Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tropical Storm Nicole

Sorry it took us so long to write on here, but we have had no power for days.  It all started with rain, kinda felt like home with the rain, except for the humidity.  Then it rained for 24 hours, still felt like home.  LOL...  But even with it raining that much, things looked great around here.  The power went out, lost the internet and the field behind us was pretty darn full of water, but everything else AAAAA+++++++  We put wood on the doors on the main level and sand bags, just to be on the safe side.  Put wood on the boys window, because the rain kept drowning them.  To bed we went.  When we woke up..... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  A foot and a half of standing water.  This storm took all of Jamaica by surprise, not to mention us too.  What a mess  lots of dirt, lots of water, a floating mattress, all the sports equipment turned upside down and everywhere,  Linens were filthy dirty, even garbage from somewhere.  But with all that, Nothing was ruined..... God certainly watched out for all of everything here.  Nothing was damaged, just massive work on our parts.  The kids were AWESOME!!!!!!!!  They all helped so much, we couldn't of asked for more.  So still today we have no power,  yes a generator...  there is supposed to be two more storms right on the tale end of Nicole, so we will see.  We are going to post some pictures of the mess that was here.  Prayers always please..