Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day after Day

You know it seems odd to us, that the people who leave a comment on our blog, can't even leave their real name, they hide by something else.  At least everyone who reads this blog knows exactly who is writing it.  If we also felt we wanted just OUR words on the blog, we wouldn't have allowed comments.
So day after day, letters go out to The Koch's sponsors, putting us down, even a letter to our pastor, which was in its entirety "false".  We have chosen to try and stay  the better person here.   So once again....if you really want the truth call CDA.  The truth is known by the Koch's, we are just sorry that they will not step up and tell all of their sponsors the truth as well.  It will ALL come out when the time is just right.  And then it will come out again on judgement day.



Duane Neufeld said...

This is another one of those trials you talked about in an earlier posting. Stay strong, remember the reason for the trip. Remember we love you all.

Duane & Lisa

LyndenMomof2 said...

Funny you mention this. I was thinking the same thing a few days ago as I was catching up. Our pastor has said in the past, he first looks to make sure the letter is signed, if it is...he will read it. If not, then it goes in the trash. If you have something to say. Then own it. Don't hide behind words.

And yes, they don't have to answer to us. God sees and hears all and will bring about judgement on those who speak falsely.

Prayers, prayers, and more prayers my dear friends. God is with you always. Love and miss you!!!