Friday, November 18, 2011

Worth every minute of all the garbage we have been through

I was brought back to realizing that being here in Jamaica and having all the trials from the very beginning was for many many reasons, not just the baby orphan boy we get to bring home. But for the children at My Fathers House. I was on Face Book and Anita says hello.  We must of talked for about a half of an hour.  Which is unusual for her and I. The words that she was typing made me just sit here and cry. Mark kept asking me what was wrong. Her words were comforting and loving, sincere, respectful not to mention you could actually here happiness in the way her words came through from the computer. This young lady is truly happy.  Hearing her talk about her "sister" and "mom" melts my heart. She has a home and a family that loves and cherishes her. Mine and Anita's relationship was always a love, hate relationship.  Even though she was always my favorite and I loved her very much.  She just always had a chip on her shoulder, a pretty darn big one.  But that chip is gone, and she actually told me she loved me. I have been waiting for way over a year to hear those words. I didn't know if I ever would. She has been saved, and her words are comforting.  Very strange coming from a 13 year old.  But oh so very awesome. Miss Denise and Garfield are so very lucky to have Anita with them.  You see Anita would still be in a home somewhere if God hadn't led us to My Fathers House. And how at the last minute Miss Denise came on a mission trip with a different church to MFH, and how Anita just loved her and her daughter.  Then when everything was going down at MFH and I didn't have a clue how to find Miss Denise to ask her if she would want to adopt Anita, when out of the blue the phone rang and it was Miss Denise.  Holy Cow the Lord is AMAZING. It took from that day so many months ago to the middle of October to make it happen, but it happened.  PTL.  Sabrina is in the States with her sponsor Ron Lederman, Ritz is with his aunt getting to visit Big John in the States. Sheraki is with his brother, getting the chance to see his family often, which is exactly what he has always wanted. And Felix is with his mom. Travoy is the only one that is back in a home, but his older sister is working on getting him to live with her.  So you see, everything that we have been through with the Koch's, with where to live, how to survive financially, and all this adoption whoop la, God has been in control and helped us make a difference in many childrens lives. And that is why we came to Jamaica. We may not of come and done exactly what we thought we were going to do, but we certainly made a bigger difference in these childrens lives then we ever could of done at My Fathers House.  So there is no room for me to be sad or upset that its taking so long for us to see our own children, or that our savings account is zero, our house payment hasn't been paid in four months or that we had to take from our retirement fund. You see God chose us to take care of all this and follow through to the very end making sure the children are all ok before he will let us go. Now how can I second guess that?  He will take care of us, just like he is taking care of all these children we have grown to love. We just have to BELIEVE!!!!!!!!


Kathy R said...

You, my friend, have been given a revelation from God! You will never be the same, and I know you praise God for that. Thanks for sharing with us.