Friday, October 8, 2010


Well we came to Kingston on Tuesday, passed a shooting, but finally got here.  Oh man what a drive with out AC.  We were planning on staying over one night, but with the run around you get here, we haven't left yet.  We are here to get our passports extended, since our stay in Jamaica  runs out on October 10th. (Sunday)  We are also in the process of getting a work permit.  But the letter from Kingdom Builders Ministry was a copy, they wouldn't except it.  So we thought are only alternative was to fly back to the States for 48 hours.  We all checked airfare, and the cheapest place to go was New York.  Oh my goodness and we only have a pair of shorts and a tank top.  (remember we just were planning on being in Kingston for one day)  But Jim told us to go back to immigration and tell them that if we leave there will be no one to take care of the kids.  Well it worked, they gave us a visitor extension till January.  Oh how God works......  So its 7:30 AM Friday morning, and we are checking out......  We finally get to go see the kids, we miss them so much our hearts ache.  But first off to the grocery store.  Penie told us to go there, they have bulk sizes of things.  Then on the long road home.  But then we will be safe and sound with all the children, and be where we are supposed to be.  Are you wondering if this was a small vacation??????  NO, NO and NO again.  LOL  The stress level from this entire trip took a tole on all of us.  I had to go get a $100.00 massage on my back, just so I could move.  So feeling better now, except for being hungry.  Anyway we feel like its going to be a good day, except for the drive w/o AC.....  WooHoo!!!!!! almost time to sit down with the kids..... Can't wait.  Please pray for a safe journey home.