Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcome Home and Shower

Today at my church they had a Welcome Home/Shower for us.  They wanted to do it when we got home, but it was right at Christmas time, so they postponed it.  The party started at 12:30 so Dontae and I stayed home from church :-( because I wanted him to get a nap or the party would not be good.  So check out this picture of Dontae sound asleep on my bed.  It cracks me up.
some how his jammies slid down.
I wish I would of taken pictures of all the food, which was amazing.  My girls put together a slide show of all we did in Jamaica, and then Mark went up and talked about the pictures.  Then it was time for the shower and present opening time.  He had so much fun playing with all the kids and big kids.

What a wonderful day, Dontae got some clothes, toys and books and also some money which we are going to put in an account for his medical issues.  Thank you to everyone 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Asked to Speak at MOPS

I am feeling excited and honored to be speaking at Sumas MOPS.  I will be teaching on Freezer dinners. So over the next few days, I will be putting together a meal plan and setting up the entire process to teach all the ladies.  In preparing for this I will be sharing the company that I have been using.  This company is sending me a couple cookbooks that I don't have yet, just so I can include some of it for my class.  That makes me so excited.  So I will bring all this to you as well.  Its a lot of fun, and the recipes I use and also the software is amazing.  I will tell you it all a little later.  Have a blessed day.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Had to fill you in on two more of the dinners that I prepared with my huge cooking day.  BTW my rolls failed me, so I will have to do them again.  The next dinner we ate was the Pork chops and potatoes.  Oh man! Mark, Matty and I gave it a 10 hands down. Calie was a 9, she said only because she doesn't really like pork.  A couple of years ago, I guess I made way to much pork and now she is sick of it.  LOLOLOL  That cracks me up.  I still love it.
And tonight it was just supposed to be me Mark and Dontae to eat dinner but then Matty and Dani and Nate and Calie ended up staying too, so we made a salad and had Broccoli, chicken and rice..  Everyone gave it a 7 1/2 and all for the same reason, it needed to have a little more sauce.  Well I over cooked it, because the kids were all going to go out to dinner so we were kinda waiting for them to be on their way before we brought out our dinner to eat. I offered them to stay but they all said no thank you.  Well finally I had to take it out and we needed to eat, so I went and made two salads and dished up our food and brought it back to the table where we all were planning a game "Settlers of Catan"  (WHICH IS AN AMAZING GAME, EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY IT)  And then guess what?  they all decided to stay and eat.   LOL  so at that point they had to make their own salad and dish themselves up.  So dang it, if they all would of told me they wanted to stay for dinner, I think it would a been a good 9.  I am getting excited for the first of the month to come again, so I can do my once a month cooking again.  This time I will make some ones we had and some brand new.  I tell ya, I am very spoiled now that I made all these in advance.  And I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!

My Fathers House

This blog post goes out to the MFH followers who are also following me here. We hope and pray that maybe one of these pieces of information will educate you enough to put your support somewhere else, somewhere that you are 100% sure where all your donations are going.
  I received a mail today with some interesting information.  The Koch's had a New Year's eve party and invited all past kids and families to come and celebrate with presents and all the other stuff that goes along with a New Year Eve Party.  The only thing they ALL had to do to be able to walk through the door is apologize to Jim and Penie.  Well some didn't go, because then they felt they would be lying about the abuse if they apologized.  So they didn't go.  Others went, because all they had to do was say they were sorry and they would get gifts.  I really wish the manipulation was not going on, because the Jamaicans from MFH are poor, pretty darn poor,  so it would be easy to offer them gifts for their entire family and get something out of it for themselves.  That is manipulation at its finest, and it is wrong, so wrong, that it makes me sick to think about.  Do your homework people, there are many many many other mission groups out there that are100% real, truthful, honest, and with high high integrity.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Fun

All this snow has just been amazing.  The best part of it all is having the kids here.  We have been playing games, and playing in the snow.  Last night we ate french dip. Check out my roast.
Yum Yum Yummy!!!!!!!!
I have been having a ball cooking for everyone for all these days.  But to switch it up just a bit Mark and I told the kids they had dinner the next night.  Which of course Calie piped in and said "Then you guys get to do the dishes"   Ha Ha Ha  Not!
So today, is going along and I know they know they are doing dinner cause I heard Nate and Calie talking.  But there isn't anything being defrosted and its almost time to go get Matty from work.
Finally Calie said "Lets go to Hawaiian BBQ for dinner guys?"  I just kinda looked at her like she was a little crazy.  Then I said "as long as your buying"  Nate pipes up and says "us three kids will buy since its our dinner night."  LOLOLOLOLOLOL  I laughed and said "maybe you two need to ask Matty about this since your spending her money"
To make a long story short, we went and it was my first time there.  Boy was is it GREAT!!!!!!!

Dontae felt the same way. He taught himself to suck up noodles.    Blessings

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowy Day?????

