Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jenni is going away for Christmas

The last few days have actually gone very well.  God always fills us up when we need it.  Anita has really been working on her attitude and her actions.  Man she is just one awesome young girl when she wants to be.
 Felix got an email from Santa today, man, you should of seen his face when his name was said out loud, Felix started waving at him.  Then Santa opened up his book and there was Felix picture,  so Santa told Felix how old he was and what grade he was in. Then he told Felix that he needs to be working on his temper.  Felix is shaking his head at the computer screen.  And then DUN DUN DUN...... Santa tells Felix he is on the naughty list.  Felix looks at me and then shakes his head again.  But Santa told him he could change all that.  So Felix waved goodbye.  Felix then looked at Anita and said very loud "See Anita, I told you there was a Santa"  So I said, if you don't believe in Santa then you won't get a letter from Santa.  About a hour later, Anita came up to me, and said "was that Santa really?"  You see Anita has been running around the house saying we were all crazy, that there is no Santa.  Well I think, we may have changed her mind.  Is Santa coming to this house?  You are darn tootin......:-)
So Mark Anita and Felix took Miss Jenni to the airport today.  And low and behold, Anita hugged Jenni goodbye with squeezes and everything.  We are all really going to miss her. The bummer for Jenni though was her plane was delayed, which made her miss her flight to Seattle.  So now she has to sit in Miami airport for like 12 hours.  Poor thing.  But you know Jenni, she will sit there and text her fingers raw.  LOL.  So when the family got home, Felix runs in the house grabs me down so he can whisper i n my ear. "Mr, Mark brought you a Santa" "shh don't tell him I told you"  So Mark comes in the house and Felix heads up stairs, and blurts out, "I told Miss Kim Mr. Mark"  lol don't ever tell that kid a secret.  So Mark went out to the car and wrapped in a towel, he had a carved wooden Rasta Santa.  OMGOODNESS!!!!!!!!! It is so awesome,  so he said this is for me and him for our Christmas present.  How excited I am to have my Rasta Santa.
Tonight for dinner we had BLT's.....  that probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you, but to us it was amazing, I don't think we have had lettuce  yet in six months, except for when we were out of town at a burger king.  The lettuce here is to expensive and you get nothing.  But yesterday I found a HUGE head for 200.00 J  so I jumped on it. Tomorrow a SALAD!!!!!!!!  YES!


Anonymous said...

Love to hear the excitement in your voice when things are going well. Poor Jennie, 12 hours that is horrid. May I ask, what is a Pasta Santa or is it Rasta Santa???Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Pasta????? LOLOLOL that is funny. A Rastafarian is the guy with long dreadlocks, they don't believe in cutting there hair. Its there own religion. Vegetarians, smoke the ganja. But very peaceful. Look it up. So my Rasta Santa has dreads that you can't see because they are in a Jamaican style Santa hat. Its just darling.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I want one.Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. We had such a good time with your childrn. Love you, Mom