Thursday, September 29, 2011

Productive Day

Yesterday was a bust, with a migraine, but there wasn't much for us to do with anything as it was.  Two days ago we went to the Embassy to drop off the two papers we needed, and they would not deliver them for us, they told us we had to come back on Thursday, now can you believe that?  He said the first shift might of made and exception but they weren't.  Man!  all I wanted was for Homeland Security to get the papers and have time to look at them before we got there on Thursday, bu no such luck.  But now today, much better day.  We get to the Embassy and there is about 20 people ahead of us and about that many came in after us.  The man that works there pointed at me handed me a number and said "here I remember you from the other day"   WOOOHOOOOOO!  So now we are first.  The lady sitting next to us took a liking to Dontae and asked our story, she leaned forward looked right at Dontae and said "no worries Jesus is in control today"  of which we answered "Yes he is!" ( I think this lady was our angel)  Just then #600 was called, we walked in to a "Good Afternoon Mrs. Lau" That was nice.  She looked at our papers and said perfect. she could NOT understand why the guards would not deliver our papers.  She told us straight out that we would not be flying home on the 4th.  :-(  but deep down we already knew that.  I said to her that I have a convention on the 28th.  (Woman of Faith)  Just then Dontae was fussing, so Mark took him out of the stroller sat him up to the window, and showed her his foot.  He told her our concerns of his toes starting to spread, and he is starting to trip and fall. So then she said I am going to try something, go sit out in the lobby until I call you.  About a hour went by and we were called in, she told me to write a letter about his foot, my convention and then turn it back in to her.  I did that, she told me this judicature runs strictly by the books but that she would read the letter. So OK! I should know something tomorrow.  I may not know the exact date, but I will know if its going to all happen in Oct. LOLOL
Our Angel in the waiting area was right, and it felt so good to be reminded of this from a complete stranger. That is just one of the beauties of Jamaica, everyone openly talks about Christ and their faith, and does NOT have a problem telling you.  I just love the people here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was blind, but now I see.

Hi, this is Mark. I just wanted to add a couple of things while we're at it. Since I was there, and most people reading this blog were not, I'd like to shed some light on a couple of things. At the time we turned the children back over to the CDA's custody the social workers asked us for their individual files. When they looked through these files they were astonished at how incomplete and outdated they were. There were little or no medical, vaccination, or dental records in any of them. These types of records are required by any organization overseeing orphanages, foster homes, or the like. Fortunately, there was only six children left at "My Father's House" at the time, which brings up another point of contention.
 When we brought a team there in 2009 , we expected to see 21 children living there, as the website said. We brought along 14 new sets of bed linens for the children and were surprised to see only 11 children living there. When we came in 2010, to run the orphanage, there were only 6 children living there. Yet the website still advertised 21 children in the home. We found out from social workers at CDA that the Koch's had not been given any new children to care for in the previous five years due to allegations of abuse and neglect. Why would they continue to have people think that there were more children living in the home than there actually were?
Why, also, would they ask our 2009 team to bring along $5000.00 U.S. to pay for the house we were to build, through "Food for the poor", for Solomon's family? At the time, we were more than willing to help in any way we could, so it wasn't an issue. But, when we came here in 2010, we found out that houses built through "Food for the poor" are provided free of charge through worldwide donations. This was not disclosed to us at the time. Had it been, we would have donated the money to "Food for the poor" to help pay for more homes for poor people around the world, not just handed it over to Jim Koch.
 I guess the point I'm trying to make is this. These examples of dishonesty and deceit are just a few of many, many more. I trusted these people at one time too. I was willing to put my life on hold, come to Jamaica for a year, and help them with what I thought was a great cause.....helping children. But the longer I was here, and the more I found out and witnessed first hand, I realized that they were not what they pretended to be and that the whole thing was not about caring for children at all.
 This entire vaccination business just shows again the character and integrity of these folks.  They may not have the license to run a children s home anymore, but they still work with many children in the community, and this worries me.  If they didn't take proper care of their own children, why would you think they would  be interested in someone elses?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was sent this information today from Miss Denise.  She is the woman that is adopting Anita, actually its just about done. When going over her records of all Anita's shots she found out that Anita was behind.  So Miss Dawn, the cook that used to work for Jim and Penie Kock took Anita in to get her caught up.  I hope you all see just a small part of how they abused children at My Fathers House.
Dawn took Anita to the clinic yesterday to see if she could get her any of the shots she needed.  Would you believe that she was there from 7am to 6:30 pm!!!! almost 12 hrs.  The nurse only gave her 1 shot and polio drops for all that time.  I tell you she is a blessed woman.  The nurse was mad as hell at Pennie, becasue she said that the shots are free and she didn't get Anita vaccinated.  She was about to report her as being neglegent, but Dawn told her that they don't have children there anymore.  She said that she put Anita's health in danger all these years by not keeping her up to date especially when the shots are free.  So now I still have to pay close to $20,000 JA to get her up to date.  I think you should put this on your blog for all the people who thought that she cared so much for Anita 

