Friday, July 30, 2010

To Our Trinity Lutheran Church Family

This is a shout out to any adults that would like to come to "My Fathers House" for a week, to help with different things around this home. We would also go out into the community and visit, and even have a fun day or two. The cost to you is $450.00 for the week plus your airfare. You will get to experience real Jamaican food, see their culture, see another country that God so beautifully made. Oh and hang with Markie, Jenni and I. :-) We so would love to get a group of you to come. Many hands make light work. We are wanting to paint the kitchen, make a couple cupboards, etc. We were hoping to have a group like in January when its snow in Bellingham, but we could take you sooner as well. What do you think? Make a comment on this blog if you are interested please, so I can start planning for you. Thank you for considering.
God's Blessings

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The team has left

The hardest part of having a team here, is saying goodbye... :-( Even with 50 of them, darn good friendships have been made. I want to tell you about a few things this team did and how God worked thru them. While they were here, they did VBS in Petersville and in Gully Bank (remember Gully Bank is new to My Fathers House, they are in desperate need of everything including Christ)They finished construction on a new outhouse for the church in Petersville. They painted two houses, one of which the old lady had been praying about for four years, she also got a new front door. You could just feel her gratefulness pouring out. They hauled water to peoples homes that otherwise would of walked a very long way. There is also a church about 45 minutes away, that Jim and Penie helped build and the Pastor of this church Pastor Shaw has found out he has cancer and is in the hospital. He was so worried about finding someone to do the church service for Sunday, when this team from Michigan said they would take care of it. So we took Pastor Murray from Petersvile South Shore. Pastor Shaw's entire family was at the service, and the offering netted 450.00 US dollars. That money will so help this family and all the hospital bills. So can you see how wonderful friendships are made?
So today they left, we did chores, the kids did so so well, we took them for chicken down the street. All in all it was very very quiet around here, something we have not yet experienced since we have been here. Jim and Penie are leaving for a few days come Thursday, for some R&R... This will give Mark and I a dry run and managing this orphanage. Prayers needed!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Michigan team leaves tomorrow

Tonight will be our last night to worship with this great team, last night they went to the beach to worship and tonight will be on our roof. Today part of there team just cleaned My Fathers House, and I mean cleaned it. One of the kids from their team named Joshua was playing catch on the beach today and fell on a bed of sea urchins.... OUCH!!
When that happens these little black things break off and go deep in your skin, and to get them to surface enough to pull them out with tweezers you have to use human pee, but it can't be your own pee. So many of the team members were going potty in a cup so they could pour it on his back. Poor kid. He said everytime they put some on his back he could feel them moving to the surface. And it hurts. Well there are about seven left in his back, that they can't get out, so he will go to the hospital as soon as he gets home. There, they will make him not feel anything to be able to get them out. One thing is for certain, we sure were able to see who wasn't drinking enough water. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... Jenni Markie and I went to town today to get passport pictures takin, we are trying to get work permits, man the picture is worse then Costco pictures. LOL
OH!!!!!! I almost forgot to tell you. Marks size 36 pants are falling off, and I lost ten lbs. In two weeks!!!!! Can't beat that..... I swear we sweat it all off, well it could be no fast food, um maybe no icecream, um maybe starbucks, what ever it is we are happy. I just hope we will be able to find shorts when we come home at Christmas.
We are going to start a wishlist for My Fathers House, if anyone feels like donating.
1. Commercial size pancake dropper
2. Commercial spatula to flip those pancakes.
3. Alphabet to go around the school room
4. Signs for long and short vowels
5. Cream of tarter you can't get it here
6. Chili powder you can't get it here
we will keep adding to this list as we go along. We hope you are all enjoying reading our blog. Post some comments please and sign up to follow us, that way we know who is liking this. Thanks everyone. Today Dontay was supposed to get his operation, Miss Sandy and I prayed for him today, praying he wouldn't be scared and that the Dr.s will do a great job. Please take a moment and say a prayer for him.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Sorry that I haven't updated for a few days, but I have been so busy, which means so tired. :-) Markie has been sick, but is getting better and better by the day. I think every once in awhile God has to tell Mark that he need a rest, and being sick is the only way to get Mark down. So thank you for all the prayers, he is feeling them.
So yesterday I took half the team to an infirmary (nursing home) We started off in the womans building. The people there are either incapable of taking care of themselves or have mental issues. There is this one lady named Joyce, she is a bigger woman, I am not sure what is the matter with her, but she can't walk. When I visited with her, we immediately became friends, I asked her how she was feeling and she told me her tummy hurt, I then noticed she had went potty in her bed. To make a long story short, I talked to the head nurse which her name is Miss Penie Cook, (kinda crazy huh???? any how she said that Joyce has nothing wrong with her brain and knows she is to call for a nurse when she needs a bed pan, but Joyce chooses not to and does number one and two in her bed. She is not a nice patient with the way she treats the nurses. So I felt that with the friendship that Joyce and I have made that I would talk to her about it. She promised me that she would call the nurse before she went in her bed so that she would not have to lay in it. So today I took the other half of the team, the first thing I did was go right to Joyce, and she didn't call the nurse, she said she forgot. So I think this is going to take some time, but if I can help make a difference in her life then thats what I am going to do. The men's building is not so nice. They are in one big room and its just kinda gross, but a couple of the men still have great spirits. Jeremiah for example has been in that place for ten years. He broke is leg and arm at work, which never got fixed so he is there for the rest of his life. He would pull up his pant leg so you could see the 5 inch gap where there should be a bone but isn't. But even with these challenges he takes good care of himself with dressing nice and taking care of his area. Me and him hit it off, so I shook his hand and called him Mr. Handsome. Then it was off to the hospital, we got to see the new born babies and their moms, we then went to pediatric and there was the little baby with the cleft pallet and lobster syndrome and Penie was talking about. I have never seen that syndrome before, but I guess his mom drank the entire pregnancy. But I could make him smile, and his eyes just melt you heart. So today when I took the other half of the team, I got to spend a good half hour holding him. His name is Dontay and he is precious, his mom left him at the hospital and said she didn't want him because of what he looked like. Well I so badly want him here at My Fathers House, so I found out who to contact and left all of our information with the hospital, but it does sound promising. So Sunday Dontay is going to Montego Bay to get the operation on his cleft pallet, Please pray for him, he is going to be all alone and is only four months old.
So now its7:30 here and I think I need to stay right here in bed for the night, everything has caught up with me and I need some sleep.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Brother was one smart guy.

