25th I believe. Already did the blood work portion of it. Like 6 or 7 vile's of blood. They kept asking me "are you ok" LOL. Then down in shoreline I will have the bod pod, exercise, Psychiatrist, nutritionist, and finally Dr. Kaufman.  I am excited to see him, since I haven't since November 14, 2016.
I am down 57 lbs. So from month 4 to month 6 its only been a total of 13lbs. I say only because I would of liked to have been down another pant size. I am not complaining though. 
One of the reasons I got the surgery was my left knee that I hurt in gymnastics in middle school. Dr. arrogant, not like women Hoelstien said that if I got some weight off I could delay surgery for years hopefully. Well its progressively getting worse, actually had to go to a cane and pain pills. Being hurt with my neck and back for 16 years, I thought I had a high pain tolerance. After that much time, if you want to have some normalcy in your life with NO pain meds, you suck it up and and pretend your doing great pain free. But holy cow, this knee pain is out of control to the point that I can not deal with it at all. So I messaged a friend from school days that said he had a double knee surgery and that he was very happy with his Dr. He said it was Dr. Oswin. I called right away and he see's me on Monday. Dave told me this man was arrogant as well. Thats ok if he uses that because he is a great Dr. and not that he doesn't like women. LOL He is married but he still is a jerk. A great looking jerk, but still a jerk and that out weighs his looks. So please pray that Oswin will be a fit for me,because I want this knee replaced yesterday. However, here is the thing. I need all the arthritis and scar tissue removed from where I had surgery on my neck. I meet again with Landau on Monday as well. My hope would be to do these together  on the same day. That way I wouldn't have to go under two times and then recovery time for both procedures. So I will know more on Monday.
As far as my sleeve goes. I am still learning things. But one thing that is not catching on is me eating to fast, then getting sick. Almost every night at dinner, Dontae says "Mom you better slow down"  LOL I Love that kid. I will keep you up on my next appointment with Eviva. Thanks for wanting to read my story.