Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Layta Jamaica....

This is Mark. Ya know, I don't post on here too often, but I thought today might be a good opportunity. Kim tel ls me it's 44 degrees in Seattle. I don't know how little Dontae is going to do in that weather, but I'm worried about Kim and I. We've grown accustomed to the climate and the people and I hope we recieve a warm welcome when we get home.
 We gotten some very nice comments on our way to Orlando today. Some very sweet people thanked us for what we are doing with this boy, and even though I don't feel like we need any kudos, it was nice to see Americans responding positively to what we've done for Dontae. I know God has had a presence in all of this. I've seen it and felt it. So, I hope He continues to touch our live and yours throughout this little boy's life. I'm excited to get back home, back to church and my church family, and spend time with friends, family and my man cave. But, more than anything, I want Dontae to see America... and American's... and what they can offer and what they can be. I love Jamaica, but I am in love with America! A


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