Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Day for Felix

School days will start early around My Fathers House.  This week is just Felix, but next week all the kids will go.  Felix looked so grown up this morning, and when we dropped him off at school, I went in with him and he just started talking up a storm. He is so going to have a good time. We finished getting Marquez all enrolled, and I asked if I could volunteer at the school helping with the kids.  They also have a PTA, that so excites me as well. The only thing that will bother me is how the schools here punish children, I don't know if I could handle seeing much of that. Next we left to go to market to order the ice cream for our sundae party with the kids.  Remember the star sheet for doing good things?  Well the month is over and now is time for the reward. It was kinda funny cause the kids didn't understand why we were having a Sunday party on a Wednesday...LOLOL  But tomorrow is the big day.  Ok then we bought all our vegetables and Sabrina's shoes for school.  When we got back it seemed like it had to be noon, but nooooooooooooo it was not even 10:00 lol.   Came home to find out that Joy lost one of the four puppies, now she is down to three.  I hope the three make it.
Oh the best thing of the entire day is this............... I took up some new school clothes to a friend of Jim and Penies who is hurt his name is yellow, and his children needed school clothes and since yellow is now not working at the moment we got the kids some clothes,  Now thats still not the best part, while I was waiting for the kids to run the clothes up the hill, down comes running, you will never guess???????????  But Solomon!!!!!  Remember hearing his name a lot????? Solomon, Avis and Bobbet????  The family that their house burned down and we built them the house????  Well he saw the van drive up to the school so he was waiting for me to come back down, so when he saw me we gave each other the biggest hug you could ever imagine.  He said he has been waiting and waiting to see us.  He looked at me and said "you and your church made such a huge difference in my life and all that you did for me and my family, that I am now baptized" WHEW HEW!!!!!!!!!  Yes that was me jumping for joy and giving Solomon another big hug.  You see his entire family was saved and believers, and Solomon was not.  But Trinity Lutheran Church youth made a difference in this mans life enough for him to find Christ.  What more can we ask?????  Do you all see why we love what we are doing?  We get to see first hand.
Have another blessed day

Monday, August 30, 2010

The joy's of Joy.

So, It's Mark posting tonight. Hi. I'm feeling rested now, but we had another long day. I drove Kim and Jenni to Savanna La Mar today and we went shopping for lot's of stuff. Uniform things for the kid's starting school, tick stuff for the dog's, and groceries for the house. We were waiting at the uniform place and a Rastafarian guy named Roy started visiting with us. We asked him if he new where to get stuff for the dog's ticks, so he walked us down the street a place that sold the stuff and told us all about treating dogs. He had raised quite a few apparently. Then we asked if he knew where we could get "pretties" for the girl's hair, and he walked us a little further down the road to a beauty supply place, and we got those. Great guy! We told him he should be a tour guide. We gave him a few bucks and told him "God Bless" and he was very grateful as well.
We didn't get out of 'Sav' until 5:30 and took the hour drive home, only to find that Joy had lost one of the puppies during the day. The poor little thing was still in the pen since she won't let anyone but me near her. So, I had the displeasure of removing yet another dead puppy from her and putting it in a plastic bag for burial tomorrow. I hope the remaining four do well and I can post some pictures soon.
The cat that came back the other day seems to be gone again, but if she is indeed pregnant, we may see her again soon. Won't THAT be fun! I guess I can't say; " I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies Miss Scarlet!" anymore.
I guess it rained here like crazy today while we were gone. Part of Hurricane Earl going by. I'll spend part of tomorrow getting more prepared for Hurricane season. Plus, one of the washing machines pooped out today, so I gotta try and fix that. And we are having a fumigator guy come by tomorrow to give us a guesstimate on ridding the house of our tick infestation. Oh, and I need to fix the lock on the refrigerator so the kid's will stop taking stuff at night. I need to fix the window shutters, window screens, the front tire on the truck, put up the bat screens, make some screen doors, color code the new locks on the closets............ I'm looking forward to us taking this next weekend off, for some reason.
I'm gonna try posting some video. I hope this works!
See ya and God Bless!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1:18 AM not even close to being done