This and That

My lovin husby decided to also catch up on our blog, and he started laughing.  He asked me "do you proof read what you write?"  "Uh no"  I said.   LOLOL  So he started reading to me what I wrote, WOW, maybe I should.   LOL  But if I had to take the time to do that, then I would change everything I wrote.  So if it bothers you how bad my grammar is then I am sorry.
So, remember the two papers I said that we were missing?  I called our social worker Ms. Brown yesterday morning, and she said that she didn't even know what they were. (Great!) She said she would check into it.  We don't have the time it takes for them, so I called Mr. Smith, who used to be in charge of our case and is very up on all this stuff.  He told me what we needed to do,  so after about a zillion phone calls, the papers will be in Kingston today.  We decided to go to the Embassy yesterday to ask some questions for us and Ms. Denise, who is adopting Anita. But they wouldn't let us in with out the papers that we will be getting today. After talking to two different men, they finally send out a gentleman that knew what the heck he was talking about.  He did give us some encouraging news.  He told us that the way they do things here as far as getting an interview appointment is not set in stone, that they do make exceptions, so he told us to bring the papers back on Thursday and plead our case again.  He also gave me a phone number.  DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST WROTE?, A PHONE NUMBER.   LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL The Embassy does NOT take phone calls anymore, but now I have one.  (even though no one answered)  LOL  Still I feel so entitled.  :-)  Its homeland security number, and I really wanted the Visa number, but oh well.  We are hoping to drop the papers off today, so we can get a head start for Thursday.  Are plan was to go back to Whitehouse today, now that is not going to happen, we now need to stay at least through Thursday, but then if they let us go get Dontae's medical, (which is done in Kingston) then we will have to stay longer.  We feel so blessed that we know a young man that rents his car, and its very slow for him right now, because its not a problem for us to keep it.  I would hate to drive 4 hours back, to just turn around and come right back here.  So I think I have brought you up to speed.
Ok when I know more, you will know more.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Embassy Phone Call

I don't have to tell you that my heart sit the tile floor so hard when I got this call this evening.  But its not what  of you think.  :-(  They told me we were missing to papers from our file.  1.Child Development Agency background report 2. Fit person report.  Now I read and re read all that needed to be in the stuff we sent to them and these two papers were NOT listed.  So now I need to call Ms. Brown on Monday and have her courier this stuff to the Embassy.  With past history of how slow things move, I am not expecting this to happen quickly, but I sure am going to try.  I asked the woman what this meant after she got those two papers, and she said we will then give it to the judicator.  And you know it was the same lady we met with yesterday, who said no one would probably even look at it for a week.  But last night I wrote an email of our story from our journey in Jamaica for all these months.  So maybe I pulled some heart strings.  Hey mon, this isn't over till the fat lady sings.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The calm before the STORM

