Monday, November 21, 2011

News Flash

We are supposed to be getting the sponsor papers today, so I wrote the Embassy and told them this.  I told them that as soon as they get here we will drive there and hand deliver them. Proceeded to tell them that we can not afford to change our airfare for the 10th. time and that our flight is on the 29th. so we would like to rap this up before Thanksgiving.  Do you want to know what they responded with????????????
I want to remind you that they told us they would get us in immediately once we get the papers.
They said "Come in on DEC.12TH" 
Three more weeks, I don't think so people.  I have written congressman and such and Rick Larson is working right now for me.  He is the only one so far that has responded back.  Something needs to be done about what they have put us through.  And in 2010 Jamaica only adopted out 59 children,  well this must be why.