Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back at Button Bay

So our new official Sponsor is my wonderful daughter Matty.  She went to town last night getting all the necessary paperwork together and filled out the forms and just sent it all FED X a little while ago. When we get it it, we send an email to the Embassy again and then wait for them to give us yet another interview.  We take the paperwork to the interview and if it is ok. (which it darn well better be) then we will receive Dontae's visa in two days.  It cost us another 300.00 bucks to change our flight. Ya know I bet some of you are wondering why I booked it the other day when I didn't know for sure.  Well because we were told that everything went favorably. We had already gave them the necessary papers that were missing. And the longer I waiting to our departure date the more expensive the tickets became.  I mean I was so sure I didn't even check about looking into the cost of changing the flights.  Wished I would of done that now.  I even told the airlines our story, do you think they would help?   A nope!!!!!!!  So our date is November 29th.  But if the papers Matty sent sent take 5 days then we are not going to make that flight either.  Dontae is getting baptized on December 4th at the 9:00 service, so we best be there.  I was very sad yesterday, but today am feeling lots better, my sister sent the video "I will survive"  made us smile.  All my friends send me such encouraging words.  I can't tell you how much that fills me up.  Love to you all.  Oh if you saw me now you wouldn't recognize me.  I have very long grey hair.  LOLOLOL  and its not funny!!!!  But when you see me at church on the 4th. Shasta will have already fixed me up.  So there!!!!  Love to you all


Shasta said...

Yes I will! Love you lady, and hugs to each one of you, more to follow when you guys get here!!! <3