Ok, where was I.... So I left at there being 3 puppy's alive and one that died. So far Joy is being very good taking care of her pups, but then she has two more pups. After she gets them all cleaned up she has a couple more that are dead. So that makes 8 total. Joy is exhausted and I mean exhausted, not to mention my husband, who is doing all the work with Joy. Joy is so tired that Mr. Mark has to help her get the babies to suckle. Ok back to bed, for the next round. Back in bed about oh fifteen minutes, and we hear them, this time its about 3:30AM. So Mark goes down by himself and I set the alarm again for 5:00AM. Well I must of fell asleep, cause when the alarm went off I reached over to Mark and he wasn't there. So I went down to find Joy and her puppy's on a new clean bed. Joy apparently had two more that were dead, one of which Mark had to deliver. Total 10. So we take out the first bed and what a mess, we are having to mop the floor and all the way to the garbage can's outside. So 6:00AM I plug in the coffee, and we sit and enjoy our coffee watching Joy and her puppy's. Then back to bed about 8:00. At 9:00 breakfast was called, but I was way to tired and stayed in bed, but Markie went. Finally after lunch Mr. Mark came to lay down, he wasn't down more then 20 mins. when Felix knocked on our door and said one of the babies died. Mark went down and she had delivered two more that were dead. Total 12. Again Mr. Mark came to bed and one hour later Felix knocks on the door and said one of babies rolled off and is dead. So he got up went down stairs and Joy had delivered two more pups that were dead. Total 14. I finally had felt that I had got some sleep, so I was doing lots of busy work that I needed to do. Mr. Mark got back into bed about 2:45. I was doing my work when Marlin called me and said Joy had another baby that was dead. That was at 3:00 PM. Poor guy was in bed only 15 minutes. Up, and downstairs again. Bed number three was made for Joy. So then Mr. Mark massages Joy's belly, hoping not to feel anymore pups. Hooray he thinks she is done. Total 15.... 10 dead and 5 alive. So now its getting close to dinner time so Mark just went and started his daily chores. Now dinner is over and its about 7:30 and the stinking power goes out. LOL my poor husband is beside himself in exhaustion. So now its almost 8:30 and power is still not on, so Mr. Mark can't go to bed until he can turn off the generator. So could everyone that reads this please pray for Mark to get the rest his body needs, to start all over tomorrow.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anita turns 12

Lets go back a few days first. Mark and I decided to get a bed all ready for Joy (German shepherd who is about ready to have puppy's) We have been really trying for Joy to trust us, so she will feel comfortable having her pups. So we have a really nice bed for her and her own water dish back in the game room, and all through the day we fill up more water and offer it to her, which she drinks almost every time. She is getting so big, she can hardly go up any stairs, so we figure she is going to have her puppy's this month sometime and not the end of September as anticipated. Now she is sleeping outside our door every night, and we sleep up stairs. So that tells us that she is trusting us. That makes us feel so much better because the last time she had pups the only person she would let near her was Jim. So we feel ready for the big day. So yesterday while I took four of the kids to town to get their passport pictures re done, the three boys left at home with Jenni, made Anita's birthday cake. So we got the pictures done, check.... we go to the bookstore to get three math sets, check...we go to Pharmacy to check out hair cream, check... the only thing was, a little attitude from a couple of the kids, to the point where I just said, I am not getting anything today, and told them I would be in the car. So when we got home I called a meeting, just to help the kids understand why things happened the way they did in the store. So the attitude starts back in and Anita yells "well you were driving away leaving us" Well if anyone knows me, then they know I don't lie, so that statement really paturbed me, so I turned to Sharikie and said "is that true" (because he was sitting in the car the entire time) he decided to say "I am not going to get in the middle of it" (wow felt like a knife to the heart) I told Anita I would never leave them any where, and I went to my room. So lets say crappy ending to a really good day.
So then today, I get up and there are homemade cinnamon rolls made for breakfast, what a treat, Jenni and Sabrina made them.. YUM!!!! so after breakfast, we all load up in the van and drive to Negril to a place called Chances. OH MY GOODNESS, I always thought Maui was beautiful, but this beach and water were incredible. So we stayed there until about three and went to Rick's cafe, where they have cliff diving. Felix and I were the first to go, and then I couldn't stop him, he must of jumped fifteen times. LOL We came home had dinner, then cake and presents. What a wonderful awesome day, a great birthday for Anita. So now we are locking up the house and I notice Joy is know where to be found, so all of us are looking everywhere for her. Low and behold Mark finds here in some rocks up against the house. There are two babies and one is already dead, so we are frantically thinking of how to get Joy comfortable. So we get her bed from the game room and bring it down. Mark picks up the one baby and puts it in a bin with a towel. Joy gets up and we all follow into the game room, she lays down on her bed. Whew we did it!!!!! So now an hour has gone by and no more pups, but we know there are more in tummy. So we decide we will set our alarm clock for every hour and check on her. Now everyone is in bed, and Nark and I hear some noises, so we go downstairs and now there are two puppies, Mark asks me to get him some water, which I did, but when I got back from getting his drink, there was a third puppy. (wow I just fell asleep writing this and scared myself awake, lol) So mark just got back from checking and there seems to maybe be one more baby, so I am setting the alarm clock. Mark and I are doing breakfast, so we need to sleep.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lololol I just fell asleep again and I guess my finger was on the A's. lolol. Its 1:18 and I hear the dogs, better check. I will try to post pictures. Night all, sweet dream

