Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful Day

First and foremost Ritz got second place.  Is that cool or what?  the only reason he didn't win was because his school didn't offer more after school activities.  The boy that won was in more clubs.  The great thing is that Ritz was proud of himself and knows he did awesome.
This morning Mark Jenni and I had the opportunity to go watch Dr. Linda dive.  We left at 9:00AM went out into the sea on her boat.  It was very cool, and we saw a turtle.  Got home before lunch and then went swimming with some of the kids.  Little Marlaina is going to be swimming all by herself very very soon.  Then Miss Donnaree made jerk chicken and Ritz and Sabrina made festival.  (festival is like churios but with less sugar)  but they made a couple of more sugary ones for us.  OH MY!!!!!!!!!  Dinner was awesome... This woman can cook!!!!!!!  So my mom sent me a great story on email, so I am going to use that for devotion tonight, then we are all going to watch a movie about a dog.  So Excited!!!!  Oh, did I tell you.... Jenni and Sabrina are in the kitchen as we speak, making cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Oh what a beautiful day!!!!!  Tomorrow after church, I think we all should go to the beach.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well. Glad you were able to use the story. Did they enjoy it?
Congratulations to Ritz. Love you, Mom

Denise Johnson said...

I hope it isn't a video about the dog that waited at the train station for its owner. I was told NEVER to rent that one unless you have tons of tissues and want to be depressed! Congrats to Ritz! Miss you guys. Love hearing about your adventure. Denise