Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Christmas so coming so darn fast.  I can't believe that we have been here almost 5 months already.  We went grocery shopping yesterday and low and behold we found a small artificial tree for $2200.00J.  Surprised the heck out of us, so we bought it and some lights and three christmas stockings.  This weekend the kids are going to make ornaments, construction paper chains to hang around the house, and Anita also wants to make snowflakes.  We will take pictures so you all can see what we have done.
SSooooooo, my next question is presents???????  We not only need to buy presents for these three children, but also the rest of the kids.  And lets not forget the family we were living with, we have become such good friends with them.  You can send stuff here, we were always told that you couldn't, but you can.  It cost a little bit, so if everyone went together, it would probably be the way to go.  Please comment on here if you are willing to help with gifts, or you can email me as well.  We are starting there christmas list, so when its complete we will post it on here.  Hope all is well with everyone.


Jenny Lee said...

Hello darling!
I would love to help get things organized to send you guys Christmas gifts for the ones you love down there. People have asked me time and again how we can help and what you need. So let me know! Love the work you are doing! May God bless you over and over!
Jenny Lee