Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beautiful Day

Well lets go back to last night first.  We still don't have an oven that works so I made chocolate chip cookies and then Jenni and I took the dough over to the neighbors house to make them.  So while we were waiting for them to bake we turned on the movie "The secret lives of Bees"  What a fantastic movie.  We had about five minutes to go and the power goes out.  So lol we are at the neighbors house but the  neighbors were out of town, so there sits Jenni and I crackin up, saying "hm I wonder where the candles are?"  So, we found a candle and decided that we would walk home, just then the phone rang and it was Mr. Mark telling us that he would meet us at the gate with a flashlight, but really it was a stinkin spot light.   LOLOL  So we came home and the three of us sat by candle light and talked.  Now today was a beautiful day, we still had no power, so we had cereal for breakfast, and decided to have fried chicken for dinner, so we were hoping that the power would come on.  Anita and I were so happy that we did all our laundry yesterday, since today would not of happened.  And putting the laundry out on the line is just so  relaxing and enjoyable not to mention smells so darn good.  Anita and I made dinner.  Remember I said we were going to have fried chicken?  Well its not the same as the fried chicken we fry at home, they deep fry it, and not in a fry daddy.  So Anita taught me me how to do it.  Our entire dinner was crazy bad for us, and we didn't even have one vegetable.  But man it was good.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy, we had fried dumplings, and festival.  Grease, grease and more grease.  By having three different Jamaican things, I learned a lot.  Oh then chocolate chip cookie for dessert.  Then after dinner, Anita gave Dontae a bath and dressed him.  Boy this young lady knows how to do everything.  Right now as a matter of fact, her and Mark are discussing the center of the earth. She is so much fun.   What a beautiful day!!!!!


Howe Girls said...

isn't mashed potato a vegatable?? :)

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I have missed since we moved, clothes drying out on the line!!! Enjoy the smell for me!! Doesn't smell the same hanging them inside!! lol Love & Prayers coming your way!! Love, Me

jen said...

Okay, you two are officially the most positive people I've ever known! Keep up the good work, you're awesome! Give hugs to Felix and Anita for us!