We got up this morning and went right away to the Embassy, but was told to come back at 1:00, so we came back to our room put Dontae down until it was time to go back. Its kinda funny here in Jamaica, there is alot of places that you don't need to pay for parking, but really you do, because the Jamaicans come out of the wood work to stand guard on you car until you get back.  We had like five different guys all helping us.  In a way its great because they stop the traffic for you, they take down your stroller and put it in the trunk, but they also expect some moooola.  This morning we were gone only five minutes, but all five guys wanted some money.  And us the whiteys felt bad, gave them some money and they told us they would save our spot for at 1:00.  Ok so we expect not to pay the next time, right?  wrong........ So we get inside the doors and I had to taste the drinks in the diaper bag, Dontae had to take a bite of his lunch and I had to rub his lotion me so they would know that its all safe.  We get our number C610  and they are on C601, not a bad wait at all.  We get in and in talking we find out that there is one judicator for ALL the Caribbean islands. And the judicator is the person that does the step we are in.  In China they have many judicators since they have so many adoptions going on, so since Jamaica does not have alot, this judicator is for all over.  So that news was not very good to hear. We sent in all our paperwork last week, well come to find out they got it just yesterday.  So this lady was familiar with our names and what we were asking.  She told us the usual wait time for this process is 60 days. But they do make exceptions, although the exceptions are for children with urgent medical needs.  Not so much to people that had to quit making there house payments three months, had to draw on there retirement, and that I want Dontae baptized, not to mention that our extension for income tax has to be turned in before the end of October, and our debit card expires in November, and same with my license, the stinking list goes on and on and on and on.  I am not asking for your sympathy, I am just venting.  We asked the clerk if she thought there would be any way at all for us to make the Oct 4th. date, she told us that the judicator probably won't even look at our file for about a week.  :-(  So was day before yesterday the calm before the storm?  The clerk gave us the judicators email address, and every email we send her goes immediately into our file and she reads it.   We have paid for the car until Tuesday, so we are going to stay in Kingston just in case, because I am going to write this woman our entire story, maybe she will feel for us and make it work. Dontae is so worth all this, don't get me wrong, but we are sooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to be home.    And staying at the Star Castle on cup o noodle soup for the next however long, I think I might just barf.  SIXTY DAYS MAYBE........  Please God, I know you don't give us more then we can handle, that must mean we are very strong Mark and I, but right this second I can tell you I am NUMB!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As we got here yesterday we went right to Child Development Agency and picked up all the papers we needed to go and get Dontae's passport.  It went so smooth, we met some wonderful people who just fell in love with our Boo.  (he is such a flirt with Jamaican women) so we left there and went right over to the Immigration office. Had to go under a tent outside and stand in line to show my paperwork, once they did that they gave me a number to go inside.  As I went inside the lady took my number and told me to stand in this other line, this lady then looked at all the paperwork and then copied them off and gave me another number. She told me to take a seat and wait for my number to be called.  That took about 10 minutes.  Number 171 and up I went, she asked me when I would like to get his passport, I told her the next day and she said that would cost me 4500.00J, Which is about 50.00 US.  So I went over to the cashier who asked me where I was from, and he said he has been to Washington State, I thought that was cool and asked him where from,  he said Yelm.  I started laughing and laughing, and he started asking me why I was laughing,  I just said I was expecting you to say something like Seattle, not YEELLM.  LOL  Thank God he found the humor in that.  So I paid him the money and I went back to the car.  When I said everything went so smooth, I really meant it, because Mark and I were talking about our very first time we came to Kingston when we were at My Fathers House and we were here trying to get Mark a work permit.  OH MY GOSH......  It was a night mare. So we had a wonderful experience this time. We were so excited that we went out to dinner.  Something I was so looking forward to, since eating toast, cereal, cup o noodle for over a week now.
Now today, we went to look for a umbrella stroller for the trip home, since its not so bulky.  The stroller we have here, we will donate to Jesus for Jamaica, along with the pack and play and the highchair. We also got Dontae a pair of shoes for the trip home to the cold.  :-) then I walked across the street to the immigration building and picked up Dontae's passssssssssssssssssssssport...........  yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!! Now tomorrow we are going to go to the Embassy and see what we can do.
Ya know, I think back to the beginning of this adoption journey and I get so upset with myself, because I depended on the Jamaican people to tell me what to do and when to do it.  That was my first mistake.  As nice as they all are and the many many friends I have met in this adoption process, they sure don't have a good, hard work ethic.  I really don't think they even know they are not just doing the best job ever.  I will give you an example.  I called back our lady at CDA who is working on our case and asked her one last time, "are you really actually waiting for an application form?" She said "no"  that she sent it in already to Kingston, they needed to sign it and send it back, then we could have it and get the passport.  But they have had it for over a month, and I have been calling and calling trying to get Ms. Brown to do something about it.  She even went as far to tell me it was on its way.  So I told her to find out where it is and call me right back. I had asked her if I could just pick it up in Kingston, instead of loosing a day while they courier it back to Sav.  She told me no they will not do that. But this time I decided to call myself as well.  I talked to Claudia, who was a Blessing to me.  She also thought they would make an exception. She called me back later and Yes they would make an exception.  And this was one of the people we got to meet yesterday.  I gave her a hug and thanked her for helping us with this, and that we appreciated her going the extra mile for us.  So if I would not of called on my own, we would be coming to Kingston today. So in the future,  when I think I am not educated enough on a certain subject (this one being adoption) I will never rely on someone else.  EVER!!!!
If tomorrow goes as well, then we will be on that plane headed for home.  Prayers are needed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off to Kingston