It was snowing this morning, and then a little bit here and there. But even if it doesn't really snow today, it just feels like a stay in the house nice and cozy warm with all the food and drink anyone would need. Of which we have both, oh and movies, so I think we are good to go.

As I told you a couple days ago I was going to be doing a message center in my house. I came  across the blog "A bowl full of lemons"  this woman seems to be the queen of organizing.  And I am such a wanna be organizer.  I call myself a wanna be because I LOVE organizing, but sometimes I just need a little inspiration.  I have had a message center (sort of) LOL but I just didn't have it all together.
Here is my before picture.
You can see my file folder basket. and my stack of stuff that needs to be filed. The basket is very cool, except for the fact that my folders fall down inside.  But at least my stuff had a home right?

Now in my new Command Center as "A bowl full of lemons" calls it.  I have a chalk board, so we all go to the same place to write down messages. I have a place where we put our keys, so there would be no room for lost keys.  I always had this as well, but all these things were not in the same place.  I am so excited that its all going to be together.  Thats called Organized!!!!!

I got the chalkboard at IKEA and the jar.  You always need your receipts, and this family needed somewhere that they would all end up and not stay in our wallets until the printing wore off.  So they go right into the jar now.  They will always be at our fingertips. The green little folder thing you see is for my coupons.  I kept cutting them out and leaving them sit on the island.  This way they will all be organized by store name and when I am ready to go, it will fit perfectly in my purse. I have pens and pencils, scissors and post it notes.
In this picture you can see that  I used my label gun to lable my file folders.  The first one says "incoming mail"  So the minute you walk in the house that is where you put the mail.  I have another for "Bills to be paid"  "outgoing mail" "Things to be filed" One with my name on it and one for Mark. And a couple more files with stuff that I get to quite often so didn't want it in the home file ling cabinet.  This wire file folder came from Target, and it has handles so you can pick it up very easy to move to where you desire.
So go up on the right side of my blog and click on "A bowl of lemons" button and it will take you right over to do some of her challenges. I am in the middle of doing over my scrapbook room, so when its done I will post the pictures.
I hope I in some small  way that I inspired you to want to do a Command Center, or join in on the challenges yourself.  If this blog had inspired you, then let me know.
Have a blessed day.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

So today was cooking day for my lovely daughter Matty.  First off I made the dough for the rolls, but I am thinking I did something wrong because it is not rising correctly.  :-(
We  made 7 different meals for her.  Here is a picture of the Beef Stroganoff cookin' away.
We made Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, this time with wine.  Almost Ravaolli, Sweet and sour Meatballs, Navijo Taco's, Teriyaki Chicken and Corn Chowder.  We split some of the recipes in half, so this girl has many meals.  Not bad I say.
Cooking all day, you really don't feel like making another dinner, so Mark took out Cheesy Chicken bake for us to eat tonight for dinner.  Look at how this looks all cooked and ready to eat.
All we had to do with it was add french fried onions and made a vegetable.  10 this is a 10 hands down.  Amazing, Delicious, and just plain Yummy. Dontae loved it too.

Calie and Nate gave Dontae a bath today, they were taking such a long time, we knew something was up.  What seemed like an hour later, who comes down the stairs, but Michael Jackson himself.

It is supposed to snow tonight thru Thursday, so Dontae might be having some fun.  Well he might hate it, since he is a warm baby.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just stuff

I am taking some challenges from other blogs, one of which is creating a message center in my house, the other is re-doing  my scrapbook room, so I will be posting before and after pictures, when I get it all done. Another challenge from a woman's blog (all of which I will give the credit to when I go into detail) is to work on being a better wife and always putting Christ at the center and praising him and asking him to stick with me while I work on this.  The next challenge is to be a better Mom.  These challenges just keep you thinking about things, the right things, which then makes you want to be your best.  And then not forget to Thank God.
Oh, and Nate and Calie had Sweet and Sour meatballs last night night.  Well they both gave them an 8.  Mark and I had it for lunch today and the first thing Mark said was, "wow does this bring back memories of when I was little, my mom made this all the time"  He scored it a 9 and I was a 8 1/2.
Matty gave me money to cook for her, so I m doing her 7 meals,  they all serve at least 6 people, so this way she will have a nice lunch everyday. And when she gets home at night she just needs to put it in the oven or on the stove, can't beat that.  Did the shopping for it yesterday on our way back from IKEA.   Yep I got my expidite, finally I got it.  You will get to see it when you see my scrapbook room.
So tomorrow we will cook.  I still haven't made the rolls, so I think I will do that as well, and give them to Matty just because.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Day

