Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Birthday

Today was Marquez's birthday.  He turned double digits.  The big 10......  His mom made him a white cake with blue frosting. And then he opened his presents,  tank top, cologne, and a remote control car.  woooohoooooo.  But you will never believe what they had to do with the car, charge it up.  What the heck?  You give a kid a present and then they can't play with it.  He was a pretty good sport though.  The cool thing was him and Felix got to stay up later then the big boys, they liked that.
Mark and I had a Foster Parent meeting today in Sav.....  It was very good, and somehow Ms. Heaven nominated me to be on the first fundraiser committee,  so I will be making the tickets to sell.  We are going to have all churches invited to to participate in gospel and Christmas music. Going to sell tickets and food.  Should
be fun... HMMMMMmm  maybe Mr. Mark will sing.  I hope so!!!!!!
Anita, she is one of my fav's here, but the poor thing sometimes just does not know how to communicate.  She only knows Loud, Louder and Loudest.  Ahh I should'nt say that, she has been doing quite well actually.  But last night and today was not a good day for her.  But I think later when I talked to her quietly, we got somewhere.  And I hugged her for about 30 seconds.  YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!! oh and kissed her cheek.  Now, she didn't hug me back, but thats ok, usually she runs, turns her body, she just won't even let me get near her, but today I hugged her.  Thank you God!!!!!!


Shasta said...

Well of course they picked you, you're the Committee Queen! ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the way whenever you are hi-liting one of the kids they are "one of your fav's". So looks to me like they are all "one of your fav's". lol
I hope Mark will sing too, they will love it. Mom

Christine McBee said...

I am commenting! I sent you a note about getting some Propel for ya'll. Just need to know where to send it! Love, hugs and God Bless!