Monday, December 27, 2010

Things are great around here

God is so good, he is working on the kids daily.  Anita is a beautiful young lady with a spirit to help others and to give to others.  For 12 years old she blows my mind.  She cooks so fantastic, cleans the same, and takes care of her things with such pride.  Felix is trying too.  His manors have a long way to go, but he is trying.  His and Anita's attitudes are better, which makes it a joy to be around them.  So all is well at our home.  I am feeling much better, and thank you for all your prayers.
We are going to take Felix into the Dr. tomorrow, he has a sore on his leg that is just not healing right.  I am afraid that staff might of set in.  It is so hard to keep this child clean, lolol, he can keep himself busy for hours just playing in the dirt.  Boy how I love that!!!! It is so refreshing to see a child use his imagination, instead of a video game, or a TV.
Oh Santa brought Felix a remote control hummer, and a sterling silver necklace and earrings to Anita.  They both were very happy.  Except for the fact that Santa forgot the stupid batteries, and with everything being closed, the poor kid still has not got the chance to play with it.
We are waiting to have our family Christmas when Jenni gets back, hopefully she will be bringing back some presents with her.  And then we will have our Christmas. Jenni's mom Beth will be here to celebrate with us too.  How fun is this going to be......


Anonymous said...

Very, Very, Very, Very FUNNNNN!!! Can hardly wait!!! Love, Me

calie said...

It would be more fun if I were there ;)