Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Day

What a great day.  We drove to Nigril and picked up Sherakie.  As he got into the car, he was very quiet.  But within minutes he was talking up a storm. I have never seen him so HAPPY!  He is always seeing family members, which is exactly what we witnessed him crying about at MFH.  So its kinda bittersweet.  We are so happy to see him and sad when we dropped him off.  But then we were off to Montego Bay to see the rest of the kids and have a picnic at the park.  Mark, Sabrinas dad and Travoy meet us at the park.  Duran showed up too. (Sabrina and Travoys brother)  We sat and ate lunch and talked and talked and talked, and hugged and I smothered them all with kisses.  Now only if Ritz and Dontae were here, life would be good.  So after our day was over, we all said our goodbyes and told the children that we would have our Christmas party in January.  Now off to Ritz's house.  Yippee!!! I was on cloud 9 when I saw his face walking down the driveway.  And he almost died when we handed him lunch.  So now back on the road back to Nigril.  Sherakie then drives us by his new school.  Kinda weird though, we are driving and driving into which seems like deep into know where, and all of a sudden there is this great school up on a mountain.  He loves his new school, which is wonderful.  So now off to his house.  His brother and him look so much a like.  So as we are driving back to our home, and talking about the wonderful day we had with all the kids, and really miss the fact that we are not all together.  But know every single one of them is where God intended them to be. Anita's adoption is in Phase Two, and Ritz adoption is just about in Phase two.  And Dontae is at the end of Phase two.  So everything is moving along so nice.  The sad part of the day was that we did not get home in time to go see our son.  Makes me feel sick to think that Dontae might think we abandoned him.  So this morning the kids and Jenni will do home church, and Mark and I will get our butts up to the hospital to see him.  Plus we supply the diapers and his clothes, and so he must be getting very low.  Oh did I tell you that after we left the park, Jenni and Duran texted until midnight......... We left at 4:00pm.   LOLOLOLOLOL   Oh man is she going to kill me when she reads this.  I love you Miss Jenni!!!!!!!!


Miss Jenni said...

omg I can't believe you just did that lol. that was so uncalled for lol I'll get you back :)