Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dontae is Home

Oh my goodness, it took my mom to tell me that I hadn't wrote on here that Dontae was home.  I didn't even notice.  Sorry everyone.
I think I told you all , that Dontae was going to be in the hospital two more days, well they called and said he was being released.  We were not prepared so it took us a bit to go get him, but all is good and he is home.  He just has to keep taking the amoxicilian.  They gave us some cream for the blister type things that he was getting, and they ae finally clearing up.  The only thing that is still weird is the bumps he gets.  They say they are mosquito bites, but no one else it getting anything that even looks like his bumps.  Ok, so we were getting ready to bring him home so we cleaned him up and put lotion on him, so he would be clean and smelling good for his arival home.  By nights end he had bumps everywhere, his face was covered.  So now it made me think that maybe he is alergic to the baby lotion. (not Johnsons)  Well he was released on wednesday and today is sunday, and he still has the bumps, and we have put no more lotion on him. So we are waiting it out to see.  We bought some Johnsons, and when we start using lotion again, we will see what happens.  If it isn't lotion then it is something else, and no one seems to know what it is.  Other then all that, all his tests came back normal.  I don't get it.  On the day we picked him up I made apple cake and a card and took it to the nurses.  I told them, that if it wasn't for their good care, I would never of been able to leave him.  And then we donated all Dontae's clothes that he has grown out of already.
Night before last Felix and Anita stayed the night with Lizzy, they had a great time.  Felix was actully mad at us for coming to get him, thats how much fun he was having, and Anita came home with her hair braided really cool.  But this morning, life was back to normal with kids that don't really care about anyone other then themselves.  So they are both in their rooms.  Felix is writing a paper 25 times, saying he won't ever swear at anyone again.  For six years old this child certainly has a huge vocabulary.  (and not a good one)  Probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life is to trying to retrain what these children have been taught.  And I almost don't want to do it anymore.  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, to deal with their attitudes, their mouths, their body language, and their plain old difiance.  The three of us need all your prayers for God to give us strength, and wisdom to know how to deal with these problimatic children.  On top of it, its Christmas break and Jenni is leaving.  God please get Mark and I through the next couple of weeks.


jen said...

You two are doing an amazing job! There will always be days when it feels like you aren't getting through, but you are. You are speaking unconditional love, security and acceptance into their lives. They know it and they are forever changed by it. God bless you guys!

Anonymous said...

Remember you took on these children after years of abuse and not being taught the correct way to behave. It is a tough job, not one that most people would take on. God bless you for your willing hearts and prayers for you through these rough days.