Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My mom always told me that I have so much patience with raising my children.  But right now I am beginning to LOOSE it!!!!!!  Not with Dontae or any other of my children but with how Jamaica works here on adoption.  You see the right hand never ever knows what the left hand is doing.  And even if it did, it still wouldn't happen until its laid right in front of them.  I have had more patience then Carters got pills.  But as of yesterday, I am not sure how I will react when I see them today. So I think I need many many prayers for strength and patience.  You see, the Child Development Agency was to put an ad in the Gleaner 6 months ago.  The ad is looking for Dontae's bio dad.  If he does not respond then we are good to go.  Just found out  yesterday, that they still have NOT done that.  It only needs to be in the paper for 3 days but then the waiting period is 6 weeks.  "WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME PEOPLE"  see why I said pray for my patience.  Also we flew home in Jan. to do the home study, so we have more then enough time to get this all done.  They are telling me now that they still have not received it.  "IT WAS SENT OVER A MONTH AND A HALF AGO"  so they said it must be sitting in Kingston.  "WHAT"!
So have you figured out what is happening here?  Looks like Kim will NOT be coming home on July 8th.  I will not leave here without our son period.  So this morning we go to court with Dontae again. So maybe I will have more to tell you when we get back.
Have a blessed day

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Easter

It is so difficult to keep track of time in Jamaica.  It is the weirdest thing I tell ya!   LOL
Just like when it was Christmas.  What the heck, so hot and sunny.
Just an update on all of us here.  Mark was sick for about 4 days, and it takes a lot to take him down.  But he is much much better now.  Jenni is doing great, what the heck am I going to do with out that girl?  Our time here is coming to an end very quickly.  Me, I am doing good too.  There is a lot of tile and cement around here, which is  playing havoc on my lower back, but other then that, I still LOVE it here.
Dontae is just about officially walking.  LOLOL Sometimes I crack myself up with my own stupid words.
The people here are wonderful, and so is this place.
Have a blessed Easter everyone!!!!!!!
He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!
Love to you all

Friday, April 15, 2011

Did I tell you we found the camera?

No I probably didn't, it was in Miss Jenni's purse.  Why was it in her purse? Don't have a clue, but we were searching for days.  LOL  So now I have all the pictures that I wanted to post.  Now its the matter of sitting down and uploading them.  When I try to put pictures on here it takes a matter of about three hours with the text and all. So it will soon come.  
Jenni dunked Dontae 59 times yesterday in the pool because she was trying to make him tired so he would sleep good.  LOL  he didn't!!!!!!  lol
If she keeps going at this rate Dontae will be a full fledged swimmer at 1 1/2 years old.  :-)  The adoption is going as planned so far. Sherrina called us again yesterday. ( Dontae's biological mom) She is just so happy that she knows where Dontae will be and who he will be with. Her brother wanted to talk to me as well, he was happy about him as well.  But then out of the blue he told me I must be gorgeous, I laughed OUT loud and said 'what makes you think that?"  He said because of my voice.  Now that made me laugh even louder.  LOLOL  So it can either be one of two things...1. He likes loud people or 2.  He's hard of hearing. LOLOL  All the same, it still cracked me up.  He wants to meet all of us.
The weather is amazing, beautiful and all around perfect.  But we still aren't into the HOT part of summer yet.  That is when you are never ever dry.  LOL
Everyone is doing good, Mark and I have our own room now instead of the living room, so that is a bonus.
We love it here, William and Gladys are two fantastic people.  They have done so much in there life and its just wonderful to sit and just chat.  William raises goats and sells them, and breeds them etc.  Mark is just soaking up all his wisdom.  He is just loving it.  The people here have quickly become our new friends.  A couple of them will be missed when we leave.  Did I tell you this resort is for sale, if you want to invest, Mr. Mark will run it.  LOL  Mark has not worked for an income for almost two years, so thats out.   LOLOL  But its not like we could qualify for a 1.75 million bank loan anyway. But you might, they would even carry the contract.  This place is so amazing, you would fall in love.  Ok, enough of me just rambling.  Sure hope to here from some of you. Really getting tired of taking the time to write here, when we hear nothing from anyone.  Help us out here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

God is so in control..... It's AWESOME!

