Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still not home

Well Dontaes fever is much better, and the rash is soooo much better to.  Still can only get a couple smiles from him, so we know he is not feeling good.  The nurse could not tell me the results of the blood work, only the Dr. We didn't know that, so we still don't know anything.  Mark and I are going back in the morning and sitting there until he shows up.  But the culture tests won't be in until Saturday.  Which means Dontae will not be home until Monday, if the tests show nothing.  It feels strange around the house with out him here.  I can hardly wait until he is healthy enough to come home.


Denise Johnson said...

Hang in there! Praying he will be healthy and home soon! Love you guys. Tell Jenni we are counting the days to get to see her!