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer School

Today has been a fantastic day. It was the start of summer school. We are doing this to get all the kids ready for school to start in a couple weeks. Miss Jenni is a natural, thats all I can say about that. She had everyone sit at the tables and she wrote questions on the white board, when I child got it right she threw them a dum dum (sucker). I think you can see how good that worked. Of course all the kids wanted to earn them. Then she was teaching them all the bones of the body and the muscles, she made it fun. The children were very fast learners. It was so fun to watch. I even yelled out an answer. lolol She even was having the kids read out loud. Lets just say I really am blessed to have her here. Jenni you Rock!!!!! After school I put a couple of games together from the television program Minute to win it.... First one was putting 12 Styrofoam cups on a table, you give the person a balloon that they blow up and then they use the air from balloon to blow the cups on to the floor. They have to do it in 60 secs. Ritz did it in 8 seconds. That was crazy. Second one, I put three cups on the table and gave the person 12 unused pencils that they had to bound off the table into the cup. Hard one that is, but most of them did it. The last one, I had all the kids lay on the ground and I put a cookie on their forehead, they had to move their face and do whatever they could without touching it, try and get it down into their mouth. Anita, Ritz and Sherakei all did it. That was soooooooo funny. The girls didn't like the pencil game (except for Donnaree, she got 5 into the cups), but I won them back with the cookie game. So all in all, this was a darn good day. Anita then made a banana cake for tonight, everyone is excited about that. Tomorrow is another day, and I am certain its going to beat today. I am beginning to worry a little of how I am going to feel when I leave here next July. :-(
Have a blessed day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

This has been on my mind for a couple of days now, ever since my friend said to me that "there sure is a lot of things happening to us." "but they all seem to work out."
I knew when coming here to Jamaica to do God's work, that the devil would be working over time. He doesn't want us here for nothing, especially doing good for people, and spreading the word of God. I have got to say that I am so proud of where my faith is right now because with the getting rear ended, the hood flying open, and the almost ticket. All I did was write about it on my blog and laugh. I know who is watching out for us. Then this morning after church, I sat down to do my own devotion and came upon this, which made me write this blog. I am sure that I just didn't come upon it either... God knew this was on heart so he put the words right in front of me.
James 1 :2-4
Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
Consider it pure joy it says..........well Mark and I were having fun with it, lol I think our blog shows that. Its funny how I didn't even think of those things happening as a trial, because I know I am safe with God, and I believe in him with everything I have. I have to say how happy that makes me. I am not really sure how anyone can live there life all by themselves. I know I am not strong enough without him. hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a blessed day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well here is the picture of the hummingbird I said that I would post. My new friend Christine sent it to me. We both took pictures as Y S Falls and mine were just awful and hers were amazing. I hope you enjoy one of God's beauty's.