We have been without internet again.  But wanted you to know that we are heading off to Kingston this morning.  I will fill you in on all the details later on this evening.  Pray for us to get through all the red tape and they will show us compassion.  Love you all

Saturday, September 17, 2011

So much Laughter

This amazing little boy of ours brings so much laughter and fun to our lives its just crazy.  We are almost always laughing with him and just having the best time.  He talks and talks and talks with hand movements and body language, but we can't understand one word he says.  So the more we giggle, the more he does it and the cycle goes on for hours.  I think I am beginning to get TMJ from laughing so hard and long.  The laughter continued on even after we put Boo to bed last night.  Mark and I were watching TV, yes I said TV... its been really fun to watch it when we haven't had it for this last year.  But we were watching this show WIPEOUT.....  we just had the best time laughing and talking and holding hands.
So why did I wake up this morning feeling so anxious with a upset tummy from being anxious? (well maybe its from the top ramine I keep eating, because its either that or toast) no no all silliness aside, we just want this to be finished.  We are more then ready to bring our baby home.  Ms. Brown who is our Child Development Agency woman working on our adoption here in Jamaica is wonderful but stinking  S  L  OOOOOO  W...  She was nice enough to get Dontae's passport for us, but that was over a month ago, maybe two months if I look back at dates, and she still has not got anywhere.  So Mark and I took it into our own hands, the application is done pictures are taken, form is notarized, so now we just need to take it to Kingston.  We cashed in one of our retirement polices, but when they deposit it into your account they do it in three different increments, so we won't have enough money now until next week.  There is a road block at every single turn. The letter that I wrote the Embassy? Well they haven't responded as of yet.  I just pray they have some compassion and grant us this interview early.
So with all the laughter and fun there is still an anxious sick feeling, that I am so ready to get rid of.
I just heard that Jenni does not have enough funds to get her back to Jamaica for her internship,  Please let me know if you can help her financially or email her.  The youth here in Whitehouse really need her and the youth group she will be doing.  Please pray that her funding will come in, and pray to give her wisdom on fundraising ideas.  She is supposed to fly back here on Oct 10th.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Love Story Part 4

So like I said I never hardly slept because I was so excited to Mark at church.  So I got myself all cute and off I went, my kids were staying with there dad so they were meeting me there.  As I was walking in there he was with his mom and dad of which I was introduced.  First thing I thought was "wow what wonderful parents, now maybe I will have some in laws that appreciate me and who I appreciate"  LOL  I know what you are thinking, but heck like I said before, I knew we were going to end up together.  So after that Sunday, we spent hours on the phone together, we started going on more and more dates. I was introduced to his children before he was mine, because I wasn't going to introduce them until I knew for sure that Mark was on the same path as me. LOL.  Brandon and I hit it off right away, I really thought he was a great kid, even though he has some rebel in him that's for sure.  Alesia was this darling darling young girl that dressed like a boy who weighed 200 lbs.  But the main thing I remember about her back then was how smart she was, she could hold a conversation with her dad that I couldn't even.  And funny, OMGosh how funny.  After some time I introduced my kids to Mark, and they all got along fantastic.  When we started getting more serious in our relationship we decided to start going to counseling to learn the best way to blend our families.  We didn't want to go through what so many others had.  And I suggest everyone should do it.  We learned alot about our families and each other.  But then the dreaded Dr. Laura speech came up.  LOLOL  mind you I loved Dr, Laura back then, but I sure didn't like the speech from Mark.  She said that you HAD to date at least one and a half years before you can get married.  So Mark stuck to that no matter how hard I tried to to convince him otherwise.  We hung out with his folks quite a bit and played games and just talked, I was in 7th heaven.  Such strong Christian people that loved their children so much.  I went on to meet his wonderful siblings and his niece and nephews.  What a blast.  I was taking my kids to Disney Land and asked Mark if he wanted to come and bring his kids.  To my surprise he said yes.  So we rented two rooms, one for all us girls and one for the boys.  What a ball we had, and that is where we were all introduced to dippin dots.  Oh Man how we all loved those.  So after awhile Mark asked me to marry him and he announced it in church the next morning, and our children didn't even know at that time.  It was just amazing.  We decided that we were going to get married the next summer on his 7 acres.  So now the planning begins.   Stay tuned!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last stretch

Well at least I think we are.  But I will tell you this, without all the people around us all the time, we sure are beginning to get bored.  LOL  We are kind of just sitting here, doing not much, and eating sandwiches for lunch and dinner, since we don't have cooking where we are staying. Thank God they gave us a fridge to put in our room.  Not sure what we would of done without that.
Kathy R.  you asked what the time line is for us coming home. Past history tells us we will not make our Oct.4th. flight.  But we are not giving up as of yet.  We are trying to do everything we can to make that flight.  Please keep us in your prayers. And God willing, we will make it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A new home away from home...

