Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kingston a success???

You know every single time we leave to go somewhere in Jamaica, I forget that something always happens to mess things up.  And I mean ALWAYS.  But yesterday I know for a fact that it happened for a reason. (I will get to that part of it in little while)  Are rental car gets here just before 9AM and we head towards Kingston.  We stop at Crossroads to get gas and money. The ATM machine is out of money (or so we thought) the guy that we were renting the car from was still with us because we were going to drop him off at a town close by.  So he had to put some gas in the car since we had no money.  We get to the next town and go to an ATM machine and its out of money too????  No way, not possible.  The receipt does not say no funds of course, but doesn't matter we still can't get to our money.  Which is our only way to get money. I need to call the bank, but we are two hours ahead of Washington State. Now what?  We need gas for the car, we need to pay for the rental of the car, eat lunch and probably dinner.  If we wait for the bank in Washington to open we might miss the Embassy.  So I call on my two credit cards to see if there is any money left to charge. ( I know there isn't but I had to try) And uh no, none!!!! I guess we have to wait. Finally 11:00 AM comes and I can call our bank. (need to be at Embassy at 12:30) The lady asks me, "were you aware that your card is being used in Jamaica?" UH yes, I go on to tell her that I set it all up before we left a year and a half ago, and if they look at our account she will see that the only transactions are from Jamaica.  And by doing what she is doing, its costing me alot of time and money.  She still made me go through the last three transactions and tell her yes I bought at that store, or yes I used that ATM machine.  Now all this would of been awesome if I hadn't already set the entire thing up before I left so THIS would never happen. 
We finally get to drive away at almost noon.  There are very very few drive though eating places but we did not have time to go anywhere and eat, so the next town had a Burger King so we drove through and ate on the way.  We get to the embassy at 2:35PM, they close at 3 and I am not sure what time they stop taking customers.  Its also raining SO hard, and we have to walk a bit after we park.  Whew! they let us in. There is also no one left to be seen so we walked right in.  She knows us by name and proceeds to tell us that she will be calling us either this week or the first of next week to give us the appointment date. ( I am screaming inside, yelling, why didn't you just answer one of my phone calls and give me this information, so we didn't have to pay 150.00 bucks for a one day trip.)  But I was very nice and respectful.  So there ya have it, she says we should be home within the next couple of weeks. We once again have some hope, even though last time she never followed through with what she told us, but its still hope.  (I WANT TURKEY DANG IT) LOLOL
  Now here comes the part where we know why everything happened this morning to make us so late.  We walk out of the office and I tell Mark I need to use the bathroom before we go, he said he needs to as well, so I told him to go ahead first and I will change Dontae's diaper.  Ok we get that done and I head off to the bathroom, and I see this lady and young lady standing at a counter talking to someone, I am seeing them from behind, but something about the young lady keeps my attention, so I stand there still looking at this young lady, just then they turn around and start leaving the counter. OMGOSH ANITA!!!!!!!!! and Miss Denise, and oh boy does Anita look slim and trim and beautiful, with a beautiful smile on her face when we see each other.  Somebody hit me!!!!!!!  she was actually smiling at me.  Boy do I miss that girl, who I always said was my favorite.  Anyway, I knew they were coming here today but early.  So we were bummed that we wouldn't get to see them.  The best part is they picked up there visa and are going home today. Anita has a real live family.  Deep down, I wish I would of tried to adopt her,  I am really really going to miss that girl.  She is a firecracker. The reason why they were there late was they got a phone call earlier, and you know why we were late.  So God orchestrated this entire thing. Every second was played out perfectly.  If I would of went to the potty first, we never would of seen them.  The list goes on and on.  So we got to say a proper goodbye with all the hugs all in person.  Now that made all the garbage that happened in the morning all worth it.  We love you Anita, and we are going to miss you bunches. We didn't get to see you hardly at all since we moved away from you, but we still knew you were here in Jamaica, and now your not.  That is going to be hard. Thank you to Miss Denise ad Garfield for making Anita part of your family. So now we will never have to worry about her again.  Love to you all.


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Am sooo glad you were able to see Anita & say good-bye!! God is truly Goooood!! Hope she hugged you too!! lol Love, Me

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Hey Kim,

It was so good to see you, Mark and Donte again, and I'm happy that you were able to say good bye to Anita. I'm sorry that things are moving so slowly for you and I do hope that your papers are processed soon. Today was a full day for her t Co-op and the teachers had a cake there to celebrate her coming. All the girls were so happy to see her. Last night she went to youth group and all the girls ran out to my van and screamed out her name. Poor girl, I think she was overwhelmed with all the attention (LOL) When she got into church she had all the people at prayer meeting waiting for her. One thing she knows is that she is loved. I will contine to keep your situation in prayer. I know that the Lord has a plan and at times it's so hard because we don't know what it is. Love you guys and will be praying.