Saturday, November 19, 2011

11 years and counting

Today is my 11th. Wedding Anniversary. Where does time go? The one thing I do know is I love Mark more today then ever. Our life has been amazing even with all the trials. We love and respect each other very much, we have wonderful children that are all grown up.  And now we have another little one to raise. There is not another person that I would even think about going on all these journeys with other then my Markie.  Our kids have a great father and a great stepfather. I couldn't be more proud of the this man,  Thanks babe for making the last 11 years  such a wonderful ride.  I love you!!!!

BTW Gladys is making turkey for us today....CAN YOU DIG IT????????????  Man am I beyond excited, this would have been two years without. I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it.  Love you Gladys!


Anonymous said...

That's Awesome!!!!!!! Love Birds

Mom said...

I knew it was in here somewhere, but where I don't keep diaries anymore, I wasn't sure of the date. So, Happy Anniversary as of yesterday. Thinking back to how young and little Calie still was at the wedding, makes me realize that 11 years is a long time. You want to try for 60?

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you from the Sewell Family. MAY THE LORD GRANT YOU MANY, MANY MORE YEARS TOGETHER. YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL TO US.