Today as I was driving up and down the mountain, I was thanking my brother Billy, who taught me to drive just about everything there is to drive. Because he did that, I am driving the van on the wrong side and the wrong side of the road, and I ROCK! LOL This team that is here is a lot of fun, they have great songs for the kids, great crafts and games. Man with a team this big, so darn much can get done for these people. One more day of VBS, so I will write more when I can.

Monday, July 19, 2010

This team of 50

Yesterday while Jim and Penie went to Montego Bay to get the team of 50 we had to clean the eleven thousand square foot home, make the beds, make sure each person has a towel and washcloth, and get enough mattresses. Oh and start dinner. The night before I didn't sleep well, because everything kept going through my mind. The first day we are left in charge and a huge team coming. Well lets just say, I have never been more proud of My Fathers house. We made and ate breakfast at 7:30, and we were swimming after lunch in the rain. All the kids here just ROCK!!!!!! Remember the one girl I talked about earlier (Anita) I had to tell her that she had to clean all the bathrooms because of her potty mouth, she not only did it but went on to get enough bedding towels etc. for 13 people. Thank you for all your prayers concerning Anita, I know its helping. So because they did so darn well, I gave them all a cross necklace that the Janet Clowe donated to us. (thank you so much, it felt good to have something like that to give the kids) So then we made dinner, 130 hot dogs....... Have you ever????? Mac & Chesse 13 boxes and pork n beans 2 gal. Well we did it, and it went GREAT!!!!!! That brings us to today. Breakfast was pancakes and fruit. Markie of course was on the grill.
This team is from Michigan. Great great group,fantastic leadership and organization. We broke into three teams, One went to do VBS the other built a room around a potty and the other painted Milicent's (our laundry lady) home. So two more days then off to Gully Bank. Today was Sabrina's Birthday she turned 12. So two birthdays since we have been here 8 days now, and we are loving it. Thank you again to everyone who
helped us get here and are still helping us to stay here for the year. We love you all.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coming to an end

The team that is here from North Carolina is leaving at 4:00 AM in the morning, so we just said all our goodbyes. They were such a great group and hopefully we will stay in contact with them. I think this is going to be a hard thing, and that is meeting all these awesome God Loving Christians, and then having to say goodbye. But tonight in worship, we were all singing on the roof and when we were done Jim said " we Will see you all again one day" So that does make the goodbyes easier. Because one day we will all spend eternity together.
Now, tomorrow is going to be crazy, crazy, crazy.............. A team of 52.......... yes I said 52!!!!!!!!! not much more I can say right now. LOL I will fill you in later. Please Pray that we will have the strength, patience, and wisdom to make their stay here as good as the group thats just leaving.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Learning the ropes

