Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some pictures!

Hi! This is Mark. Ya know, my computer has been on the fritz for quite some time, and we finally got it fixed a couple weeks ago. I was trying to get myself in the habit of posting pictures here periodically, but I kinda lost the momentum. So...... here goes. Let's start with Dontae from day one 'til now.

Bad burn from oven door!
Ready for church

Bandage from the burn

Naked boy!

Curious (from the front)

Curious (from the back)
Bringing mom a clean diaper. He looks tired.

At Ys Falls

To keep his hands out of his mouth after palate surgery.

Happy boy!
Anita combed his hair down.
Felix, myself and Dontae having breakfast.


Jenni Bushaw said...

the top pic is gross lol but I love the rest :) he's just so cute

Miss Linda said... are beautiful! You and the Lau family have left many happy memories here on this island.