Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Power!

It seems like we have been without power more then with since we moved in, but not for weather related issues, so no worry.  They are working on putting in new cement power poles, so it looks like no power all day tomorrow as well.  But that is ok because we are going to Sav La Mar, to take all Dontae's paperwork into the adoption agencey.  My girls had to mail us our birth certificates and marriage certificate as well, all three of us had to get passport size pictures to take, all of us had to have a physical and Dontae needed to have blood work done.  (poor little guy) The good news is we pick up the blood work in the morning and then we are off.  This is the second step of the adoption procedure.  So we are getting closer and closer.  This little guy is doing so well, he is on the same schedule that all my kids were on. 8.12,4 and 8 and he has been since the first day we got him. But boy is he drooling everywhere, we can't keep a bib dry for nothing.  :-)
Felix is doing very well, his spelling is very good, we are so proud of him.  He is so much fun, except maybe when we give him a sweety. ( Jamaicans call candy sweeties) then he is  a little nuts, like my son Cody use to be when he had surgar.  Boy Felix is bringing back memories.  He eats just like Cody too, I think Mr. Mark will have to get two jobs when we get home.  LOL.
Anita, well she is just wonderful.  She is happy and smiling most of the time these days.  She can do her hair like nobodys business.  She just did Miss Jenni's hair, which of course looks fantastic. She has been making sure that Felix's uniform is all ironed daily, so we are paying her weekly to do it.  She feels good about herself for doing it, and because she does it out of the goodness of her heart is why we decided to pay her for it. $200.00 a week J.   Which is like two bucks.  She is also excited  to be adopted, and maybe go to Disney world for Christmas, plus have an older sister and a younger brother.  Can't beat that.
Jenni is just the best ever, a pure joy to have around.  Couldn't of asked for a more perfect person to have with us.  She has many good idea's, she helps with everything, and sometimes does it all.  She LOVES peanut butter, oh man does she love peanut butter.  Lets not forget, a girl after my own heart..... chocolate....
Mr. Mark, he is loving his new family, and is excited for all our other kids to meet them.  He does really miss taking care of the pool at the other house, he really did take pride in that.  He is itching to start some volunteer work to keep us all busy. Although since we moved right on the water, he has snorkeled a few times, which is just loves. 
And me  (Kim)  we have made some wonderful friends here, and there are more to meet.  Our new home is way to good to be true, and the view is to die for.  All of us are very very happy.  I really love that we actually have a breeze now, since on the water.  I love our boys, and I just Love Anita.  For sure when she is adopted we will be visiting her.  We are so fortunate to be able to use our neighbors car, since they have two.  To take a taxi everywhere would add up.  It looks like Mark and I will not be home for Christmas, unless some miracles happen.  But Jenni will be, someone has to bring stuff back here right?  Anywhoo, weather has been beautiful, kids have been good, God is Great!!!!!  And he walks with us everyday.


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