Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last day of 2011

As I am sitting here all by  myself in the living room reflecting back on the last year, I  am just amazed that we will be in 2012 very soon.  It has been quite the year I tell ya.  There is a lot of things here in Bellingham that look different, things have been built, other things torn down, round abouts put everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  LOL.  It really was or is different coming home after being gone so long.  I think about the roads there, and how sometimes I wished I had my neck brace on.  They were
B A D..... although Jamaicans do have better round about etiquette. LOL  I am not sure why, since there is no driving school there.  But as I sit here thinking back of all we did in the last year and that I am so thankful. And now we are in our  home ready to start a fresh new year.  Honestly, we don't know what that might look like, other then raising Dontae.  He will have quite a few Dr. Appointments.  I am getting involved with MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers), Mark starts back to work sometime in January. But as I sit here, I am thinking about the months ahead, and wondering if we can be really really happy knowing that we could be doing so many good things for people in Jamaica.  I can honestly say that coming home has been a culture shock for me.  We have so much, and we expect so much and we take so much.  So I pray that we can adjust to again living in the States.  I pray that I will hear God in 2012 telling me where he wants me and where he will use me.
I pray for all of you that your 2012 will be exactly what you want it to be.

Monday, December 26, 2011

What wonderful Memories

Obviously Matty was taking all the pictures.  Except for the one,  but I can say she was making just as many memories as the rest of us.  God Bless and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas making a million memories.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Official

As of 9:00am on December19,2011, Dontae Mark Lau is OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to court, met in the Judges chambers, talked with the Judge and JoAnn from Agape adoption ad with in a few minutes he signed his name and it was all over.  We had JoAnn take a picture of us and the judge, but she was having a hard time taking the picture.  So the Judge had to stop and go help her. LOL  I am not laughing cause it really was not her fault, after getting home and looking at the pics. The camera was on video.  That is why she was having so much trouble.  Which is giving me trouble to put it on here. I have to wait for my lovin Husby.  I just didn't want to wait any longer to tell you the news.
I had someone ask me if I cried.  No I didn't cry and I think its because Dontae has felt like our's since the day we left the hospital in Jamaica and has lived with us forever it seems like.  But to know we are done done DONE.......  that should make me cry.   LOLOLOL  Just kidding.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sick in the Lau house

I haven't written in a few days because Markie is now sick. Dontae and I are on our second round of antibiotic's and Mark started his first round. 6 weeks of being sick for little man and me, way too long.

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as our house goes. You have to remember that we packed up the entire thing and sold furniture before we left, so trying to go through it all and empty boxes has been a huge hassle
Mark got a job offer to start after the first of the year, this is a huge blessing that we have been praying for. Do I want him to go to work and not be around all day???? NOPE!!!!! Markie is checking into going back to school to be a x-ray tech. It is a 2 year program, so he sent away for his college transcripts. He is excited and I am for him.

The girls are coming over today and we are all going to do our baking, Dontae is going to have a ball. We will make enough so the girls can take goodies home to their home as well.

Our friends and family have been so awesome with clothes and toys for Dontae, thank you so much for all of this. It has made this entire transition a little bit easier.

Ok so I have to leave you with this video. You see Dontae is so good at having an entire conversation and me not being able to understand one word he says, so I started talking back to him the way he talks to me. So at least once a day we have this same conversation. LOLOLOL
Enjoy our little boy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dontae's new pet ,"Kirby".

It's been a strange transition for little Dontae in some regards. He's not quite sure what to make of all the "whitey" faces smiling at him, but I think he enjoys it. (He's still flirting anyway.) He's not sure what to think about all the gifts being bestowed upon him, like toys, clothing, and treats, but it keeps him busy and very entertained. He's trying to get used to our pets, "Angel" the dog and " Andy" and "Nikki", the two cats. But, I think he might have a new, favorite pet of his own, "Kirby". Dontae discovered him yesterday, and it was love at first sight.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy time to come home

What a crazy time to be back in Bellingham.  There are so many people that are wanting to see us, but then you have Dontae and I being sick and our house a disaster and wanting to decorate for Christmas, not to mention buying some chothes since we really don't have much for cold weather.  LOL  We did finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated last night.  Today the girls are coming over to load up the rest of there stuff, when that is done I think we will be able to make some rhyme or reason of our house.
Our camera broke, and my new one that I have had for way over a year, has been sitting hear waiting for me to get home and start using it, the thing is its at Matty's house.  LOLOL  So I will get pictures up as soon as possible.
BTW people are not knowing how to get a hold of me,  Mark and I cell phone number has stayed the same   Kim 360-815-1874  Mark 360-815-1872 and we shut down our home phone.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Been Busy

