Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well I took Felix to the Dr. and I was a little worried on what the good Ole Dr. might say, but he said "it looks great, its nice and pink and its healing quite good."  So, why the heck was I nervous? LOL  He gave us a prescription for oral antibiotics, so that will help.  Finally got a battery for Felix's remote control car, and he hasn't quit driving it, actually he drove it so much the batteries were hot.  LOL  It was so cute when he was getting ready to go up to bed, he got a towel and wrapped the hummer up in it, and put it away, saying "goodnight"  So then this morning, the first think out of his mouth was "I want to drive my car"  so Mr. Mark tells him how early it is, so that he would have to play with it away from the house.  A couple minutes later he comes in the house with a sad look on his face, hands it to Mr. Mark and said " I guess I didn't look at it good enough when I went to bed, cause the batteries are dead, so I must of left it on"  Now that is progress in the making!!!!!!  Because usually he would come in yelling that someone came in the house in the middle of the night and broke it. There is no way he would of omitted to anything, for fear of getting in trouble.  But he is learning that the truth is always the way to go.  That was a moment of knowing that we are making a difference in these kids life.  God is an Awesome God!


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