Thursday, November 10, 2011

We got the call!!!!!!!

For the last couple of days I have had the flu, so been bummed quite a bit, not to mention missing the call yesterday.  Today feeling better, still have a cough which is gross but energy is coming back.  And when I least expected it, the phone call came.  I stood there in shock when the girl that works here came and told me they were on the phone, it actually took me a minute to compute what she said to me.  So I grabbed Dontae and went into the office.  Sure enough, the call we have been waiting for. Our interview appointment is on Monday at 9am.  So we got the Dr. appointment for tomorrow.  Just so happens that its Gladys's grandaughters birthday tomorrow, so we are all going to go together. Boy how things work out sometimes.  I do have to tell you though, as the lady was talking to me on the phone, I was really feeling weird and not knowing why I was feeling this way.  A little later when I was telling Markie about it, he told me "those are mixed emotions, something we don't get very often"  I told him that he was right, that is exactly how I was and am feeling.  We love it here. We have wanted to come home for some time now, but when its right here with in reaching distance kinda makes me feel sick.  So when the day comes when we get on the plane to come home, I can't imagine that it would feel good.  So many people we have met, so many friendships, beautiful country to live in, a simpler way of life.  Yea Mark is right "Mixed Emotions"


kathy R said...

I am soooooo happy for you. Friendships will stay with you forever! You'll see them again. Welcome home!

Miss Linda said...

Oh my dears...part of our hearts will go with you. You will always be with us in memories.

Dyona said...

Praise God! So excited for you!