Cool Runnings

The kids have been working hard to go to Cool Runnings,and yesterday was the big day. The bad thing is you can't take food inside, so we packed a lunch and hoped we could go out to the car to eat it. So we get there and find out that they don't open till eleven. So we decide to go to the passport office to see if we can get our stay longer without having to pay anything. So we walk back to the car and find out that the key ring that it supposed to have every single key on it, didn't have a key to unlock the doors of the Locked van. Stressful??? yep just a little, but my lovin husby got us in without hurting anything. So we are driving to the passport place and find out that the lady is sick and won't be in until later. Ok so I guess we will go back to Cool Runnings, and eat before we go in so we won't even have to try to go out later. Well, Well, Well, do you remember what you read yesterday about my driving????(which by the way is completely false)
My lovin husband apparently doesn't know how to go around round a bouts.... LOLOLOL (well at least here) because he drove backwards through the round a bout. Well the person I am, always sing
"WE OOH WE OOH" (like the sound police cars make in england) whenever Mark speeds or whatever. Well everyone started laughing and I was cracking up. Then a few minutes later Mark kinda made a funny noise, so I asked him what the matter was... He said I am getting pulled over by a motorcycle cop. So the cop came up to the car and said "Is this your first time in Nigril?" Mark said yes, and he said "I have seen you here before" Mark said Nope not me. So the cop said "why did you drive the wrong way? you could of caused a bad accident?" So to make a long story short, Mark drove away without a ticket. Whew!!!!!! So lets just say, I may hit a pothole or two by accident, but there is no way I would drive around the round a bout wrong. LOLOLOLOLOLO I love you Honey!!!! Pay backs are no fun!!!!!!!!
Anyway Cool Runnings was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun, the kids had a great time. Then we went to burger king for dinner. Just a beautiful day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Failed attempt

Mark here again.
Two weeks ago, an English woman came by and said she did a live radio show from here in Jamaica that was broadcast in Manchester, England. The station is called Peace FM and their venue focuses on the British black community, many of whom have Jamaican backgrounds. At any rate, she wanted to do an interview with Jim about " My Father's House" because her program is a human events venue from Jamaica. Jim didn't want to do it because he felt he might be too nervous, so he asked if I would do it. Me, being the shy person I am, said "Sure!" So, last night she showed up around dinner time, talked with me about how it should go, asked me some questions to start off with, and spent the night in one of the team dorm beds. Bright and early this morning we got together, after I made omelets for everyone, and she tried getting through to the station for the interview which was to take place via the telly-phone. Well, the other thing that was to be happening this morning was that Kim and I were to take Jim back to Montego Bay today so he could catch the 12:50 flight home. So, this lady, Miss Susie-sue as she's called on the radio, first told us we would begin by 8a.m.. Then it was 9a.m.. Then she couldn't get through to the station. So by 9:15 I'm telling her that we should have left by now and we MUST leave by 9:30 at the latest. She still can't get through by then , so we are frantically getting the heck out of there when I hear her finally on the phone, chewing out the DJ we were trying to get hold of for the interview! So, needless to say, we re-scheduled for next week and got the "H" out of there. Now, we were supposed to make a couple stops on the way, but we really don't have time now and Jim is driving like a bat outa Hell over one of the worst roads on the island. Kim gets carsick on the way and feels like she's gonna toss her cookies. So, we still have to stop and buy chlorine for the pool, get some lunch, and grocery shop for the stuff we didn't get the other day. That all goes real smooth and we get out of Montego bay by about 1:30. Then, on the way back over the mountain , we both remember we need to stop by Kirk's, the mechanic, and drop off $6000 Jamaican for a new headlight housing that broke off last time we were here. So, we stop by Kirk's and have to leave the $$ with Lorena, his neighbor. Not a real comfortable situation, but you gotta do what you gotta do.At this point, Kim has had enough of my driving these roads too, so she drives the rest of the way home. Now Jim might drive a little fast for some people, but Kim drives very slow and still manages to hit most of the potholes dead center. She's gonna hate me for a week for saying that, but she knows I love her and only say these things to be helpful and constructive and show her how honest and and truthful and brave and .......... she's gonna kill me, huh?
I love you, honey!!!.......

You'll probably hear more about this later.
Love and God's peace, Mark.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weird day!