Dontae's baptism was very nice, our reception back at church was amazing.  I have to say that felt great.  A few of us went to breakfast afterward and then we went to my girls new place for dinner, that Calie and Nate made (which was awesome) and there condo is super nice and adorable of course. :-)
Monday I went to the Dr. and I have Bronchitis, two ear infections, and a sinsus infection.  I waited till after the baptism incase it was bad.   LOLOL  I was not going to miss that for nothing.  
Lets see what else.... Driving freaked me for a minute until I put it in my head that what ever Country you are in, the Drivers body will always be closest to the center line.  And that seemed to work, never had one problem like I did in Florida.  It is cold here, every time I get up from a sitting position I feel like a crippled old Grandma.  Not likeing that at all.
I have loved seeing all the friends and family that I have seen so far and there is a lot more of that to come.  Hopefully we will have the time and energy to put up our Christmas tree soon. 
This morning we watched Dontae go around to his toys and kiss them, Mark and I just looked at each other and said "well he loves his toys" lolol  I think he is adjusting pretty well, except he is waking up every night, standing up facting the wall mostly, so he is confused of where he is at.  We are hoping that will go away and he will always wake up happy like he used too.
Matty and Calie adore the ground he walks on.  Matty came over last evening to pick up some clothes that were already in Calies car LOL, and whisked up Dontae and his diaper bag and went and showed him off.
It is so very quiet right this second, Dontae is sleeping, Mark is working on his truck, My ears are totally plugged but I sure don't hear the the Sea thats for sure.  I kinda hear nothing.  Hmm

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dontae's Baptism

Sunday December 4th. @ the 9:15 Service. 

11:00 we are going to Denny's and if you would like to join us please do.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back in Bellingham...

Dontae did fantastic on the plane's.  I was kinda surprised on how well he did. Me on the other hand was a different story.  I have never expierenced ear pain when flying, so when you are sick I highly suggest you don't fly. Or where ear planes. (I couldn't get any in time)
Remember on earlyer posts I was telling you how disgusting I look with my hair?  Well we land in Bellingham just before midnight wednesday night, with Matty and Calie and Nate welcoming us.  And both my girls told me I should of at least tried to comb it. LOLOL  Heck I had it up in a pony tail thingy.  LOLOL  but I think that tells you loud and clear just how wonderful I was looking.  So we load up and head to our house. We had forgotten many many things we have, so that was weird. I also forgot what a nice house we do have.  It is still way to big and we are going to put it up for sale, but it really is beautiful.  I had a hair appointment at 10 in the morning and now its 2:00AM, so to beddy by we went. Dontae slept in his new room in his new crib and new pj's, with a stinking space heater.  He has never worn two pair of pajama's, heck sometimes he just wore a shirt.  And did I say HOW COLD IT IS?????????????  Boy am I happy that I ordered this little tyke some clothes online from Jamaica so he had stuff to wear, because all we brought back with us was what he was wearing a couple blankets and a couple bibs.  We donated all his clothes all his toys. But he slept perfectly all through the night and he felt snug as a bug in a rug in the morning. Then we went off to go meet Shast to do my hair, and who shows up there?  My son Cody, I wasn't expecting that, heck I haven't talked to him since Mothers Day. But that was a wonderful moment I tell ya.  Little while later Calie and Nate come and then when my new hair is all done, Dan and Khari were expecting to see us, so off we went to their house.  When we were here in January, Khari didn't have a baby and either did I.  LOL  But today we both have a baby. Sareal I tell ya. They put our a spread of food, things we probably haven't eaten in a year.  Seriously?  that was very special.  The thing is I didn't get to touch Henry.  There is no way I wanted him to get what I have.  So that was tuff.  Did I say most adorable baby in the world??????    After there we met up with Matty and Cody and we all went to Applebee's for dinner.  I really don't have a clue the last time we went to dinner with all my children.  So much fun, with wonderful memories, thats for sure. 
We had turned off our home phone, no need for it anymore.  Turned off the TV, we haven't watched it in almost a year in a half, I think we won't miss it. But we haven't hooked our cell phones up yet, so Matty lent us her's.  The only thing is, its a black berry and when I went to call my mom after dinner, it says you have to turn off the mute button.  LOLOL  ok that can't be so hard right?  WRONG!  lolol we can't find it anywhere. So what good is this phone to me now?  But I need to use it today to get some things done.  LOLOLOLOL
Driving around yesterday Mark must of turned on the windshield wipers a thousand times, because that is where the blinkers are in Jamaica, we giggled lots over things like that.  One thing that really was an eye opener for Mark, well and me too.  We went to the new starbucks, and as we were leaving there is a begger.  Mark looked at me and said" Wow our beggers are even better dressed then some of people in Jamaica"  When you live in a third world Country and then you come back to your hometown, its sad kinda. The jamaican's love their life, don't get me wrong, but while they are walking everywhere they go, cooking on an open fire in the front yard and bathing there as well, here we are spending and spending and spending and making ourselves look as good as we can and live in mansions.  It just somehow doesn't seem right.
Did I say ITS COLD!!!!! Thank God for my electric blanket.
Dontae is doing good, his hands are cold most of the time, I sure hope he can adjust, and the same with Mark and I. Dontae will be baptised this Sunday at the 9:00 service then we are going out to breakfast, and we invite whomever would like to join us.  We are not in a posistion right now to have everyone over, so this is the next best thing.  Love to all, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.