Thursday, November 25, 2010


You know that there is always so much to be thankful for.  A couple of days ago the three of us were sitting down doing our finances and realized we only have enough money to last us through January.  We were starting to go through all our options on how to make this work.  If Jenni needed to come home at Christmas and then stay to fund raise, not to come back (clearly not an option)  To move into a smaller place where rent is cheaper.  And low and behold Jenni was told that a $100.00 was coming her way.  My mom's sorority group has about $150.00 for us, and Mark, Jenni and I are talking with some people about helping with their mission's group. So we were all upset and not knowing what to do, when all this happened.  Within hours of each other.  So so Thankful.  When you trust in God and give it to him always, he will provide.  Are we out of the woods?  No, but God sure told us loud and clear that we are on the right path again.  We are going to make this work.  We came here to take care of these kids, and we are not leaving till our job is done.  All Dontaes adoption paperwork is turned in. All we need now is a home study done on our home in Bellingham.  (If anyone knows someone that is licensed to do that, please let me know asap) (and if they could donate that to us)  We are so thankful for Dr. Levin in Miami, he is going to do Dontae's surgery on his palate, and he specializes in hand surgery.  All probono!!!!  PTL and so, so Thankful! Marks folks came to our rescue right away. Felix needs a new uniform, and my friend has offered to buy him one.  We needed a baby monitor, and the same friend is bringing that to us.  My family is sending us, some things for Dontae, (a johnny jump up here is $100.00 and a four hour drive away) My girlfriend is Christmas shopping as we speak for us. So thankful!!!!!!!!! Thankful that we found a place to live here, thankful we all have a comfortable bed to sleep in, thankful everyone has a full tummy when they go to bed. Thankful that I have children at home that loves us so much.  Even thankful that we will have no turkey today but stuffed chicken.   Thankful for my darling husband, who is my everything, thankful to "Sarcastic Girl" Miss Jenni, LOL  who is turning into a fantastic friend who makes us laugh. (Sarcastic girl is nothing bad Beth, you did a good job, lol)  Thankful that we get to be with Anita, during her adoption.  And so darn thankful for the many many friends we have met here in Jamaica.  I could go on and on, but I am sure all of you have the same ones.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving day, enjoy your family and friends.