Hi, this is Mark posting today. Kim is at the neighbors house visiting, so it's my turn to tell you of the day's events. We left this morning to take the team from Pittsburg to the airport in Montego Bay. We stopped just outside of Whitehouse at the top of this high hill. You could look down over the town and see the beauty of the area and the sea. We all prayed over the town and blessed the residents, fisherman, and children of the community. It was very nice.
We then proceeded on our way. I drove the van and Kim rode shotgun. We had mostly women in the van, and Jim had mostly men in the truck and all the luggage in the back. We get to Montego Bay and stop at the gift shops that Jim and Penie love to take teams to. They are owned by East Indian men and give the teams good deals on things. As we are getting out of the vehicles, Jim noticed the headlight housing on the front of the van is missing. " What happened? Did you hit a pothole?" he asks. We both said "Yeah. A couple of them." Truth of the matter is, the road from Whitehouse to Montego Bay is mostly potholes, water, goats, and crazy friggin' drivers with more guts than brains. Oh, there is some pavement too. It's a real challenge to be able to dodge as many potholes as you can,( many times crossing way over into oncoming traffic)and you have to do this while driving on the left side of the road, steering from the right side of the vehicle, shifting with your left hand, traveling at 35 to 50 mph, watching out for pedestrians everywhere ( no sidewalks), goats, kids, bikes, dogs, and taxis passing you every few minutes." No problem mon."
So, we spend an hour or so shopping and head to the airport and say our good-byes. This time around, Jim is leaving as well and that means Kim and I are now officially in charge of running the orphanage.
Kim happened to see a Wendy's on the way to the airport, so we stopped there for lunch, before going grocery shopping. HAMBURGERS!!! Yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' about! Real beef and greasy french fries. Yessss! After we eat, we're at the grocery store and find out the credit card we use now hasn't been activated yet and wind up having to pay cash for the groceries. Great! "No problem mon". Then, Jim calls from the airport to say that he couldn't get on that flight since he's on standby, and we better wait around town until 3:00 to see if he gets on the next flight. "No problem mon". So, We find a great little coffee place and sit there for an hour and a half visiting when Jim calls and say's he didn't make that flight either. So, Kim says she'll just start driving back with Jenni, and I should just go pick up Jim and we'll meet back home. I tell her how to get back to the highway we were on and they're on their way." No problem mon". I go and pick Jim up, and we start heading back. We stop along the way for a quick refreshment at this great Jerk chicken place, and about 5 miles from home, the hood pops open and almost breaks the windshield! We pull over and have to beat on the hinge with a hammer to get it to close. We tie it shut and off we go." No problem mon". We finally get home, but Kim and Jenni aren't there. they had a good hour lead on us. Where could they be? So I call Kim's phone and Jenni answers and Kim's laughing in the back ground. Come to find out, they missed their turn and some knot-head local gave them bad directions and they drove all the way to Negril! An hour out of their way! At least it was a beautiful day for a drive. "No problem mon". I love Jamaica. Ok Kim here now, LOL I got a phone call before Mark, from Lisa, friends of Jim and Penies, I talked about them before, well she invited me over to dinner with her and Dr. Linda for a girls night. At first I said I shouldn't go, but I quickly changed my mind after this long day we had. So one of things I have missed the most is beef..... well what did we have for dinner, but stinking pot roast...... oh man..... what a perfect ending to my day. So I look at my watch and see that it is 10:04 pm and Markie locks the house at ten. So I hop in the van turn on the lights and the rear windshield wiper goes on, I am laughing quietly not to make any noise ya know, and I then turn on the front ones, lolol still no lights as I am backing up so Dr. Linda doesn't know that I really can't find the lights. LOLOL Ok well I did finally get it right, and drive home. I get to the house and jump out to get the gate, as I pull in my darling husband comes out to meet me and help me too. What a guy!!!!! Little does he know that the two ladies sent home pot roast and dessert for him. So I get into bed and see that Mark has this entire blog almost done. But I just couldn't let it go without telling my story too. Hmmmm I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crossway Church leaves