We were living at Button Bay Beach Getaway in Treasure Beach Jamaica, which we call a "home away from home"  but as of yesterday we are now away from home.  We have moved once again back to Whitehouse Westmorland for the last part of our adoption.  While we were in Florida getting our finger prints done, we both realized a couple of things. One being we miss the mission work terribly, we miss church, and everything that goes along with it. And we both realized that we need to be focused 100% on our new son, and do everything in our power to get this adoption final, and we were just to far away from the things we needed to get done.  Just to get to the airport and home from Treasure Beach cost us $240.00US.  The taxi here cost $70.00. So now it should be not so stressful, when it comes to money.
Its funny how we thought we wanted to buy into Button Bay and live there and run it. Now God on the other hand thought differently. He told us what he wants us to do.  Now if we can just make it happen.
I can tell you we miss our home at Button Bay, and we really miss Gladys and William.  They have become a second family to us and Dontae.  Gladys even hired a nanny for us, while we had to make the trip to the states.  Not very many people would just do that for someone.  I miss the sound of the ocean, I miss their company, I miss the good food Suzie made, I miss the beautiful property and the feeling of home.  And I miss the guests. But this was a move that we really needed to do for Dontae.  We have been in Jamaica for 14 months now, and really not sure how much longer we will be here.  One thing I will say is, we are going to  MISS it here. And MISS Gladys and William, Linda Botkin, Marlon and Donaree and children, Bobbet and Soloman.  Oh gosh everyone.
Miss Denise got her appointment for Anita's interview at the Embassy.  So that adoption is almost done. PTL
Now Anita has a real family that will love her unconditionally
Please pray for all of us through these last steps of our journey.
God Bless

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

He is OURS.....

Well at least in Jamaica.  :-)  It was a great day today.  We were not looking forward to the wait at court because last time we were waiting for court it was 4 hours and Dontae got sick from too much heat.  You see outside the doors are some long benches and you come earlier then 10:00 just to get a seat and you sit there and wait for your name to be called.  Right along with a zillion other people.
But today was different.  First off when we got there and got our seat, Dontae had to make the rounds and charm the pants off of every person there. (which was the cutest thing ever)  and then with in a half an hour Ms. Brown called us in.  We went up stairs to the judge and sat down, while Ms. Brown read all about us, and Dontae decided at that moment to make noise and talk and talk and talk.  Can't understand a word he was saying, but he was sure talking anyway.  Then we get to the end of the reading and the Judge looked at us and said the  words which were music to our ears.  "I grant you the licence to adopt Dontae"  YEAAAAAAAAAAAA and we clapped, and then Dontae clapped too.  Then the judge said, your child is one of the very few Jamaican children that she has seen in there that is so happy and active as him.  We were surprised to hear that, but we also have had Dontae in our care for almost 11 months now.  Where most Jamaican children do not get that opportunity. Needless to say, we were so happy and proud at that very minute.  So now we are working hard to get the rest of this finished here so we can bring our son home. Thank you everyone for all your prayers.
God is Good!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Court.... That's what I said "Court"

Tomorrow at ten in the morning we get to take our little guy to court.  Can you believe it??????  He will officially be our son tomorrow.  Well that is in Jamaica only  :-(

Monday, September 5, 2011


After we got to Tim and Lynda's house, we were just exhausted.  It felt like a mac truck was lifted from our shoulders. At least we got the fingerprints done correctly. I almost instantly got a headache and Markie's cold turned into him just being sick.  Sick like not get out of bed sick. But by the second day Mark was starting to feel better. We made the call to Homeland security to see if they excepted our prints, and the lady was out to lunch.  I asked for her to call me, but I wasn't holding my breath because it was a Friday with a long weekend attached.  But she called back and said that she approved the prints and passed it on to the next person that has to officially approve our adoption. So we are almost positive that flying to Florida to get our prints done worked.  Thank you Mom and Dad Lau for buying our airfare. And thank you to Tim and Lynda for putting us up for the days we needed to be in Florida.  You both were a grand host and hostess.  You spoiled us with wonderful meals. Thank you to all four of you, this wouldn't of happened without your help.  We appreciate you so much.
Hopefully tomorrow we will get the official word.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unexpected thats for sure...

