Friday, December 2, 2011

Back in Bellingham...

Dontae did fantastic on the plane's.  I was kinda surprised on how well he did. Me on the other hand was a different story.  I have never expierenced ear pain when flying, so when you are sick I highly suggest you don't fly. Or where ear planes. (I couldn't get any in time)
Remember on earlyer posts I was telling you how disgusting I look with my hair?  Well we land in Bellingham just before midnight wednesday night, with Matty and Calie and Nate welcoming us.  And both my girls told me I should of at least tried to comb it. LOLOL  Heck I had it up in a pony tail thingy.  LOLOL  but I think that tells you loud and clear just how wonderful I was looking.  So we load up and head to our house. We had forgotten many many things we have, so that was weird. I also forgot what a nice house we do have.  It is still way to big and we are going to put it up for sale, but it really is beautiful.  I had a hair appointment at 10 in the morning and now its 2:00AM, so to beddy by we went. Dontae slept in his new room in his new crib and new pj's, with a stinking space heater.  He has never worn two pair of pajama's, heck sometimes he just wore a shirt.  And did I say HOW COLD IT IS?????????????  Boy am I happy that I ordered this little tyke some clothes online from Jamaica so he had stuff to wear, because all we brought back with us was what he was wearing a couple blankets and a couple bibs.  We donated all his clothes all his toys. But he slept perfectly all through the night and he felt snug as a bug in a rug in the morning. Then we went off to go meet Shast to do my hair, and who shows up there?  My son Cody, I wasn't expecting that, heck I haven't talked to him since Mothers Day. But that was a wonderful moment I tell ya.  Little while later Calie and Nate come and then when my new hair is all done, Dan and Khari were expecting to see us, so off we went to their house.  When we were here in January, Khari didn't have a baby and either did I.  LOL  But today we both have a baby. Sareal I tell ya. They put our a spread of food, things we probably haven't eaten in a year.  Seriously?  that was very special.  The thing is I didn't get to touch Henry.  There is no way I wanted him to get what I have.  So that was tuff.  Did I say most adorable baby in the world??????    After there we met up with Matty and Cody and we all went to Applebee's for dinner.  I really don't have a clue the last time we went to dinner with all my children.  So much fun, with wonderful memories, thats for sure. 
We had turned off our home phone, no need for it anymore.  Turned off the TV, we haven't watched it in almost a year in a half, I think we won't miss it. But we haven't hooked our cell phones up yet, so Matty lent us her's.  The only thing is, its a black berry and when I went to call my mom after dinner, it says you have to turn off the mute button.  LOLOL  ok that can't be so hard right?  WRONG!  lolol we can't find it anywhere. So what good is this phone to me now?  But I need to use it today to get some things done.  LOLOLOLOL
Driving around yesterday Mark must of turned on the windshield wipers a thousand times, because that is where the blinkers are in Jamaica, we giggled lots over things like that.  One thing that really was an eye opener for Mark, well and me too.  We went to the new starbucks, and as we were leaving there is a begger.  Mark looked at me and said" Wow our beggers are even better dressed then some of people in Jamaica"  When you live in a third world Country and then you come back to your hometown, its sad kinda. The jamaican's love their life, don't get me wrong, but while they are walking everywhere they go, cooking on an open fire in the front yard and bathing there as well, here we are spending and spending and spending and making ourselves look as good as we can and live in mansions.  It just somehow doesn't seem right.
Did I say ITS COLD!!!!! Thank God for my electric blanket.
Dontae is doing good, his hands are cold most of the time, I sure hope he can adjust, and the same with Mark and I. Dontae will be baptised this Sunday at the 9:00 service then we are going out to breakfast, and we invite whomever would like to join us.  We are not in a posistion right now to have everyone over, so this is the next best thing.  Love to all, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!Can't wait to see you! You do know service starts at 9:15 now, right? Love Me

calie said...

I personally like how you spelled 'surreal'... Sareal. Lmao!!!

Kathy R. said...

Welcome home. I lived in Korea for a year. It is funny how we confuse the the things we want, with the things we need. And it's funny how we find out the things we thought we needed before were really just things we wanted. LOL.
And, it is just as funny how we acclimate right back to the way we were. (Sad, too.) But we never forget how blessed we are!

jen said...

Welcome home! Now we need to finally meet!
We found the culture shock coming home after a year was harder to deal with than when we arrived in Jamaica. We got sort of depressed and it confused us cuz we had been looking forward to coming home so much! But we did survive, it got easier and as the above person said, its sad how we acclimate right back to the way we were. However, our experiences made all 6 of us more grateful people than we would have been without them. You never forget! Let us know if you need to talk it out!
So glad you guys finally made it back home and in time for Christmas!

Denise said...

Hey Guys,

I'm so happy that you finally are home with Dontae. I know it was a long wait, but he is worth all the frustration that you and Mark had to go through in Jamaica. It will take him some time to adjust to the cold weather, but I know that he'll like the smow. Garfield, Fabi, Anita, and Matthew sends their love. We do wish you all the best.

Love you,