Thursday, October 14, 2010


Lets see Ritz got nominated from CDA (child development agency) to get interviewed, if he is chosen, they will take him to Columbia all expenses paid to be a child representative for them.   Now is that cool?   We are all excited for him.  So yesterday they drove him to Montego bay.  So time will tell.  Please pray for Ritz, this would be a wonderful wonderful experience for him.
Yesterday the kids came home from school and they won second place for their school's gardening.  Can you believe it?  I can!!!!!  So tomorrow they get to go on field trip, kinda far away on a big AC bus.  :-)  And they get to go out and eat.  Oh let me not forget to say, actually the most important part, is they will get an award.  I am soooooooooo happy for all the children here.
Little Marlaina has decided that she prays ALL the time, and if your eyes are not closed, she will stop until you close them.  LOL  it is the cutest thing ever.
Last night for instance.....  We were just finishing up with devotion, and all the boys had to go to bed at eight, because they failed to spread their bad and pick up their room before school, oh and take their laundry down.  So we were talking about that, and good ole Travoy kept saying, "come on, your taken up our time here"  little did he know that NOW they all are going to bed.  So I told them, and they didn't say anything,  so we were soooooooooo happy.  Ok so now its time to pray, and little Marlaina starts her prayer and right at the end she says "and thank you God for putting Travoy and Ritz to bed early"  I don't think I have to tell you, that every singe person cracked up and the boys jumped up and were just laughing.  It was fun and funny all at the same time.  And I have to say, they went to bed pretty darn good.  So proud I am......
Everyone in their life needs to do some sort of mission work, it is something you will cherish for ever.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  God is Good


Howe girls said...

I am a little confused on why the boys had to go to bed early what does "because they failed to spread their bad"

Anonymous said...

thats how they say make there bed, take their laundry down and pick up their room. Since these are kids in an orphanage, they get surprise visits, and they check the childrens rooms.