Ok so today has been kinda hard, we are leaving Dontae with a young gal that hardly knows him.  They seem to be doing very well together though.  Gladys is right around the corner, oh and I think he is starting to get sick.  But we are prepared with all the meds. just in case he gets sick sick.
We give hugs and kisses and are picked up to be taken to the airport. $100.00 mind you.....  One way.......
We get to the airport and everything goes very vert smooth, which is a nice surprise.  We go and get a pizza for lunch and find out that our flight is delayed a hour.  Ok we think not so bad, they have free internet.  LOL.  But then it gets delayed another hour.  Ok now this is starting to sneak its way into our time of driving from Miami to Orlando to stay with Lynda and Tim.  So I email Gladys and tell her to get a hold of Lynda, because there is no way that we are going to show up at there house after midnight. Well good thing we did that because he was delayed again a third time. :-(  Anyway we land in Miami at something like 11:00pm, we were supposed to land at 5:45pm.  We pick up are rental car that was $18.00 .  So now off to eat something, because we are starved.  We see an IHop, so IHop it is.  After we eat we decide that we best find some wireless internet to see if Gladys told Lynda and to order some airtime for our phone in the States.  We head to a big hotel, because I am sure we can pick something up from the parking lot.  :-)  Yea but, my computer is not charged. (I swear if its not one thing its another)  so Mark goes into the hotel to ask if we can come in and use the WIFI and the reason why.  The guy says sure.  So in we go.  My laptop for some strang reason decided not to work in there, so after about an half and hour, we ask if we can use there business room computer.  The sweet guy that reminded me of Zack Neufeld once again said "sure".  Ok Emails done and back to the car.  It is now 1:00AM and we can not afford a hotel, so to the store for a couple of waters and back to the big hotel with the nice parking lot.   LOL  We set our alarm for 3:00AM, recline the seats and try to get some well needed shut eye.  NOT!!!!  We were both sweating and sweating because there was really no air and it was hot.  We couldnt leave our windows down, we are in Miami.  LOL and not to mention when I did fall off to sleep my restess leg would kick in and wake us both up from the one second we were asleep.  So Mark said, "ok forget this noise, if we are driving at least we will have air"  So we head out on our 4 hour drive in the middle of the night with no sleep.  On the turnpike with all the tolls and the cool stores, it for sure was an adventure in such a late hour.  We get within 100 miles and Mark pulls off and we close are eyes until our alarm goes off again.  I think I kinda woke up, but now we saw a dunkin donut sign, which meant "COFFEE"
Excited to drink my coffee when I then said, "what is so great with this?"  12 sugars later, just to be able to drink it. 
We now arrive at the fingerprint place, and looking like crap with no sleep and wrinkled up close we head on in.  We were there fifteen minutes before they opened but we saw people walking out. Hmmmm.  We found out later that Orlando is on Eastern time.  "Oh so the time in the car was right" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLO
After a whole bunch of rigamarole, and trying to find papers that we need so they CAN take our prints was a little stressful.  But there were these two people that decided to go to bat for us.  (Thank you God)  and they found them.  Finger prints were done in less then three minutes.  Homeland security had them immediatly, and now lets pray that they will take them a day late.
Huge stressor gone......  Starbucks where are you???????  Oh man we start driving and right there on the left is Starbucks. (Thank you God)  Wireless worked just fine here on my computer.  I send Lynda a message and then there she was messaging me.  She told us not to go to breakfast and to come there because she has food for us.  So off we went.  I will call Homeland security tomorrow to see if I can find anything out.  Oh and my laptop will not work here at Lynda's either.  So I am writing on this TV that is big as the width of a double bed.    Yea you heard me right, and its very cool, sitting here on the beautiful couch typing away listening to my husband snore.   LOLOLOL  What a treat for us, to be able to stay here with Gladys's daughter and husband, who also just bought Dontae two out fits, and a toy.  Like Mother Like daughter I think, they are both so loving and giving. 
Any whoo we are here until Monday.  And then we will get to see the eyes of our beautiful boy again.
Prayers needed that Homeland security will take the prints.