Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It went through

So yesterday while we were driving to Kingston, the Embassy called us to see if we got the papers we were waiting for.  We told them yes and that we were driving there right that minute.  I was hoping they would take us in at 4:00 but they said it was to late and to come in at 8:00AM.  I asked them if this was the interview?  They said "what interview"  LOL  a little shocked that they said that, but I said, "the interview to adopt our boy"  He proceeded to tell me that we already had it and were done. LOL  ok!!!! He said only one of us needed to come in the morning and bring the papers. Alrighty then!!!!!!
So DH got up and went in with papers in hand and returned at 8:30 with a note that read...........................
Pick up visa Friday at 11:00AM   HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!  so as long as they actually put it in our hot little hands on Friday then we are coming home.

I really need to thank everyone who understands what we have been doing here over the last year and a half.  We came to do one thing, and God had a different plan.  Our financial situation has been weird to say the least, but with your help we are gonna make it. To some of you our situation is unusual, and maybe if it was you in our situation you would of quit along time ago.  Because you ran out of money, or a place to live or an adoption that just would not work in a quick manner.
In our eyes and in our heart all those obstacles only made us more determined to do God's will. You, that have questioned our every step, I am sorry you don't understand, but for those of you that get it I Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  With your help emotionally, spiritually, encouraging words, that a girls and that a boys, and yes financially you went through this journey right along with us. Some of you we have never met, some of you we met once or twice and some of you stayed with us from day one.
Now with all that said, please go to yesterday's post and listen to the song that I wanted you all to hear.
Its going to be hard coming home and living in a completely different world, its going to be hard in every way I mentioned above, but when you do something for Our God and you know that this is what HE wants then the hard will not feel so hard.  We have a long road ahead of us, especially Dontae, so this blog will continue on.  Some of you in other parts of the world then can keep up on this little tyke.
Now go listen to that song.


Densie said...

Oh my goodness, and Praise the Lord for all His blessings. So glad that finally this chapter is over. Did you have to get the congress man to call the Embassy? When do you leave Jamaica? I know that you're anxious to be with the erst of the family. Again so happy for you both.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! Am sooo happy for you! Will continue praying too!! Love, Me