Monday, December 13, 2010

Dontae/ And other stuff

Well not much to update with.  We thought the culture results would be in today, but for some reason (Jamaica time) they were not.  They told us today that he needs to finish \his antibiotics which are for a couple more days. But they told us yesterday that he was done today.  Soooooooo, I am really not sure.  Those blister type bumps on his legs, they told me the Dr. called something in for them, but today they told me that the antibiotic will clear them up. So am I a little confused?  Oh, Yes! but just praying all the time that there is nothing serious going on here.  On a good note, Today was the best he has been, since he went in.  When we walked in, he gave us the biggest smile we have ever seen, and when I picked him up, he hugged and hugged me.  It was so great to see him almost back to himself.

Got a wonderful letter today from a husband and wife that we have never met.  But know's Kingdom Builders Ministry. They have been reading our blog for a few months now, and just said some wonderful things to us.  Its words like that, that keep a person going.  So Thank you friends!

Anita is doing the best we have ever seen her.  It is so amazing to see the young lady that we all knew was inside of her.  She also has a wonderful sense of humor, and can make us laugh at a drop of a hat.  That we didn't know about either.  Felix is just adorable as you all know from his pictures.  But something that happened to him while at MFH is being the youngest, we believe he just got over looked on many things. When we were there, we noticed, and corrected him, but we obviously didn't see it enough.  So we have been teaching him how to use a fork and a knife properly.  But the cute little show off that he is, makes a joke out of everything.  But when he doesn't realize we are watching, he is beginning to use his utensils quite good. Tonight we were working on lifting his fork to his mouth, and not his head to the plate.  Now this one is hard for him.  But we know he can do it.  We are working on having both of the kids ask to be excused from the table.  Now Felix rocks on this one,  Anita gets up puts her dishes in the sink and then sometimes asks.  So we have her come back to the table and start again.  We know she knows when to do it, but I just don't think she wants us to know that we ARE teaching her something.  LOL

Jenni is going home for a couple of weeks, lucky dog!  I will tell you though, we are going to MISS her terribly.  But when she gets back, we will meet up with all the kids and have our family Christmas.  Now that is going to be one fun day.  Maybe we can make it a slumber party, that way it would be two days...  Oh great idea I just had.....  :-)
Even though we have a Christmas tree, doesn't feel much like the holidays when its so beautiful here. Do you know, that I still to this day have not had on a pair of pants?  Jenni on the other hand has turned into a Jamaican, she wears pants when its like 70 degrees out.  LOL There isn't many Christmas lights on houses here, and I can't find wrapping paper to save my life.  All I can find is single sheets of it.  So I think we will use news paper, that is if someone will give us some.  LOL
If anyone is thinking about putting a mission trip together, we have a few ideas of things that could be done here, and some wonderful people so in need.  Or if you just want to sponsor a family or a child, we can help with that as well.  So many children here can't go to school because of the cost of uniforms books taxi lunches etc. So very little money to you and I, will go so far here.  We are working to become a non profit, so when your ready to sponsor someone, it will be a tax deductible.

Thank you to everyone who jumped in and donated to us.  We now have enough money to get us half way through February. Thank you for believing in us.