Sunday, November 14, 2010

The weekend

Friday afternoon we had visitors, Troy and Rose.  Rose used to live at MFH a year or so ago, Troy is her husband, they are 18 and expecting their first baby in January.  The two of them moved into MFH to watch it.  It was fun watching her with Dontae.
Saturday morning Jenni, Anita Dr. Linda and I went to Mandeville for a craft fair.  What a fun thing to do.  Some beautiful things people were selling.  It was kinda weird because there were so many white people.  LOL and we are not used to seeing white people very often.  They love to call us Whitey's, with a smile on their face.  Even the littlest kids.  Cracks me up.
Saturday afternoon we had another visitor, Lizzy, another young woman that used to live there as well.  Had a great visit.
And Sunday Taneal, Felixs mom came to visit.  She is so beautiful and watching Felix with his mom is precious.  We have the most darling picture of the two of them.
Today we went to God of Prophecy church, very very nice.  We really enjoyed it, so I know we will be back.
So all in all, this weekend was Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so this does not apply directly to this day's post but I feel it needs to be said. Yes, I am posting anonymously even though some people seem to have trouble with anonymity. I just don't feel it is necessary to share my personal information with strangers. Please just think of me as a concerned outsider. I have been following the current goings on with My Father's House after being informed that it was closed down. I spent time at My Father's House three years ago and it was a great experience. That being said, I do not have enough experience or evidence with either party involved in this dispute to know who is telling the truth. I do know that supporters on both sides are claiming to be Christians and under that claim every post that is placed on this website should be dripping with love and understanding. That however is not what I've seen.
Romans 12:18 says, "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."
I understand that as friends and loved ones of either couple we want to support and defend the ones we care about. But please don't let that lead to harsh words of hatred. We are all searching for the truth which the Spirit will reveal to us in His perfect timing. I just want to encourage everyone to please pause and think before posting here about what you are saying. Is it in love? Will it glorify God? Please, please lets try our best to act in love and with open hearts and minds.

Miss Linda said...

Yes you are so right about love it love to abuse children? Emotions are running high but we need to continue to pray for the kochs and for the lue household who have filled in,taking care of these little ones.