I swear everyday of my life God proves this over and over.  How can we all be so lucky, so fortunate so loved?
Who would of ever known that we would be on this side of the island.  Do you realize we have moved 4 times in 9 months?  We now have the two most amazing friends.  Mark can listen to William talk night and day, well I could too actually.  Gladys is hysterical, and William is to in his quiet way. We just have fell in love with them and there home.  So God knew they were tired and so he sent us.  Markie is loving every single minute of the goats and working outside.  That is one reason we tell people to come and stay here.  My friend and her daughter came to stay this last week, it has been so much fun talking and getting to know Julia, who is just a doll face cutie pie.  Its been wonderful catching up with Linda, we are a lot a like at times, its kinda funny.  One thing that she is that I am not is, that she can pray so awesome.  Some different things have been going on and so we have been praying together.  How wonderful to know that face book and what I am doing brought her to Jamaica.  Another Christian woman, who lives not far from me.  To tell you about the kind of woman she is, she took part of her vacation money and gave it to us.  She also asked if she could finish painting the villa that wasn't quite done.  Who the heck does that? On there vacation??????  Just an example of a Christian woman doing what Christ wants us to do, and I am friends with her....... WOOT WOOT

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bitter sweet day

Camera still MIA, so I will continue with out the pictures.
The day before we left we had to take Dontae into Sav La Mar and then we did our grocery shopping for the baby.  When talking to Anita's social worker we found out that she wanted to come and get Anita after school.  Our plan was for her to stay one more night with us, so we were sad to think that she would come home after school and leave without saying a proper goodbye to us and her friends.  So the time came and I was a blubbering mess of course.  The more I cry then that makes Jenni cry, so needless to say it was raining buckets.  Especially when Anita was crying as well.  Took many pictures and waved "Latea"  The rest of the day and night we had sooooooo many visitors, some said that there is so much land up there that the community would find us some and help build us are own place.  Now that was a shocker!!!!  We knew we were loved and we were told we are now family, but never knew that they would do anything to keep us there. or bring us back.  At 6:00pm that evening we had everything we were giving away on the front porch and many from the community came and picked out things they wanted.  It was a great garage sale, just without the exchange of money.  It felt so good to give these people things that they needed.  The furniture that our last land lord gave us, we gave to a family of friends that did not have ANY.  That to was a wonderful feeling.  Remember Michelle?  The lady that received the pink tablecloth from Linda and has to two disabled boys?  Well we gave that family our blankets that Trinitys quilt makers made us.  They loved them.  Gave them the food out of our fridge and freezer plus many more things.  They were in sooo much need.
Many children came and told us how missed we were going to be, a couple of the young boys came right up to us and started reciting the ten commandments.  We were so proud.  One of the boys that did that for us, was always a trouble maker, so it was nice to see him really take our lesson so serious.  They are all going to miss the youth groups and the music and fellowship.  We didn't even get to do the presentation for the childrens parents.  There is a lot we didn't get to do up in McAlpine, but we just ran out of sponsorship so something had to change.  And this is how we have come to Button Bay.  More to come.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lost camera

I have not forgot to write on this blog its just that we  packed our camera and now we can not find it.  I want to post the pictures and tell you about leaving McAlpine before I start telling you about our time here.  It was so bittersweet that I want to share it with you.  Did I say how adorable this place is?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here we are

By the time I was going to go to bed last night, it got to late for me to post pictures like I said I would.  Today I am in the office, so I will try and do that tonight.  This place is amazing, I want to put out there is this.... if you are not the type to do mission work, then come to Jamaica and RELAX in this beautiful, quaint place.  You won't be disappointed.  My girls are coming in June, you come too and lets have some fun!  Or come now, I'm good with both.   LOLOL