What a fun day today.  Went to church, which was wonderful in itself.  Dontae was extremely good in church today.  Then I met up with a guy and sold him my old phone.  (so now its IKEA time, LOL) And then my girls, us and Nate all went to breakfast as Denny's.  What a welcome we got when we walked in. About 5 of the waitresses were all over Dontae.  They remembered him from the day we came in for his baptism.  They had just got in a new button, so they ran and got him one to add to his collection from the last time.  Breakfast was just yummy.  Then everyone came out to help us move furniture around and then to stay for dinner.
 Which was The Navijo Taco's,  this could feed up to 12 easily, because everyone of us had seconds and Nate had thirds, and our first helping was not small. So again we scored the meal, 10 being the best.
Nate 10  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark  9
Calie   9
Matty 8 1/2
Kim    9 1/2 WOW!!!!  This was soooooooooo good. You just want to make sure you have it thawed out completely before you start to bake it.  I did not take it out in time to thaw all the way, so it took way more then an hour to bake.
Three meals so far and three high ratings.  I am impressed.  Kinda of getting excited for what dinner tomorrow night will bring.  :-)
Dani came over and brought games to play.  Great game and it started with a B, lol but I can't remember the name.  When I find out I will tell ya.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My little Man

Just thought I would post a couple pictures of Dontae.

 Here he is on the middle shelf of his changing table. He took down the baskets of stuff and just hopped on. LOL
 And here is Dontae with his Grandma Lois (my mom to those of you who don't know)  Dontae looks scary here, lolol  he just does stuff like this when you ask him to smile.
Would you ever know that my mom is turning 80 in Aug? Simply gorgeous.

Also I wanted to tell you that tonight we ate Sweet and sour chicken.  We served it over rice and had a vegetable. We had Nate and Calie over for dinner  this is how we scored the meal.
Nate 8
Calie 8 1/2
Mark 9
Kim 8 1/2  with 10 being the highest.
Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  Just had to heat it up and make the rice and veggie.  Life is good!
Matty keeps asking me when she can order her food from me.... LOL

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Only made twelve dinners instead of 15. I miss calculated a my chicken, and also I already had a ham in the freezer which I was going to make and then  make two dinners from that.  So I still will, it just wasn't in the cooking day. But we will eat it in January.  First picture is of the Basic meatballs,  which I then turn into Hawaiian meatballs.  I will serve it over rice and hm hm good.

Next I made Almost Spinach Ravioli...  I think its almost since everything isn't stuffed inside the pasta, but I tell you does it smell good.  The picture does not do it justice.

I also made Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake
Candied Chicken
and last but not least Navajo Taco's  Check it out!

So as we eat these meals I will let you know how good they are on a scale from one to ten.  Ten being delicious.  Oh and we rated the Beef Stroganoff as a 8 or 9.  If I add red wine to it next time, then it will be the recipe I have always made LOLOLOL  then its a 10. :-)
Sorry this was a day late, but yesterday my body only wanted to sleep.  Could it be from going to bed every night after midnight?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 Ok, today was great, didn't get all the cookin' done, but I did do half.  Stupid me thought I had a Dr. appointment yesterday, but it was today and it takes an hour to get there and a hour home.  So with 7 meals done, I am very happy.  I will finish up in the morning.  The meals I made today were
1.  Chicken Enchiladas
2.  Sweet and sour Chicken
3.  Pork Chops and Potato's
4.  Beef Stroganoff
5.  Cheesey Chicken Bake
6.  Broccoli Chicken and Rice
7.  Birds Nest Pie
Here is a yummy picture of the pork chops

Home made rolls tomorrow as well!! 
Do you know how nice its going to be, not to figure out what to make for dinner and Remember to take the meat out to thaw.  I mean "who has the time"   Marky has decided that he wants to do your cookin' for you too, Hense, where today's title came from (my lovin' husband) NOW WE'RE COOKIN'.
He had a ball today, and all he was doing was cleaning up after me.   LOL Well think about it, wouldn't you like to have a home cooked meal all ready for you to put in the oven.  
BTW the Beef Stroganoff was amazing, we had it tonight.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Shopping went well

Here is a picture of the food we bought today for my big cooking day tomorrow.  We went to Costco in Burlington first, then over to The Walmart super store.  Very nice if I might say so myself.  There is lots of chicken, pork, and sausage. I did spend the money on freezer bags from Costco, because with the many times I will need them, this would be the most cost effective.  I do have a couple things at home already that I am using, but my total bill today was $159.85.  Each meal serves 8 or more.  Bottom line is each serving is $1.33.  You can't beat that.  Will post more tomorrow

Shopping Day

Ok so today is my shopping day for my monthly cooking. Actually I am only going to do 15 meals this month, since I already have other food that needs to be eaten.  Part of my shopping will be at costco the other at a grocery store.  Which one will always depend on the coupons I have.  Today though I have none.  Because getting prepared for this took my time that would of been spent on couponing.  So next month I will be a little more prepared, since the point of all this is to SAVE as much money as you possibly can. I will post pictures as I go, I will break down the cost for meals etc. And tomorrow is the big cooking day.  This is going to be fun!