Monday, November 1, 2010

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We were at the neighbors using the internet when Jim and Penie drove up wanting to talk to us.  But we have been advised not to talk to them.  We still were going to, but then changed our mind.  So Mark called them.  They talked some, and still will not pay us our money.  Next step is our attorney.  And he has been notified.  We are the second family in less then two years, that they have done this to.  So something needs to be done.  Please be aware of what is being said.  The children are safe, happy and in very good care.  The Kochs are not supposed to come on our property or go near the children however they went to their school today.  We told them how important it was to talk to CDA, and they still went to where some of the kids are.  So like I said, please be aware of what is being said.  Please pray and have God help you see the truth.  He is the one that showed us.


Anonymous said...

Very confused...why would the Kochs not be able to go around the children? Very sad that the money is the top priority here over the well being of the children. It seems that is your primary concern.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Mark,
We have been praying for you. If you have time please email us so we can chat private with you.
Greg and Shelley Hutchinson

anonymous said...

I wanted to leave a comment addressing the first comment posted here, regarding top priorities.
I believe the primary concern here is the truth not the money.
As a member of the family that the Kochs stole from last year ($5000), the truth that needs to be recognized here is that the Koch's STOLE money from the Lau's. Sometimes stealing is done in secret and sometimes it's done in the form of keeping that which is not yours to keep.
Furthermore, this money is needed in order for the Lau's to continue the ministry that God called them to do in Jamaica. I have complete confidence that God will provide, make a way for, and bless the Lau's as they continue to fulfill His purpose. He is faithful.
One last thought. The stolen funds -from both families- was Gods money to begin with and ultimately stolen from Him. At the end of the day, He will hold them accountable. Just saying.

LyndenMomof2 said...

Very well said from the previous family member.

Kim and Mark...we are still praying. God will bless you both for staying faithful to Him.

I love that you have stayed and are continuing HIS work. He will provide and He will prevail. The children are His and He will protect them, and you. Much love. Miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly the devil is creeping into this situation when accusations of stealing have come up. I am not a family member of the Kochs but a past mission trip guest in their home and I have seen what god does through them in Jamaica first hand. I have also tirelessly raised funds on their behalf and would never for one single second question where those funds are going because I KNOW that god is putting the money to good use in the community and to care for the children at My Fathers House. It is clearly stated on their website that if any intern/house manager does not fulfill their ENTIRE committment that no refund will be given after 4 weeks. See below...
"Refund Policy-No refund will be given due to an intern who's commitment is less than 6 months.
If an intern whose commitment is 6 months or longer is compelled to withdraw from his/her commitment or reduce his/her commitment, refunds will be made as follows:
Withdrawal prior to arrival or during the first three days 80%
Withdrawal during the first week 60%
Withdrawal during the second week 40%
Withdrawal during the third week 20%
Withdrawal during the fourth week 10%
Withdrawal after the fourth week NONE "

Anonymous said...

Am I misinformed or did both couples that did not fulfill their committment stay longer than 4 weeks and leave prior to their original date that was agreed upon to manage My Fathers House? I agree that God does have a plan for the KBM ministry and My Fathers House as well as the Laus. I pray every day that he will be with both families as they continue their journey in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

our term ended early because the home was shut down. Does not mean we quit in the middle of our commitment. So our contract is no longer legal. And to answer the person wanting to know the truth, I asked everyone to just please call CDA, when we try and explain, the wheels fall off the truck. So we would like to refrain. Thank you for your understanding.

itsagodthing said...

In response to this statement in a prior post..."One last thought. The stolen funds -from both families- was Gods money to begin with and ultimately stolen from Him. At the end of the day, He will hold them accountable. Just saying."
I sincerely hope that God holds Jim and Penie Koch accountable for everything they do in Jamaica (providing homes for abandoned children in need,bringing in teams to assist in Petersville & Gully Bank,raising remarkable children in a loving Christian home,spreading Gods love every chance they get to anyone who will listen,& most importantly embracing the children in the home as a part of their family). If God holds them accountable for all they have accomplished in Jamaica he will surely receive them one day with open arms and his love.

anonymous said...

The previous family was told by Mr. Koch that they were no longer needed at My Father's House. This was on Dec 22,2009. On Dec 23, the previous family was - in Mr Koch's own words - 'released from their commitment to stay out the year '. Previous family accepted his offer. They did not break their contract.

Anonymous said...

My comment was the first on this page..."Very sad that the money is the top priority here over the well being of the children. It seems that is your primary concern." My point was not to discuss the details of the money involved until a ludacris accusation was made that the Kochs were stealing.
My original comment was that you seem more focused on discrediting the Kochs due to a financial dispute than the well being of the children involved. When asked for information on why the children were removed during your stay at the home you refer to CDA and will not comment. However, you do not hesitate to comment on the Kochs in a negative way.