Wow, another emotional evening. After dinner everyone jumped in the cars to go watch the sunset over the water. I stayed back to frost a birthday cake for Chris who's birthday is today. Wish I would of went because during the sunset he surprised his father and was baptized by Pastor Chris. Now this is a 17th. birthday he will never forget. After worship Pastor Chris made My Fathers House come sit in the middle, while their team said some wonderful things, very encouraging words for each and everyone of us. Like I said, very emotional night. I just feel so blessed to have met these wonderful people. One thing they said was that we made a difference in their life, and that all of us will be remembered always. Its funny you know, we came here to be missionary's, and along the way we are making a difference in Christian American lives too. God is Good! Some of them want to come back while Mark and I are still here. I sure hope they do. We all then shared communion. That was so special. Then we surprised chris with a birthday cake and icecream. What a perfect ending to one awesome week. We made some awesome new friends.
Ok now back to reality... Jim leaves tomorrow with the team. So that means Mark will be driving the truck back from the airport and I the van. Neither one of us has driven that far yet. So I am taking Jenni for my moral support. But then the three of us will get to go to lunch. Keep the prayers coming please, it is going to be a stressful day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And The Winner Is?

The Boys!!!!
When I went downstairs the boys had already cut the steaming hot brownies, but the team had just got home too, so they couldn't eat them right? So I served them to the team after dinner for a little treat, and Papa Jim tried a cookie and a brownie. This morning he announced that the brownies rocked.... So the last team brought in these cool suckers, so I think today I will give one to each boy for their winning brownie's.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bake Off

Right now before school starts, we are trying to get the kids on a little bit of a schedule. So the kids are reading a book for an hour a day. We all sit in the living room reading our books, then I go around and have each child tell us about there book. I am finding that they are reading some good books, makes me want to read them too. Then Miss Jenni is supposed to come up with some sort of an activity to do with the kids everyday, (craft, PE, etc.) but for some reason today she was stumped so I suggested many things, that the kids just did not want to do, until I came up with a Bake off. (anything with goodies the kids love, obviously) :-) The boys against the girls. YES!!!!!!! Jenni supervised the boys, I the girls. Boys ran right into the kitchen and decided to make brownies (from scratch). It took the girls awhile to decide, only because we have one big bag of chocolate chips that the last team brought in, and we weren't sure we wanted to use them quite yet. But I caved.... LOL So the girls made chocolate chip cookies. The cookies were a little over done, but they still tasted great. The brownies are now done, they just yelled up to me. But it is so close to dinner, I am not sure what to do. And they of course do not want to share with the team. Ho Hum..... what in the world do I do now? Prayers please!!!! I will get back to you with the results.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Today was the day that all the teams love.. If you want to see this place look it up on the internet. Mark and I were lucky enough to go with the group today. People from all over the world go to Y S Falls. The falls, are so beautiful, the zip line going over the falls, the natural spring pool, and the river raft ride. Today John, Christina, Mark and I decided to float down the river right off the bat. It was so much fun and beautiful. We walked around and took pictures, but when Christina was taking pictures with her Cannon Rebel..... OMGOSH, made our pictures look sick. LOL and it is so much more fun to scrapbook pictures that are good (don't you know) lol. (Shasta sure knows that) I will post the humming bird pictures she took when I get them, Man oh Man. So now tonight is Jim's Jerk Chicken on the BBQ, everyone is excited for dinner. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Look around and thank our God for life and for his son dieing on the cross for our sins, and to think that heaven is going to be "Heaven"
How awesome is that?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Team from Pittsburg

