Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everything always works out

You know we have been trying to sell our house since October, we lowered the price so many times we were loosing our shorts. All this because we felt this is what we were suppose to do. But God wanted us to go through all this, we kept faithful and trusted that he would show us the way. And one day when Markie was home alone to pray and think and pray some more, God gave him the wisdom on what to do. Markie listened and told me, and I listened. So now we can keep the house and still go to Jamaica on time. We said all along that God was going to do it on his time not ours. Well that is what happened and we Thank him for this gift. So one more week and we will be in Haiti, then two weeks after we get back from Haiti, we will be going on the awesome journey to serve our Lord. HOOORAY