I guess I should probably read what I wrote last so I don't repeat myself, but that would take to long. :-) Hey if there is a teacher out there that would like to donate the alphabet (the kind they use in kindergarten rooms) also the signs that have the long vowels and short vowels, if you would like to donate these, email me and I will get them at christmas or have you mail them to the next team thats coming and then they will bring it with them.
OK I have now been to market two times. I am learning the peoples names, and I think I will do just fine with the grocery shopping. Now learning the money is going to be another thing. I just can't seem to get it. Its not like its that hard, but me and math just don't go hand in hand. The team that is here is just fantastic, we are having a ball with them. Today they went to the hospital and while they were there Jenni and I went upstairs and organized the clothes closet. Took a couple hours, but one thing that is cool, is the fact that Jenni and I both like to organize things, so Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday Sandy came, she is an intern for 3 weeks, and she is in her 60's. She will be helping with everything. Oh!!!! did I tell you a team of 53 is coming on Sunday?????? Well boy am I glad Sandy is here, she will be able to help in the kitchen and help Miss Dawn.
One of our challenges I think is going to be one of the girls that live here, but we have just been giving her space, and she is starting to pick on Mark a bit, so that is cool, and tonight the team went to youth group and I stayed home and Anita had to stay home, she actually asked me to play a game, so maybe things are looking up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ya know they say when you are out doing God's work, you will have trials right? Well I did forget to tell you about the whole luggage thing. We were told that Air Jamaica would take 3 check in suitcases per person, Jenni only had two suitcases (don't ask me how) and Mark and I had a total of 9.....LOL Its a year remember! anyways so if my calculations are right, we would have only had to pay for 2. 3 to jenni 3 to Mark and 3 to me, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they said we could only check 2 each, and then we had to pay 150.00 per bag after that.
So that is a total of $750.00 for 5 bags. OMGosh you say!!!!!!! well that was our first trial. Thank God I had a credit card. But I still have to pay that credit card. So we have a number to call, maybe just maybe we might get some of it back. If not, well its just par for the course.
Today, very cool, Penie, Jenni andI went to market. Oh am I happy they speak english, kinda hard to understand but I will get used to it. Met some fantastic people. After lunch we went to Petersville to a school there and played soccer and the girls did dances.
Markie sayed at the house and hung a door, and fixed a handle to our room and Mr. fixit stuff, and you would of looked at him and thought he had gone swimming. And I am not kidding, One Sweaty guy.
Oh OH! I got to drive today, remember the steering wheel is on the right hand side, the gear shift is on the left hand side, and you drive on the left side of the road. :-0 DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! LOLOL it was great fun. Obviously we all survived, since I am typing to you. Today was Travoy's birthday, he turned 12 and lives here with us. So we had cake and ice cream. Now its bed time for us. ta ta for now

We are here!

We made it safe and sound. Our phone is down right now and so is the wireless, so we have to use there computer right now.
We got in and then went and picked up the team from North Carolina (Christian Assembly) from swimming and then went home. It was kinda late after our snack and going through the rules so we didn't really unpack much. The next day the team and Mark weeded the garden, went to Petersville to get chicken poop and then mixed that all together. Penie Jenni and I took some of the kids from My Fathers house to go start the process of getting their passports. Interesting I say..... but fun...Oh! there is a handicapped baby in the hospital with no parents, we are trying to get him. He has a cleft palet and lobster syndrome??????? I guess its his feet and hands. (Oh how it would be nice if we could get him adopted from someone in the US, otherwise this baby will never get any surgeries, and if he did, he would be perfectly normal) Also in this new area Penie and Jim found 10 homeless children from two families, they are actually living on the streets and there is babies. So we are going to keep checking into them.
So today we are going to Petersville to do VBS with this team, and they have a skit they are doing similar to what our kids did in Haiti, should be a great day. Oh, did I say how stinkin hot it is????????........LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Friday, July 9, 2010


Well we did it!!! We took the first step on our new journey. 7:00 thursday night we flew out of Bellingham to Seattle, it was so beautiful. Ate dinner at the airport and then our standby flight was boarding at 10:00. We check in and there is 6 seats that might be open, but things could drastically change by the time they leave. So we are right down to the last 5 minutes before they close the door and they have one seat available and waiting for 1 passenger who has already checked in her baggage, but hasn't showed up. Now we are down to 4 min. So they call us over they have our tickets ready just in case this woman doesn't show, so we are standing there just praying we will get on or else we have to wait till the next evening at the same time. 20 seconds the man says, who looks just like Ed Harris. He looks at us and says "there is no reason why this lady is not hear" and gives us this great little look. He earlier had commented on Markies shirt that read Property of Jesus. (He loved it) So then he handed us our tickets and said God Bless. So what can I say, this is the beginning of our journey. :-) I won't say the flight was good, actually it was horrible, only because it was so hot that I was sweating for most of the 6 hour flight. So really didn't get any sleep. But then we get to the hotel at 7:00 AM and are aware of the fact that we can't get into our room until 3:00, but the man says if you pay 25.00 you can get you in early. I jumped on that one because then I could sleep. So all in all everything is GOOD!