At dinner time last night our new team arrived. There are 16 of them, almost all of them are adults. There minister is pretty young but boy can he preach and pray, oh and sing too. Penie and Jordan or leaving at 4:00 am to go back to Texas to get Jordan off to school. So that leaves Jim,Mark Jenni and I to finish up with the team. Mark and I have already been making breakfast, so we will just continue doing that along with Jenni. Today we took the team to the nursing home, they had stuffed animals for all the woman and lotion, which all the woman loved. Joyce (the lady I was telling you about, that doesn't ask for a bed pan) well she remembered me, but still goes in the bed, and then she is miserable, so I am going to keep working with her. Then we went to the hospital. Yea Dante was there, but without his surgery :-( I guess he had a cold the day he was getting it done.
So the team had color crayons and coloring books for the children in the hospital, and we took diapers and bibs to the new moms. Great day so far!!!!! At lunch time Mark and I ran to get one of the kids uniforms ordered, and on are way back, a taxi rear ended us. First thing that came to my mind was "get the name of his insurance company" LOL yea right Kim..... Just get the money right from the person. Well as it turned out, all is well, no problem mon.........LOL Then we all went to Gully Bank and gave away clothes and school supplies and baby food, played with the kids and told bible stories. Jenni and I took Corey and his little cousin some sweat pants and sweat shirts and IBProfin. They both have sical cell, and it is very pain full, and at night they get cold, and everything hurts, hense the sweatpants. So all in all the day was just awesome. And right this second I can hear everyone singing How Great is Our God, so I am off and running to worship. Love to all

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Sunday Morning

Our dry run went pretty darn good, it was a good thing to do because it brought up some questions. Miss Sandy has left and then it was Myles that went home. Like I said that is going to be the hardest part. Miss Sandy was so loving to the children, Felix and Sheena loved her, and her baking was hm hm good. Myles cracked us up daily, and we have way to many leftovers now that he isn't eating them all up. LOL Friday was a hot one and Miss Penie said "staff meeting in the pool" so hm I thought, this could be nice. Well nice yes, was I thinking at all? I don't think so, Fried once again! Aloe yes, quite a few times. The next day I was not well, I spent almost the entire day in bed, but today the burn is much better, but I am not feeling all that great. So I am glad its a relaxation day. Miss Deb, a Jamaican woman from Toronto came Friday afternoon as an intern for a week, and then a new team is coming on Tuesday along with another woman who will join this team along with Miss Deb. Most of this group is all adults, the youngest is 17 I think. So I will get to take them to the infirmary and the hospital, then I can see Dante (Dontay) I have been praying for him that his surgery went ok. This team will also be helping get all the wood ready for the windows (hurricanes)
Travoy and Sabrina came home from their aunts, boy how we missed them. Ritz comes home on Monday. One month has gone by... Mark and I are in awww.... it seems like maybe a couple of weeks. Keep the praying coming, we need them daily and we are feeling them. Also if there is just one of you that would like to come, that is ok too, we could still use the help. Please make a comment on these entries, that way I know someone is reading. Mark and I look forward to reading what you write. Its not like we are getting any emails or anything. lol Love to all

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our dry run

Well we had 5 days here alone with the kids. We started a chore chart and a chart for good and bad behavior. Surprisingly, its going pretty darn good. Some kids are just going after the stars, and others do ok. All in all we are very happy on how they are doing. Felix and Sheena rock!!!! We taught them how to sweep moving all the furniture, boy they are almost better then the big kids. Jenni started organizing the library, just in fiction alone there are 500 books. I know crazy huh? But there are some good books. Mark and I cleaned and organized the pantry, that job took about 5-6 hours, but ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh does it look great! Miss Dawn just loved it this morning when she came into work. We went through school clothes with the kids, figuring out what we need to go get for them. (They wear uniforms.) We all went to Petersville on Sunday to go to church. Church here starts at 9:00 and ends like at 2:00. We went at 11:30...LOL next week I think we will go at 12:00 or 12:30, In this heat it was hard for even me to sit. But oh how I love to worship with them, the passion is amazing. Saturday Mark and I went to market, never again will we go on a Saturday, boy we learned our lesson. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy! Tonight I am going to cut Dr. Linda's hair, we are going to barter scuba diving (she is a scuba teacher too)So Mark and I are going to get certified. Heck we have a year, I think we can get that done. :-) Miss Sandy is leaving tomorrow, Myles is leaving on Friday and a new team is arriving on Tuesday. Oh DonnaRea, Marlin and her two kids are moving in tomorrow. They are a jamaican family that will help us with the culture here. So many changes I tell ya. Miss Penie leaves on the 10th, so she won't be here for the last team. Then Jim leaves on the 18th. I think. Then its solo time for us. Please keep the prayers coming our way. Love to all BTW some of you should really take us up on trying to do mission work while we are here, its a great experience for you no matter what age you are. Many Blessings