Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Email

We get an email yesterday late afternoon from the Embassy.  They tell us that they don't have the proper divorce decree for Mark.  They have had all this information since Sept 15th, and they tell us now.   The paper I sent them was the same one we have used for everything else, but they are now saying it won't work. This will make yet another delay.  Now a phone call to the Health department to order one. 31.00 and then 20.00 to get it on Friday to our home in the States.  The girls will then email it to me, and I then will email and fax it both to the Embassy.  But I bet this sets us back. Can we ever get a break here?


Anonymous said...

That sucks!

Kathy R said...

Contact all three of your "people" in Washington DC with your story. Today!

It can't hurt and should help.

I'm frustrated, too. Let us know if they respond. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

I can't believe this again, but I'm not surprised. I agree the you putting your story out there. You might need to do excatly what my husband did. Love you both and praying for you for this to come to an end.