Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Kids

Here's some pictures of the kids and our new "digs".
 Felix says he's very happy and Anita has done a lot in changing her attitude about life. She is very excited about being adopted by Ms. Denise in N. Carolina. We spoke to Shakhei the other day and he is now living with his brother, Romatelli, something he's wanted for years. Ritz is really looking forward to being adopted by John in the States. John has wanted to adopt Ritz since Ritz was a little boy. Sabrina and Travoy are very happy living with her father. We talk to them a couple times  a week. They all seem to be very happy now and looking forward to brighter futures.

 Just a little update. God Bless, Mark.


Miss Linda said...


Calie said...

Mama & Markie,
The house is so adorable! Thank you so much for putting up these pictures; I've been wanting to see more pictures of Dontae, Felix and Anita :)
I love you guys and miss you so much!

denise said...

These pictures are beautiful. Little Dontae is so cute and Felix is sure acting like the big brother. Man Anita looks so peaceful. i've never seen her look so peaceful(Did I say that already) she looks so happy. The house looks beautiful. I'm in continuous prayer for you and Mark.

Jenny Lee said...

Look how fun it is to post comments!!! I should have figured this out a long time ago! I love your pictures! I was hoping for a pic of Dontae's cleft palate but I guess not everyone is into dental like I am. :) Thanks for sharing those, I've never seen anything like his hands and feet, that is amazing! He's so cute, he will have a warm welcome when you all come home!